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Tommy Sotomayor
The ego and narcissism of Kanye and the morality and charisma of Uncle Ruckus
The ego and narcissism of Kanye and the morality and charisma of Uncle Ruckus
Personal Details
  • Self-hating Negroid
  • Professional race card thrower
  • Professional fake DMCA complainer
  • "Owner" of a beautiful and luxurious garage
  • Proud "owner" of a large, deluxe swimming pool
  • "Professional" news anchor
  • Christianity
  • White Supremacy (Despite Being Black)
  • DCMAology

41-42 (born 1975)

Birth place

United States


Phoenix, AZ

  • Using false DMCAs to silence opposition
  • Dodging Child Support Payments
  • Fucking a dumbass ugly hooker
Social Networking
Youtube channel

He has about fucking 40 different channels but his main is MrMadness Sotomayor


Tommy Mr Controversy Sotomayor

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


I know why Tommy Sotomayor hates black people. There's a really fucking stupid one that hangs out in all his household mirrors.
— TJ over Twitter.[1]
That's a fact.
— In reference to nothing Tommy says.

Thomas Jerome Harris (real name: Glanderson Booper) is a garage-toting racist man/woman who magically becomes an OG straight out of Compton the second his/her bullshit is questioned. He/she generally goes by the name Tommy Sotomayor (or Tommy Sodomizer, as most people affectionately refer to him/her). Tommy likes to calls himself/herself "TJ" even though he'll/she'll never be as awesome as the real TJ. He/she is the daughter of G Man and the boyfriend of Patrick Coleman. In the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ porn industry, he/she is known as the dickless/Veginaless wonder. He/she is sometimes referred to as being "A More Successful Brett Keane", since he/she has a significant YouTube following in spite of his/her constant scamming and duplicitous nature. Tommy is on record as the dumbest black boy/girl to ever have been featured on ԀP. Yes, even G Man is smarter than Tommy Sodomizer.

After falsely DMCAing the Peasants on two different occasions, the Peasants planned to sue Uncle/Aunt Tommy so that justice can be served. As such he/she is viewed as the biggest scumfuck they have ever had to deal with. Unfortunately, after consulting a lawyer, the Peasants realized that there was no winning the case due to Tommy being a man/women, also legal loopholes which benefit the copyright holders, no matter how much in the right they were. Though Tommy may have won this battle, the war is far from over and Glanderson Booper will live on forever!


Tommy has a cryogenic, pressurized, magnetically sealed vault filled entirely with a deck of race cards. It is located beneath his super-duper luxurious mansion in his fifteen-level underground garage. He/She spends most of his/her day-to-day routine jacking/jilling off to his/her expensive, opulent motorized vehicles. Most rich people use their expensive cars as a way to show off their luxurious lifestyle, but Tommy for some reason prefers using his/her cars' storage unit because he's/she's stupid that way. Tommy owns a shirt that says DMCA on it, but despite this, he/she has often misspelled it as DCMA, proving he/she has a healthy knowledge in the field of law, fully understands the concept of the DMCA, and would never issue one falsely.[2]

Fans of Tommy Sodomizer have said he/she has "fucked more white girls than all the peasants combined". Because as we all know, understanding copyright law and reality are less important than Tommy maybe fucking more people. The Drunken Peasants went crazy and started screaming slurs at the sight of his/her massive Caucasian Cunt Crasher. Tommy, later on went and defeated the peasants with his/her race cards.

Devon Tracey has said that Tommy's kids would not misbehave, as he/she would be a father/mother very active in the lives of his/her children. The irony of this is that Tommy actually is the no-show father/mother of several illegitimate children, and has went to jail on failure to pay child support. Nice one, Devon![3] He/She also found out how good the White Boy can take it![4]

By the way, his/her net worth is apparently 1.5 billion dollars, but Celebrity net worth is not a credible source. Anyone can go and input their own information. [5]


— The chant which Tommy hears in his nightmares, from the peasants!
He/She is known for his/her extreme hatred of the black people, especially his/her distaste for black women (and let's not get started on trans women), claiming that they are animalistic gold diggers with identity problems. Which makes it more laughable that he/she is an animalistic gold digger with identity problems.

Only white slaves can pick cotton out of his/her backyard. He/She forces them to only eat fried chicken, watermelon (that he/she has hate fucked), and drink grape drank every day. He/She also whips them and forces them to call him/her their Massa(master). Tommy then jerks off to the irony of what he/she is doing to the poor white folk and makes them lick it up with their "White Boy" tongues.

