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Wizard of Cause
Jeff on holiday.
Jeff on holiday.
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New England, United States


Catching lobsters.

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Wizard of Cause




Wizard of Cause

Jeff Holiday and Wizard of Cause have come to save YouTube and be new media punk rock sell out whores. You might like what you find.

— The channel description for YouTube Saints.[1]

Nick is an American writer, actor, and YouTuber under the handle of Wizard of Cause, hailing from the unstable caliphate of New England. He is a close friend of Jeff Holiday, with whom he hosts a podcasts entitled YouTube Saints.

On Drunken Peasants

He made his debut on the show during episode 361, where they introduced his channel to the fans, he also commented about his podcast with Jeff Holiday. He attempted to help Paul with his impression and kept complimenting the peasants' format. He continued to drink a bunch of beer throughout the show from a seemingly endless glass, even going on a whole tangent about beer with Ben. He was brought in to discuss a number of stories in DP Action News, where he first went into detail explaining some of the backstory behind a building in London that burned down, while residents where requested it's insulation be fixed for a long time.


I thought I was over my childhood OCD but it all came flowing back to me.

— After seeing the intro to DP Action News.[2]


  • He believes furries are the result of people who were molested at Disney World.[3]
  • He tried to help PaulsEgo with his impression of Kraut and Tea.[4]
  • He's a Jew. Hide your shekels.[5]
  • He acknowledges Donald Trump is a buffoon.[6]


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