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Jay Inslee




United States of America

Capital city


Why is everything better here?!

— Ben[1]

You guys realized that you've reached the promised land right?

PaulsEgo during episode 279.[2]

Washington, also known as Worshington,[3] is a northwestern state in the United States of America and the current home of the Drunken Peasants.

On Drunken Peasants

The peasants moved to from Columbus, Ohio to Bellevue, Washington during September of 2016 to open up more opportunities for the show, including a new studio, personal website, fully experience legal weed, and have more in-studio guests. The peasants have had nothing bad to say since their move and ultimately deemed it to be a cannabis haven. The peasants first aired from Bellevue during episode 279, though their current studio wasn't formally introduced until much later in episode 299. Prior to moving, the peasants also had gone on a visit to Seattle for one of their fan meetups, back during May of 2016.[4]

Residents of Washington


  • Prior to their move, the peasants have held a meetup in Seattle during 2015.
  • The peasants moved here from Columbus, Ohio during September of 2016
  • It's always fucking raining.
  • Pimpmunk made out with PaulsEgo during the 2015 meetup here.
  • They have sex lube with THC-infused.[5]
  • TJ isn't bothered by the local SJWs because he's too stoned to notice.[6]
  • TJ did some exercise for the first time in documented history while here.[7]
  • PaulsEgo had to wait a few weeks before moving with the rest of the peasants, due to having ties in Texas through his girlfriend.


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