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This website does not want your creativity, nor does it care about the law.
You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

King PewDiePie

Chief executive officer

Susan Wojcicki[1]

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Shitty Minecraft let's plays, Awful skits, and Video streaming.

YouTube is a fucking brick wall, it's hard to get through that shit.
TJ Kirk on The Egghead Show.
A wretched hive of scum and villainly
— An old Jedi's take on YouTube.
YouTube (also known as JewTube) is a shitty website filled with cringeplagiarism, attentioning whoring, slander, and filthy moneygrubbing. The only redeeming factor of this virtual shitstain is being home of the Drunken Peasants. YouTube, while also the lair of many shit-eating channels like PewDiePie, Smosh, Onision, and Markiplier, it does actually have decent content here and there like DP.

YouTube was founded in 2005 by a couple of basement dwelling nerds and was later bought by Google, turning basement dwelling nerds into Mansion dwelling ones. They once went through a family-friendly phase in which YouTubers were obligated to censor their swearing, as described by TJ.[2]

On Drunken Peasants

BenTJ, and Scotty have dealt with a lot of copyright problems regarding YouTube's absolutely trashed automated system, resulting in heavily edited shows and even strikes against their channel. Because of this, the peasants have to refrain from playing any kind of music that they do not own. Concerns over copyright led to a long-time hiatus of the News Segment, which was eventually brought back in the form of DP Action News. The peasants still deal with a lot of YouTube's bullshit to this day, including false DMCAs launched by cowards such as Jenny McDermott.

On TJ Kirk

TJ created his channel in 2006, which was a legendary day for YouTube. The fact that his channel is so grossly under-subscribed goes to prove how fucked YT's format truly is. In the earlier years of TJ's channel, he had been effectively kicked off the site because of censorship. He has since returned to tell the tale (no shit).

Recent Events

Where's The Fair Use?

IHE deleted off of Youtube.
#WTFU - Nostalgia Critic.

When I Hate Everything (a pretty fucking good channel) was suspended off of YouTube, it sparked a huge blacklash from tons of popular and obscure content creators. All of them sided with IHE and called YT on their bullshit.

Though his channel has since been unsuspended, the backlash has raised extreme amount of awareness against YouTube's awful format for flagging channels and taking down videos. This format has been a big problem for years, for it allows anyone to silence anyone they please by abusing the copyright system (see Brett Keane for an example of someone who does this)

In February 2016, Doug Walker made a video where he, along with YMS and IHE, explaining Fair Use Laws and explained how YouTube's copyright system destroys small content creators, while more popular channels can stay unharmed (cuz they put bread on YT's table).

Below, you will find a gallery filled with creators who'll give you their two cents on how YouTube's disregard for the law negatively effects millions of YouTubers worldwide.
Chris Stuckmann On Fair Use WTFU
Where’s the Fair Use? - LiberalViewer WTFU.
Where's the Fair Use? - Update 1 WTFU
Copyright attorney on WTFU - Where's the Fair Use?
Mr. Enter dat fair use.

SwineBros Controversy & ReactWorld

The Fine Brothers invented reacting to things, y'all. That's they're copyright. No one reacted to shit before they came up with the concept.
TJ Kirk
They trademarked and copyrighted React videos. Began taking down videos retroactively. Stealing money from people.
— Jake
The Fine Brothers (AKA The Swine Brothers) are a greedy sibling duo where both is the evil twin. They spend their time recruiting old fucks, dumb children, cringey teens, and YouTubers to make shitty reaction videos and make a profit off it. On episode 203 the peasants commented reacted (trademark) to the fans wanting them to talk react (trademark) to the React World controversy instead of talking about more important matters such as Gail and manatees.The Peasants refused however, saying that they didn't care about it, and since the Fine Bros already called it off that their would be no point in talking about reacting (trademark) to it.

React World was an idea created by the Fine Bros when they decided they wanted more YouTube money and licensed React and Try Not To Laugh video's for their network. Its a website where people sell their soul to the Fine Bros. To get recognized and make React videos without getting a copyright strike while Fine Bros gets 60% of your Ad-sense revenue. This has caused massive criticism from people like Mr. Repzion, AlphaOmegasin, someguy8257, and MundaneMatt resulting in massive dislikes from all of the Fine Brother's recent videos and a loss of a shit-ton subscribers from their channel. Even TJ posted a couple of tweets about React World.

After stirring up a shitstorm they got from their decision they realized how fucking dumb of an idea React World was. They wrote a message apologizing for the idea and announcing the cancellation of react world and the removal of their trademarking. Even though they did apologize it still didn't stop their brand from crumbling, because everyone knows they only apologized out of desperation, and if they were able to get away with their greedy bullshit they would be on their crusade with React World to extort money from other YouTubers or to take down their videos for featuring "reactions".

The Ellen show had a segment where these little kids "reacted" (not really) to old technology. Because of this, the FineBros thought that The Ellen DeGeneres show was ripping them off somehow. To solve this issue, the FineBros kindly discussed the matter with Ellen. HA! Just kidding, of course they didn't! What they did instead was act butthurt about it and send their fans to hate on her facebook page. We shit you not. They also claim to have invented the money-hungry Jew stereotype which they plan to trademark in the future. Another example of their greed comes from a channel that hosted a show entitled, "Seniors React". The FineBros, being the cheeky cunts they are, decided to not only threaten them and force them to stop making those kinds of videos, but they also had the audacity to rip them off by creating "Elders React"

TJ has commented on React World on his Twitter, sarcastically saying they invented reaction videos. Jake of The Bible Reloaded has spread AlphaOmegaSin's video on his Twitter, and has called out the Fine Bros for taking down videos

TOS Changes

Recently, Youtube implemented a new addition to their terms of service meant to counter so called "cyber-bullying" from happening. This new addition is vaguely worded, and is begging to be abused on at least some level. Malicious attacks and harassment are now consider against the TOS.

Whether this new addition will be enforced or not is still unknown. And whether it will spell the death of ranting channels like TAA and MundaneMatt is yet to be seen.

Worst YouTubers

Here is a list of the scummiest YouTubers on the site in no particular order. Criteria to be on this list are:

  • Be a shithead in general
  • Be disingenuous
  • Scam/Con people
  • Plagiarize
  • False copyright strike videos and channels
  • Steal content
  • Censor people
  • Make bad content
  • All of the above

  1. LanceCplThomas
  2. Brett Keane
  3. Onision
  4. LeafyIsHere
  5. Devon Tracey
  6. Tommy Sotomayor
  7. Keemstar
  8. Matthew Santoro
  9. Riceman
  10. FeministFrequency
  11. Blogilates
  12. RayWilliamJohnson
  13. Nicole Arbour
  14. FineBros
  15. Smosh
  16. SoFlo
  17. Jinx
  18. Jaclyn Glenn
  19. CrazyRussianHacker
  20. FouseyTube
  21. Irate Gamer
  22. ToddInTheShadows
  23. thecreaturehub