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Vadim Newquist
Vadim on your average evening.[1]
Vadim on your average evening.[1]
Personal Details
  • Satirist
  • Slave
  • Sex Machine
  • Sexy Mofo

None (atheist)


Creationist Cat Ministries


38 apparently (born January 25th)

Birth place

North Carolina


New York


Telling Roo to get his mouth away from his dick.

Social Networking
Youtube channel



Vadim Newquist


Vadim Newquist


Vadim Newquist

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


You went from Anthony Fantano to... this weird show.

— Vadim's appearance on Drunken Recap in a nutshell.[2]

It's pretty pathetic that someone would make a YouTube account and like, talk through an animal like that. It's just kind of really desperate.

— Vadim Newquist during episode 127.[3]

Vadim "I Thought Drunken Recap Was A Good Idea"[4] Newquist (also known as The Cat Bitch[5] & Creationist Fat by some turd-burglar) is an actor, director, singer, comedian, satirist, dick-monkey, professional shill and the human slave of the celestial evangelist/feline/YouTuber known as Creationist Cat. He has a predilection for Hawaiian shirts and pornstar moustaches. He's actually very talented, though he squanders a lot of his talent on a flaccid gimmick and can't seem to understand why his subscriber count is stagnant. He first self identified as a full on atheist after watching The Atheist Experience, though also used to be into New Age Bullshit.

For everything he is pretty cool on, he has some interesting positions on children transitioning and other issues. These days he seems to align with the Anti-Anti SJW crowd more and more, having got into a squabble with several people over Twitter in early 2017 on various issues, including BeyondPhere, Armoured Skeptic,[6] and Sargon of Akkad.

On Drunken Peasants

Why does CC even let his man-slave off the leash? Go back to fanning him and feeding him tuna, where you belong.


Vadim has made a few guest appearances on Drunken Peasants, mostly in stead of his much more talented overlord. In July 2015, he was doc-dropped by Napoleon Dynamite over Twitter. This led to him making an appearance on episode 127 of ԀP, where he brutally eviscerated Napoleon's genitals on the issue (boom goes the dynamite). Vadim was very tired after a long day of wanking off CC's barbed feline cock, so he had to leave two-thirds through the show in order to get some sleep for a couple hours.

Vadim showed his revolting face for a second time in episode 157 where he got his ass whipped like the piece of shit slave he is by Jean-François Gariépy. In the episode, Vadim discussed his utter distaste and hatred CC's Kangaroo Nemesis and, unfortunately, had to leave. CC would come on ԀP mere minutes later.

Vadim = Creationist Cat?

When Devon Tracy failed at doxxing CC and accidentally doxxed Vadim, a peculiar conspiracy was born. Devon Tracey would refuse to admit he dun fucked up, so he would continue to believe that they were the same person, despite them not even looking anything alike.[8] Devon Tracy is the largest supporter of this crazy theory, which does a huge disservice to its credibility. Those who believe Vadim is CC have only a few of arguments at their side:

Their Arguments (With Rebuttals)

Non-believer: Vadim and CC's voices sound similar!
Rational human: Just like explained on the Fan Conspiracies page; God is just lazy and simply copy/pasted Vadim's voice to CC.
Heretic: Why are CC and Vadim never in the same place at the same time?
Rational human: That's just a coincidence. They aren't seen together because CC is a busy feline and can't be seen with his slaves.
Heathen: If Vadim and CC are different people, why are they always in agreement?
Rational human: Who said they were? Vadim is an atheist and CC certainly isn't. Alternatively, Vadim Newquist has a form of stockholm syndrome and willingly agrees with everything CC says.

Vadim's "Acting Career"

Finding Love

Vadim has had trouble finding the special someone in his life.

His first attempt of finding love was on an old cable reality show called 3rd Date where he met a woman named Rebecca who described Vadim as attractive, but weird. Eventually she dumped Vadim for another guy named Matt. CC said the whole thing was fake and improvised, but he is probably just defending Vadim from embarrassment. It seemed Vadim was out of luck with women until April of 2007. Vadim went on a stroll though his neighborhood grocery store. There, he meet a beautiful woman and the two immediately fell in love.

Get Your Mouth Away From My Dick!

Get Your Mouth Away From My Dick is a song by Vadim Newquist that was directed by Creationist Cat. Vadim made his striking debut in CC's music video and blew everyone away with his siren-esque voice and beautiful complexion. He's Freddie Mercury with a handle-bar mustache and aviators. 
Third Date! - Vadim loses love.
One Look - Vadim finds love.
Get Your Mouth Away From My Dick


An ass with zero acne is truly a thing to treasure.

— Vadim's wisest words.

Jenny McDermott can eat a bucket of donkey dicks.

— Vadim on Twitter.[9]


  • He gets more pussy than Mario and The Beast combined.
  • Vadim has an amazing singing voice.
  • His favorite hobby is punching women.
  • He is notoriously hideous, a fact to which CC continuously apologizes for when his audience is subjected to him.
  • He is the one who uploads and maintains Creationist Cat's channel (a cat can't do it himself).
  • He is no longer your bitch! HE IS CC'S BITCH!
  • His friend, Noah Warner, is also a human slave to CC.
  • He has a sexual attraction to Santa Claus. He has demonstrated multiple times that if you sit on Santa's "other leg," lots of presents will appear out of nowhere.
  • He doesn't care about embarrassing videos of himself.
  • He's hardcore and he knows the score.
  • Not long ago, you had your mouth on his dick, and you sucked it like a pro.
  • He is currently working on a movie called The Trap Door At The Edge of the Universe, which will star Haley Joel Osment. He helped fund it through IndieGoGo.
  • He has done a hangout with Armoured Skeptic. He has not yet released it.
  • Vadim's eyes have circles so dark they rival those of L from Death Note.
  • Vadim is known for plowing the line between hideous, and surprisingly fucking handsome. This depends entirely on whether he shaves.
  • Vadim once met Mister T, he was presumably - fucked in the ass by him. This likely motivated him to adopt CC.
  • During March of 2017, he did a collaboration with Anthony Fantano.[10][11]
  • He took issue when Fancy Badger made an article poking fun at the show Drunken Recap, Fancy has since declared Drunken Recap to be "The Vadim Newquist Show".



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