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Fancy Badger
Emperor Fancy seen ruling The DP Wiki in 2029 shortly after it evolved from a website into a political DP revolution. Art by BeyondPhere.
Emperor Fancy seen ruling The DP Wiki in 2029 shortly after it evolved from a website into a political DP revolution. Art by BeyondPhere.
Personal Details
  • Founder & Main Writer of the DP Wiki
  • Founder of the DP Discord
  • Moderator of the DP Subreddit
  • Peasant-In-Training

None (atheist)

Birth place

Birminghamistan, England, United Kingdom

Social Networking




Hey, hey, hey, hey. Smoke Pan Everyday.

— His personal philosophy.

Would you make me a sandwich?

— Fancy addressing his staff following DMCAGate 2015.

My staffers describe me as a paragon of the fan community, I describe myself as a stoner with too much time on his hands. Yes, I have my own page.

Places where I can be contacted:


The ԀP Wiki. Bringing you ԀP history from an altered perspective.

Fancy Badger, the founder of the ԀP Wiki.[1]
Fancy Badger, informally known by southern belles as Foxy Grandpa, is the semi-literate retarded racist lovechild of Gail Chord Schuler and Ben. His main goal in life is to spread clever wordplay far and wide through a wiki about atheist stoners while offending every political idealogy known to man. What he peddles may appear to be an especially lame version of Encyclopedia Dramatica for atheist neckbeards, but it's really just a decaying cesspool of a dumbed-down stoner fantasy repackaged and kept alive via an overflown toilet. Fancy puts his own spin on Drunken Peasants history, which is to say that he totally gays it up. Most gaydar technology spontaneously overloads every time this glassy-eyed, attention-whoring pimp shows his punchable face. Indeed, Fancy is exactly what you'd expect from the offspring of Gail and Ben.

Fancy secretly has fantasies about living in Europe a few decades ago, when the sort of Communism he tries to popularize had a much greater chance of spreading across Europe, including Britain and Birminghamistan.

The DP Wiki

Main article: About The Drunken Peasants Wiki & DP Wiki Staff

He eventually found the wiki and started editing on it with some other fucks before they all decided the original founder was gone for good and that they had to move. Fancy decided to create a new DP Wiki after deciding that the old wiki could not function without proper staffing and maintenance. Fancy tracked down and murdered the founder of the original wiki in cold blood for his negligence, which allowed him to form this very wiki and become it's eventual edgelord and saviour.

There is no way he could possibly handle an entire wiki on ԀP by himself, so he enlisted the support of some black guy and a 9/11 first respondent to help create the database. Over the months he also recruited the other egg bitch, a gender-fluid exoskeleton, the world's most fabulous neckbeard, Scarce's Hungarian doppelganger, an unfair playing card, and a smarmy bastard.

Fancy was offered by Ben to make the ԀP Wiki official in return for his eternal soul. He agreed without a second thought and is destined to be raped perpetually by Ben after he dies. He has since frequently worked directly alongside the peasants on wiki-related business. This is useful, considering the amount of situations that have arrived on the wiki.

DP Wiki Situations

The First DP Wiki Situation
The Second DP Wiki Situation
The Third DP Wiki Situation
The Fourth DP Wiki Situation
The DP Subreddit Situation
The DP Fan Club Situation


Flat soda: Worse than the Holocaust

— The Gerudo Dragon mistaking "flat soda" for "interracial marriage."

Hard as a rock; stoned as pan.

— His poetic description of Paul's Ego.

Pizza Hut in the garage.

— Fancy Badger[2]

Can we just drag this election out long enough for Hillary to be thrown into prison and later executed via the guillotine for the amusement of the proletariat masses?

— Raising some valid points.

You know you're high when the cannabis starts talking to you.

Uzalu's take on the FancyBadger.

Furries are the best argument for Globalism.

— After being indoctrinated by PaulsEgo.


Three Buck Theater

During his younger years.
A YouTube show hosted by MundaneMatt in which he covers stories surrounding movies and other shit. Aids Dank finds the name to be incredibly cringey and even questioned Matt himself about the naming process on Twitter. Aids was cast into the desert for forty weeks by other staff before returning to the DP Wiki a broken man. The other staffers now use the phrase to make fun of him, an everlasting reminder that Aids is lucky he can write a page. The mem was finally mentioned on episode 302 by the sensual TommyFromTheBronx. PaulsEgo later became aware of the mem through the DP Discord Server, where it is also commonplace. It is rumored that during a private show, PaulsEgo and Luis once went on a long tagent about the mem.

Carlton Banks

A very cunning linguist.
Fesh Pince is a set of two legendary videos by YouTuber Dikekike that can't be described with words. The videos have led to many mems on the wiki nearly since it's inception, after being introduced to the staff members by Fancy, the most notable of which is Carlton Banks, which is a totally relevant character to the Drunken Peasants and has even garnered his own official page on the wiki after having been associated with the second situation. Carlton appears at the end of Lance's videos, during which some people claim he sounds like Uzalu.


  • "Got my own page now"
  • He's the Ben of the wiki.
  • It's rumored he's a secret communist.
  • He had Bubba the Black Jesuit deported to Kenya.
  • He skips the Kripp.
  • He has been proven to hate women!
  • He's stated over a million different reasons he began the wiki. It was actually so that TJ could have an unbiased article for fans to learn about him. As opposed to his more satirical and shitty articles on sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica or "Rational" Wiki.
  • His favourite article is Mercedes Carrera.
  • He's a cunning linguist.[3]
  • TJ's "Teens Are Idiots" video was the first one he ever watched. He's been a fan ever since.

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His Theme Song
It Doesn't Make Sense
Animals Like Us by Aaron Engilsh (Political)
Bohemian Situation By Brett Queen Keane - Original Songs Situation
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