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Vegan "Stingray Back" Gains
It would almost be cool, if he didn't look like a fucking tortoise.
It would almost be cool, if he didn't look like a fucking tortoise.
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Putting omnivores into a giant grinder to prove meat is murder.

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Vegan Gains


Vegan Gains



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I'd love to just slide a knife right across his throat and just watch him, like, just look all scared... when... you know... he's just dying.
— Vegan Gains proving how not a sociopath he is.
Richard Burgess (secretly Anthony Fantano In Blackface) is a pretentious vegan YouTuber, bodybuilder, and sociopathic scumfuck piece of human shit with a little, bitchy voice and an attitude to match. Under the online handle Vegan Gains, he's known for being such an insufferably arrogant douchebag and downright disgusting person that other vegans and bodybuilders have condemned him for making them look bad.


Vegan Gains was involved in a rather brief online feud with the Drunken Peasants after they responded to a couple of his insane attack videos. Upon his debut on the show, he easily became one of the most hated one-time appearances on the show. So, of course, he returned 16 episodes later which eventually led to his guest appearance on the show where his place within the DP fandom was set to neutral due to him keeping his crazier traits at bay.

He's a self-proclaimed misanthrope that would let any number of human lives perish (probably even by his own hands if he could get away with it) for the life of a single dumb cow or chicken not becoming delicious meaty goodness or harmlessly surrendering their precious milk or EGGS. He can easily be considered one of the most reprehensive "people" to be featured on DP, along the lines of Atheism-is-Unstoppable and Jenny McDermott (that's real fucking low).

In his spare time, he likes to make "vegan gains" which is code for cocaine-snorting & blowing truckers before slitting their throats and grinding their bodies into vegetarian meat pies.


Showing how adult he is by showing off his muscles as if it gives legitimacy to his arguments

According to his own words, Vegan Gains was a meat-eating bodybuilder a majority of his life as opposed to being a vegan one for only a handful of years - though suspiciously can't give a consistent date or reason[1]; one video says he did it purely because it's healthier, another says it's because he as a dudebro macho gamer went to a dog show and saw a cute little piglet do a few dog tricks and yet again another recent interview, said it was because Freelee the Banana Nazi - whom he obsessively white knights - told him to [2][3][4]. So naturally - not unlike a born again christian homosexual - he compensates his past sins by being a colossal dickbag to any and all detractors of his new lifestyle. The problem is that he keeps up this aggressive arrogant attitude to combat other aggressive meat-oriented bodybuilders on YouTube he argues with, but does not know how to or care about disengaging the dick-phasers when confronted with non-muscleheads. To the point of wanting to fight them irl or threaten to kill them.

Vegan Gains devouring Repzion

He also has a strange obsession with accusing nearly every other YouTube bodybuilder of using steroids, to the point that it feels more like defensive projection; not unlike The Vigilant Christian constantly calling other people crazy, paranoid and hateful, or Atheist Roo saying everyone else has white guilt.

Paradoxically, he has taken up archery with a hunting bow. Giving money to people that make weapons to kill animals. Isn't that like a Jewish person owning stock in Oscar Meyer?

On Drunken Peasants

Trashing Trisha

Vegan Gains made his shit-studded debut in Episode 122 of the Drunken Peasants Podcast in a video of his berating YouTube personality Trisha Paytas for being fat and "body positive". Rather than attempting to deconstruct some of the ideas she's pushing forth, Vegan Gains felt the need to just ridicule her and talk about how she's gonna die of a heart attack. His ridicule was unnecessarily harsh and not even intent on getting a laugh out. The video was full of childish ad-hominems and a remarkable amount of aggression pinpointed at such an innocuous bimbo that it's reasonable to assume there was a bit of projection going on. TJ considered him too much of dick even for his standards. That is saying something.

Vegan Gains made a response video to the criticism he received, and briefly mentions and even more briefly shows them, and tries to explain himself, claiming that we shouldn't glorify obesity like we don't glorify anorexia, but still managed to be a prick when he did.

He reappeared in Episode 138 where he criticized TJ for being a vegetarian instead of a vegan. Not only demanding TJ become full vegan, but also wanting him to push it onto his fans like the dietary dogma Gains treats it like; nothing hypocritical about that idea. He made the point that TJ should be obligated to achieve a better, healthier lifestyle (being the fat fuck that we know and love) because his contributions to the atheist movement (even though many atheists despise TJ and regard his content as toxic to the movement) can last longer because he'll live longer, comparing him to the late great Christopher Hitchens. So, fuck personal choice?

