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Leatherdaddy Bill
AKA Buffalo Bill. "It puts the lotion in the basket."
AKA Buffalo Bill.

"It puts the lotion in the basket."

Personal Details
  • Liberalologist
  • Conservative cowboy


Political party

Tea Party

Political philosophy



Old Fuck

Birth place





Peeing in the general direction of Mecca

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Youtube channel
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America, bless God.

— A saying Bill spews constantly.

Wild Bill (real name William Finlay) is a Christian conservative YouTuber, all-American, ten gallon hat-wearing genius, a spokesperson for the Tea Party, and an active Bing user. Wild Bill describes himself as a "Liberalologist" who uses excellent argumentative structure to destroy liberal dogma on a daily basis. Wild Bill's arch-nemesis is the anti-Christ, Barack Obama.

Bill in the wild.

He is like the diet soda equivalent to Johnny Rebel.

On Drunken Peasants

Wild Bill has been featured many times on Drunken Peasants. Although the peasants recognize all of his videos have incredibly stale delivery, the truly wild bullshit he comes up with him as earned him a place as one of the most one-sided conflicts in DP history, openly declining any chance for an open discussion with the hosts. Although he is most recognizable from Drunken Peasants, TJ Kirk first made a video about Wild Bill in June 2013 on his Amazing Atheist channel.

The peasants have dubbed him with several nicknames including; Mild Bill, Mild Phil, and Mild Shill for America.

Episode 85

Episode 85 featured one of Wild Bill's videos talking about how he thinks atheists waste their entire life trying to debunk God. Wild Bill then tried to insist all atheists "have faith" in alien life, which is no less absurd than worshipin' God. Bill essentially does what he does best, attempting to strawman any opposition by associating all non-believers with occult conspiracy theorists who think the races from Star Trek are real (seriously). Wild Bill goes on to claim that there will come a time that all atheists will accept God's cock and even implies he was once an atheist himself.[1]

Episode 264

During episode 264, a video of Bill's was played claiming that black racism is a plan entirely hand-crafted by the Democrats in order to control politics. The peasants admit the Democrats play for race but mostly because it's a counter to Republicans and everyone else using race as a talking point. Wild Bill proceeded to shove his head up an elephant's ass and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist in ignorance. Wild Bill then somehow tries to connect this in with global-warming being a complete scam, with absolutely no connection before returning to his main point. Scotty concludes that Wild Bill is creatively bankrupt with no depth to his videos.

Episode 265

During episode 265, the peasants played one of Bill's videos describing the average day in the life of an atheist, which actually turns out to be very pleasant. Bill tried to intimidate atheists by claiming they'll never have a better experience in life than some hot coffee in the morning, making him the worst salesman featured on a segment other than Stupid Ads. The peasants pity Bill for believing one day he'll go to some fantasy land to worship the dainty feet of Jesus Christ. Bill describes Earth as a whole as the ideal place for life, conveniently forgetting all the fucking uninhabitable parts of the planet for the sake of making his backwards point that God must have dun did it.


Soon lynching will come back, and this time it won't be black people.

— Will Bill reveals that Eskimos will soon be lynched.

We are beginning to see signs of dictator-like behavior in the president of the United States. Not surprising that his closest advisers tend to admire Castro, Che Guevara, Mao Tse Tung, Marx and others. [2]</sup>

— Mild Phil

How many of you remember when schools were crime free? I do. It was back when we were one nation under God, when every school kid grew up with a Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments. Respect for God was infused in our national identity and the schools were crime free.[3]

— Stuck in the 16th century mindset, as shown by his headgear.

We may need to walk like an Egyptian to restore rule of law.

— Speaking gibberish.
The cat, like Ben, hides its identity.


  • Wild Bill is going to hell for putting America before God.
  • Wild Bill, in his elder years, has had a depreciation of testosterone levels, causing him to wear faggy shirts. What a commie.
  • He listens to Johnny Rebel.
  • He was almost killed by his army of Kenyanists when trying to defeat him and save 'Murica. Fuck yeah! '
  • Interestingly, G Man is actually subscribed to Wild Bill on YouTube.
  • Sargon of Akkad is subscribed to Wild Bill, as he finds his videos hilarious.
  • The first result on Google relating to Wild Bill is "Wild Bill for America Racist".
  • Wild Bill claims to be a former police officer, although there is little evidence to support this claim. Wouldn't be all that difficult for him to prove it either. Hmmm....
  • Mild Jill has current ownership of his dying neighbor's liberal cat. He makes his terminally ill neighbor sleep in the car while he jerks off the cat.
  • While not confirmed, it is highly suspected that Wild Bill is a homosexual who frequently rapes TJ. In fact, TJ's sore anus can frequently be seen in the background of Wild Bill's videos.
  • Wild Bill claims that the second Holocaust is fast approaching due to the amount of Christian prosecution in the United States at the hands of militant homosexuals.
  • Ben and TJ once tried to gangbang Tony's Liberal Cat™, but were caught by PETA. They later succeeded at the annual Ohio Furry Convention that Wild Bill was also attending. The 4 then became friends for life.
  • Bill often likes to say ''America bless God'' which shows his dyslexia.
  • Tony's Liberal Cat is a cat that briefly appears throughout some of Wild Bill's videos. The Cat™ is a Democrat according to Bill, as The Cat™ knocked Mild Bill's 'Impeach Obama' mug off the table and broke it. As a staunch anti-progressive republican and tea-partier, it comes to no surprise that Bill would hate this stupid liberal cat. And rightfully so. I bet he voted for Nobama. The cat is apparantly from a liberal friend of Bill's who was too sick to take care of him.
  • TJ has mentioned having a desire to beat Bill to death with a brick, it's pretty easy to see why.
  • Bill considers atheists mentally-challenged monkeys, which is rather ironic.
  • His hat needs to be that big in order to store his gigantic brain.
  • Has stated in episode 134 that Egypt has issued an arrest warrant against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  • If Bill wakes up in the morning ten minutes late, because his alarm clock is blinking 12:00, be blames the liberal clock. If he stubs his toe on a chair, he blames the liberal chair. If he gets a piece of bone in his cheeseburger that chips his tooth, he blames the liberal dentists and liberal chef. If it starts to rain while he's out in the park, he blames the liberal precipitation. Then if he gets explosive diarrhea from the food he just ate, he'll blame the liberal E. coli.
  • In episode 170, he shilled an 80 page calendar, which is strange since there are only 12 months in a year. 80/12=6.66, therefore Wild Bill is satanic.
  • Speaking on that, Wild Bill's Calender makes people gay
  • Wild Bill thinks the Federal Courts are more of a threat to Murycar than dem ISIS liberal Nazi Jews
  • Wild Bill thinks that lesbians are castrating little boys like "Tommy" and turning them into little pussified feminine faggots.
  • He claims to have friends with the "Secret Service" and, surprise surprise, he told ALL of the "secrets", which he is not supposed to do.
  • Wild Bill is a fucking lazy cunt. Instead of "fixing" these so called "problems" that he thinks the left created, he expects his retarded fanbase to give him $3,000 to build a church, although $3,000 could only give him a useless shed for his stupid backyard.
  • When stating that 41% of Transgendered people commit suicide to make his point, he doesn't realise that people like him are the reason they commit suicide.
  • His birth was worse than The Holocaust.
  • He's the inbred xenophobe Steve Shives thinks absolutely everyone who criticizes Islam is.
  • He doesn't understand what a theocracy is.



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