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Hehehe-huhu heh, heheh!
Hehehe-huhu heh, heheh!
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None (atheist)

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Light Brown



If you rape a hooker is it technically stealing?
— Albert Einstein

His theme song.


SwordofStorms was created when a fetus was aborted and thrown away, but God gave it life again and it grew into a baby in the middle of a junk yard. He crept and crawled out of the trash to only to eventually become an atheist heathen, even though God had intended him to be the second coming of Christ.


He has been a gamer almost his whole life, but the only good games he played during his childhood were Pokémon games. Other than that he had only played shitty movie licensed games on the DS and Wii and shitty flash games on the Cartoon Network website on his mother's shitty Dell desktop PC. Eventually when the 3DS came out he started playing different first party Nintendo games, and eventually did the same on the Wii U when that came out.

The closest thing to a girlfriend he will ever get

One fateful day though, he was convinced to buy a game by a then-friend that would change his life. Minecraft. On PC. This was the first PC game he had ever owned and played it at a Cinematic™ 15 FPS on his mother's laptop. Since then, he has stopped Nintendo gaming almost entirely and now plays near exclusively on my PC. He even has recently ascended to the PC Master Race and even built his own PC, which he masturbates inside of daily.


Lance is the stereotypical gay guy. We show him an increadably hot pic and he criticizes her fashion sense.
— Sword's response to Lance's comments on a nude
Wikia is what happens when ass cancer breeds with ebolAIDS
— Sword on the subject of Wikia
If you need any proof of why libertarianism doesn't work play BioShock
— Sword on libertarianism
dude I'd love to have a threesome with Jesus
— Sword totally not out of context