Death and Insanity

Vegan Gains was in the post-show of Episode 139 where they reviewed the video of him bitching about wanting to film his grandfather dying. Commenting how insane and stupid an idea it was due to YouTube terms of use and morality; even Scotty is disgusted by his apathy over a loved one's death. They also speculated Bubba killed his grandfather because of the "all the shit he ate".

He returned in Episode 141 where they looked over his death threat video. The incredulous reaction of Sargon of Akkad was simply priceless. They predict he will be the next Elliot Rodger, but will shoot up a McDonald's instead.

He came back in Episode 142, firstly in a response video to DP's coverage of Vegan Gains in #138. They then featured a video by Vegan Gains who tried to prove that he isn't a psychopath. First, he gave people the benefit of the doubt and said that if he really was 100% serious and really a sociopath, was it really as bad as people OK with eating meat. Second, he showed a comment criticizing him for eating plants and proceeded to refute that. He refuted a fucking joke. He also clarified that his very serious-sounding declaration to want to kill Repzion was just a joke. SOUND FAMILIAR? He then compared the potential of him killing somebody because of the strong evidence suggesting he wants to do that to people eating meat, saying they're just as likely to murder a human than he is. That's pretty much his defense (You can't call me out on any of the shit I do, you eat meat.)

He returned in an unsuspecting way in Episode 145 where The Vigilant Christian has decided to join the vegan community and immediately starts calling out Gains and his other fellow Food Nazis as "The Westboro Vegans" with his awesome MS Paint skills of pasting Vegan Gain's head over the bodies of some of the Phelps legion. Mario promises to do future videos exposing himself to his fellow crazy Canadian. In the words of the doctor from the Godzilla movie: "Let them fight!"

Vs. The Vigilant Christian

Vegan Gains made his DP guest appearance in Episode 150 where he went non-functioning head to non-functioning head with The Vigilant Christian Mario. Batshit v Batshit. But to be fair, Mario was blasted the fuck out with Gains being the saner of two insane psychos. Being surprisingly calm and collected through the entire show and being a relatively good sport, even through jokes about eating EGGS.

Vs Repzion: The Debate That Never Was

Vegan Gains was supposed to meet face to face and debate Repzion on episode 190, but realized he was full of shit and was gonna get owned so he chickened out and didn't show up like the coward he is. He assured Ben he wanted to come on and would by 9:30, by was a no-show.

The peasants discussed the possibility of rescheduling the debate as MrRepzion himself showed up in Episode 190. It's really in Vegan Gains' best interest to come on and honor his word, because no one wants to have to be seen as a bigger pussy than MrRepzion with his stupid Pikachu hat. That's something you definitely don't want to carry on past your grave, huh?

Following his no-show five episodes ago, Vegan Gains made a guest appearance in Episode 194. Except this time, MrRepzion was the no-show this episode, making him the pussy now.

Recording His Granddad

Vegan Gains showed everyone how peaceful and respectful vegans are to the sanctity of life when he exploited the death of his granddad to push his Vegan agenda. According to him, he took his over eighty-year-old grandfather into a ravine in a park to show off his new drone; sounds innocent enough. But then, started pushing around and berating his over-eighty year old grandpa for not being able to get over a steep hill without having to be a pussy and catch his breath (because all 80+ guys can do that no problem) especially scolding him for his diet habits while his grandpa's heart is going off like a rabbit. Then proceeded to take him home, then when he started convulsing, called the paramedics and half-assedly trying CPR before whipping out the smartphone to record the life drain from his own flesh and blood. Then he was absolutely livid that his family dared get all pissey about him uploading a person dying to social media, saying they were hypocrites for eating meat - an excuse that's become somewhat of a trend to justify his own disgusting behavior: "Oh, I can't do this evil thing, but you're eating meat!? Hypocrite!". His subsequent video detailing the video he can't show, his grandfather's death, being dragged to his funeral service and how his granddad deserved it because he yelled at him and hit him a few times was quite a sight. There was not a single strand of emotion or empathy in his eyes as he details everything. Well, that makes everything okay and not disturbing as fuck:)

His true colors being that of a psychopathic piece of shit asshole scumbag motherfucker. Then, he proceeded to sink even lower into full Elliot Rodgers territory by threatening to slit MrRepzion's throat for daring to call him a sociopath; class act.

Also we're not exactly talking about Feminist-ammo death threats in the form of meanie words on Twitter either, we're talking about graphic detail of seeing the life drain from the another human's fearful eyes as he runs a knife across his throat; while showing off a knife to boot. Like the video about his grandfather, he also gave the "dark joke" with little to no emotion - not even anger - just a cold dead stare behind the glint of his knife, like a Vegan Sweeney Todd.

