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Logicked is an anonymous, suited skeptic YouTuber hailing from the savage wilderness of Canada. He shrouds his appearance due to being afflicted with several diseases common to his county, with healthcare still having him on wait twenty years after he requested some headache medicine. If you can endure his degenerate accent, you will find something of actual value to be said.



Logicked's channel mostly revolves around debunking Islam, refuting SJWs and as a result sometimes other atheists. His uploads are somewhat infrequent, but the videos he does make are pretty entertaining and content-heavy. He has worked with many other prominent YouTubers including Sargon of Akkad and The Bible Reloaded. Some people have described him as Armoured Skeptic with a top hat, but he actually started making videos years before.

He made a video addressing Jaclyn Glenn's plagiarism.[1] During January of 2017, he made a video calling out Armoured Skeptic for constantly claiming that a lot of other YouTubers where clones of of him. During the video, Logicked pointed out how Skeptic was being hypocritical in the situation being that he himself takes inspiration from a number of places while claiming to be some source of originality.[2]

On Drunken Peasants

Logicked first appeared in episode 254 and was immediately berated by the peasants for his ties to Canada. He requested the peasants start off the show by playing a video about some Mooslim he's made a video on that displays how low Islam apologetics will sink, including claims that ULLUH's name can be found in the geography of Africa. The dude goes on to claim that a ton of convoluted coincidences and numbers are miracles that prove Islam is true and Logicked concludes his dumb ass was a great find.

Logicked was introduced to the mess that is America's political scene with a clip on Hillary Clinton indoctrinating Elizabeth Warren into her political cult, followed by a Trump clip in which he calls Warren a racist. They finished up by the show by introducing him to some Stupid Ads and shilling Logicked's channel.


  • He was on hiatus from YouTube but returned on August 23rd, 2016.
  • His most recent videos have sexy tentacle borders and new graphic art.
  • He has appeared in-person for a few videos.
  • He has no manners and was likely raised among wolves in the headlands.
  • Like most of his kind, he says "sorry" like an uncivilized barbarian.
  • He fetishizes Alberta beef.
  • He's made fun of ULLUH.