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RooHunter (Message Wallcontribs)

Hey, since the page for that fucking shitcunt Devon Tracey has been permanently protected (Like the Scientology articles on Wikipedia... odd, it's almost like a cult keeps trying to erase evidence or something!) I was wondering if you'd like to help me add some shit. Recently Devon has decided to go full Larry Alex Taunton on Christopher Hitchens, using him as an advertisement for Hillary Clinton, of whom Hitchens was deeply disdainful. He's got a picture of him, Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and others with a Hillary Logo. I downloaded a copy of that, which will go great with this video of Hitching HitchSlapping Hillary and telling people to never vote for her.

Or these videos, where he also makes his feelings VERY clear.''

Also, he's now bestest buddies with Jaclyn Glenn over their shared commitment to Hillary, nevermind that she thinks he's racist which is slander which hurts Devon's feeling so damn much and nevermind that he think's she's an anti-white regressive.

This shit, you just can't make it up!

Uzalu (Message Wallcontribs)

Hey, thanks for letting us know all this. I plan to amend the page a little based on this info.

Would you mind providing a link to the picture you refer to, wherein he implies that Hitchens and others support Clinton?

It would also be great if you could give us a link to where AIU showed appreciation of Jaclyn, as you described.

Thank you!

RooHunter (Message Wallcontribs)

Using Hitchens as an ad for Hillary: Using unaffiliated YouTubers like DarkMatter2525 to promote himself: Bury the hatchet for Hillary, as if that doesn't reek of an ideologue:

And please, make sure to give Jaclyn her due, too. Seriously, bitch has no integrity.

RooHunter (Message Wallcontribs)

I just found this. Seriously, it was a one in a million find I stumbled upon while doing searches for, well, anything relevant to Devon Tracey. If this shit is true, then Devon is not only really bad with money, he may be criminally so. I've been trying to get in touch with the original poster, to no avail. I know, however, that the person has a youtube account (this link was detected there and I followed it) under the username "idoxxed devon" which seems to have been registered in February of this year. This link is the only content on the channel in the "about" section.

Given this revelation I'm going to be attempting to dig up his criminal record. People like him almost always have one. The problem is this costs money, I'm strapped for cash due to undergoing expensive oral surgery to extract a broken molar. So it's gonna take maybe a month or so to work up the required expendable currency. Unless, of course, someone were to raise money for it. I might consider starting a GoFundMe for that purpose as Devon has enough enemies to ensure that the goal is met. Being less than a $100 goal, I think it would quickly succeed.

Anyways, enjoy!

EDIT: I also found this:

RooHunter (Message Wallcontribs)

They're on his twitter... which he blocked me from when I reported his use of Hitchen's likeness to Hitchen's son Alexander. But since when has that stopped me before? I'll be back with screencaps very soon.

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