His further response was to sidestep the accusations - vaguely alluding to the incriminating videos like a politician talking about a sex tape - and say people accusing him of making "crude jokes" and questioning his sanity are all hypocrites because eating meat is just as bad as him saying he wants to kill someone, because bla bla bla mean old meat industry, bla bla bla killing animals is just as bad as killing humans. His ramblings about the meat industry are as repetitive, stupid and annoying as The Beast. Also that meat-eaters not batting an eye at the atrocities of killing livestock is the exact same thing as him not giving a shit about dead grandpa or joking about killing people is the same thing as people threatening to eat a burger to his videos.

Here's another mindfuck for you: even The Vigilant Christian hates him.[5]

Vegan Gains is a man of his word.


Vegan Gains' body is also one of the most foulest things to crawl out of the black pit . Seriously, it's meant to be like a testament to his peak physical fitness and ethical lifestyle, but ends up looking very revolting and almost-inhuman. He likes to parade his "vegan gains" around, though it makes his lifestyle all the more undesirable. His spinal bones protrude way too much from his overly-lean fleshly hide. This supports the possibility that he is one-fourth dinosaur, three-fourths little bitch.

In spite of his disfigured physique he seems to be decently strong, since he is able to deadlift 405 pounds.

Vs. Bearing

Based Bear Mercilessly Mauls Vitriolic Vegan

The Vegan Wars began anew when Bearing entered the fray. This time, after Bearing dared to ridicule the Church of Veganism. Instead of a knife or bow, Gains has upgraded his edgelord "comedy" of it's-just-a-prank-bro death threat arsenal to a pistol that he cocked and slipped his finger through with even less trigger discipline than a certain other induhvidul. Bearing countered with an expert decimation that once again brought light to VGs sociopathic tendencies of laughing at people with cancer, filming his dying grandpa, threatening to kill Repzion and a brand spanking new level of low by starving, torturing and almost killing his and his new wife's (yes, he married - there's a psychotic peg to every psychotic hole) wolfdog by refusing to feed it meat until it almost died a slow painful death to malnutrition. As well as calling the woman dog breeder that gave the dog to them a bitch and cunt for wanted to get it back by trying to charge him with animal cruelty. He now buys/hunts elk meat just to feed it, but cowers and avoids people any time they try to bring this up. But we're the immoral savages with no ethics.

The live debate between Kraut, Bearing and VG

Apparently Bearing and Kraut and Tea failed miserably during this debate with him. At least according to Vegan Gains fans, who are totally unbiased sources. Kraut did eventually concede that he lost the debate—stating it was the worse thing he's ever done during his career on YouTube[6]—though Bearing has not.


If I had the opportunity, I'd kill [Mr. Repzion]... slit his fucking throat with this knife! (shows knife) Really like to use this knife on him... Like, he really does deserve to die, like he calls me a sociopath, I mean... he's a piece of shit, I don't know if he's a sociopath or not, but... he's just a turd who should just be killed... Like, he's such a smug little bitch, like, I'd love to just slide a knife right across his throat and just watch him, like, just look all scared... when... you know, he's just dying..
— Before you shit yourself in fear, he said he was just kidding. You know, like a satire.
"Lick my butthole, meat-eater!"
And when I see babies in a stroller, especially when they're crying, I just wanna put my foot through the fucking thing, and step on it, until it's nothing but fucking blood and pulp on the fucking pavement!
— Good thing he got that vasectomy, amirite?
Most women only want to have children so that they don't have to work and they can get taken care of.
— Yeah, fuck women's natural desire to love and cherish. It's not like having a child in of itself requires work.
It's funny when people that claim they don't want to hurt animals, appropriate hobbies that simulate hurting animals.
I might really want to hurt people, but I don't want the world to be an angry violent place.
— Says the dude with all the hunting gear
I do have angry violent thoughts towards most people I come across.
— What an approachable fellow.
That's all that you are, a fat disgusting piece of shit!
— Channeling AIU
I'm a sadist, I enjoy hurting people, uh when I just beat the everloving shit out of somebody I get a warm tingly feeling inside like I'm being loved.
— Wow
Chicken noodle soup is for pussies.
— Gain's thoughts on chicken noodle soup.
I hear Vegan Gains talk and I want to eat the biggest FUCKING BURGER I CAN FIND!!"
— Penn Jillette regarding another food nazi, but it works here too.[7]


  • Like The Vigilant Christian, his retarded fans have tried to vandalize this article by making the whole thing a bunch of pro-vegan apologetic garbage. There's also a few of his fans on the DP Subreddit that obnoxiously white knight every single discussion against him. Even the Subreddit hates them, so that's gotta tell you something.
  • He says other popular vegans are not true vegans, because he autisticly watches every single vlog they make and points out every single minuscule product they buy or eat that is in some way an animal product - from gelatin, to chicken powder in ramen packets (even if they don't eat it)... The other shoe to drop is that he either hunter and killed, or bought the meat of an entire elk to feed his wolf dog after almost killing it with a vegan diet.
  • Mr. Repzion has also replied to this asswipe, after being strawmanned by him, claiming that he strawmanned Freelee the Banana Girl. Possibly one of the biggest hypocrites alive.
    • Vegan Gains has recently attacked Freelee himself, making him both less of an idiot, and more of an asshole.
  • He is also apparently a fan of DP, having said he "watches them regularly."
  • Vegan Gains defends Islam by using the word "Islamaphobia" to silence criticism.
  • He believes people are morally obligated to live a long and healthy life. Living your life the way you want at the expense of some perceived better good is stupid sauce yo.
  • He says that he literally hates 98% of the entire world.
  • His role model.
    He fucking says the fucking word "fucking" like people fucking use a fucking comma.
  • He thinks owning a Pokémon doll and wearing a Pikachu cap is nerdy and immature, while owning a Piccolo figure and wearing a Dragonball Z T-shirt in many videos.
  • In a startling turn of events, Mr. Repzion did a video where he responded to Vegan Gains who was bummed out he couldn't film his grandfather having a stroke/heart attack and upload it to YouTube to show how dangerous meat is. He was also bummed out that he was dragged to the funeral. But he deserved it, because he was abusive, I guess.[8]
  • In response to said video, he made multiple remarks on a stream of wanting to slit Mr. Repzion's throat, even brandishing the knife he wants to do it with. Don't worry. It was just a joke. I fucking hope so.[9]
  • Someguy827 also did a video on the same video.
  • He also recently purchased a hunting bow... but what is he even planning to use it on if he doesn't hunt animals? Totally just foam targets. Update: elks for his woldog... makes perfect ethical sense.
  • According to some of his videos, he might be a carnivore wolf in vegan sheep's clothing.[10][11]
  • He's actually very nice to be around if you get to know him, provided you wear earplugs and a Kevlar vest.
  • He actually has no muscles. His ego cannot be contained within his fat head, causing it to be distributed to the rest of his body and swell around it.
  • He believes or has once believed that he was abducted by aliens and has had conversations with them. According to Vegan Gains the aliens were very similar to the grey aliens in What Really Happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? He believes (or has once believed) that aliens sought him out to incorporate his perfect human specimen genetics so that they could reproduce. No I am not making this shit up. He's that fucking crazy and full of himself.
  • He actually admits to being a sociopath... but still threatened to kill Mr. Repzion for calling him one. I don't even.[12]
  • The YouTuber GradeAUnderPromises released three piece of dirt on Vegan Gains.[13]
  • Aside from not being white, he's what feminists think #GamerGate consists entirely of: male, misogynist, plays Call of Duty, antagonistic, crude, a sociopath and prone to death and rape jokes/threats at the drop of a kale leaf.
  • According to the theory in this video, he may suffer from some spectrum of Asperger syndrome, due to the way he describes how he says he can't comprehend other people's feelings, or when somebody wants to hug him, his first instincts are that this person wants to kill him.[14]
  • For being a vegan, he sure as hell does love constantly and obsessively putting violent images of farm animal abuse and slaughter in his videos. They're his variation of snuff films that he masturbates raw to every night.
  • Definitely not a sociopath and if you say he is he will kill you.
  • He looks like a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. movie
  • He was born in a cabbage patch, explaining his veganism and desire to kill people with a knife.
  • He's apparently getting sued for defamation and slander, twice.
  • He looks like a tortoise out of its shell and its mind.
  • He thinks correlation is causation, like all vegans do.
  • Mario called Vegan Gains a demon due to his mental illness.
  • Vegan Gains has been known to use bogus studies in his videos.[15]
  • After appearing on the Drunken Peasents and mocking MrRepzion for not coming on and facing him head-on, he released a video rebutting TJ's arguments against veganism... three weeks after the debate. Fucking hypocrite.[16]
  • His head is waaay too small for his body. Seriously, look at the fucking thing. It's horrible. It's... just.. ugghhh.
  • He is such a big fat fucking pussy cunt.
  • He had a vasectomy. As you'd expect, it was for ethical reasons and whatnot.
  • MrRepzion thinks Vegan Gains is a homosexual. Takes one to know one, I suppose.
  • The sound of babies crying sends him into a state of pure aggression.
  • He is good friends with Ben, despite their differences.[17]

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