Tommy isn't a fan of transgender people and is also transgender. Sometimes he/she predictably pulls the whole "I feel, therefore I am anything" argument, talking about how women should have sex with him/her if he/she merely insists that he's/she's handsome as if it's a convincing argument. His/Her knowledge of transgenderism is pretty tenuous to say the least.

On Drunken Peasants

First Sightings

The Sodomizer made his/her debut on the Drunken Peasants in episode 181, talking about a tranny (so delicately put by Tommy) who killed herself/himself. His video basically consisted of talking shit about the person and going out of his/her way to say "him/her" instead of simply referring to him/her as 'she'. The title of his video is "Utah TranSexual Commits Suicide By Jumping In Front Of A Dump Truck After FaceBook Goodbye Post!" and it is featured at 52:29.

Showing his Garage to White-Boys

Tommy didn't take kindly to ԀP's mockage of his/her dipshittery and thus made a butthurt video where he/she pulled a colossal Race Card by accusing TJ of racism. During the video, he/she is extremely condescending and a complete asshole. Tommy, being as not racist as possible, insisted on referring to TJ as a "white-boy" despite TJ obviously being blacker than Tommy. Tommy felt it necessary to show off his/her beautiful, resplendent, and incredibly high-end garage in order to prove his/her garage is better than TJ's garage.

Black People Chose Slavery

Tommy was featured on episode 182 again. He/She said that black slaves alive during the transatlantic slave trade times chose to be slaves, as they decided not to fight back and die, therefore blacks can only blame themselves for slavery. Tommy thinks that death is the more logical choice and that the Jews chose to be round up in concentration camps and killed in the holocaust as well. He/she has also tried to make some broad superficial bullshit analogy with the American revolution. The peasants of course ripped his/her asshole apart. The title of his/her video is "Dear Black People: Stop Blaming Whites For Slavery When You Chose To Be Slaves! Pt 1" and it is featured at 2:12:03.

Trannies are Trash

Tommy returned in episode 190 to dispense more of his/her enlightening and nuisanced opinion of transgender people. He/she made this video in response to some black trans people calling him/her a "coon", comparing his blackness-by-birth to their maleness/femaleness-at-birth. It's funny how he/she takes issue with them using the racial slur, yet has no problem with disparagingly using the words "trannies" and "dickless wonders" (to say nothing of the things he/she has called the female half of the African race as a whole).

Hello-Kitty Band-aid

In episode 207, Tommy appeared again. He/she made a response video regarding TJ and The Peasants's refutation of his/her "black people chose slavery," argument. The video was complete shit, though Tommy was notably using a Hello Kitty band-aid. In his/her video, Tommy mocked people who say “the Jews chose to be in the holocaust” to make a point in response. Tommy acted as if this was a stupid comparison which obviously doesn’t apply to the holocaust. In his/her original video, he/she brought up the holocaust and said it applied to that too. Memory not too good these days, do you have Alzheimer's disease, Tommy?

Tommy's Giant, Inflatable Dick

Tommy appeared yet again on episode 209, where he/she claimed in the video that it was the final response to the Lame Peasants. He/She had a pink inflatable dick up his/her ass and some blow up dolls in his/her room. He/She claimed the lame peasants were hitting his/her point about the black people choosing to be slaves. He/She also claimed how desperate the peasants are at getting Tommy's attention, and yet he/she is the one who's doing response videos to them, followed by a 2-hour orgy with the blow up dolls.

Tommy Gets Reasonable

In episode 210, the peasants played one of Tommy's videos in which he/she claimed that he/she was done with making video responses or any responses at all to niggers. He/She claimed this was due to death threats which originated with the black community being jealous of him/her making a business for himself/herself. The peasants ridiculed him/her for taking these internet threats seriously but by the end of the video, like an M Night Shyamalam-esqe turn of events Tommy did the unthinkable; he/she used his/her brain. He/She claimed that if the people who threatened him/her were serious, they should just kill him/her and not talk about doing it on the internet. This observation was met with great applause by the Peasants who proceeded to virtually suck his/her micro 1 inch cock.

OG Uncle Tommy

Tommy appeared again during episode 213, talking about how he/she lost his/her wallet and that he/she feels safer around white people than with black people, probably because black people are thieves. Tommy's a great example of a thief since h/shee has been found with TJ's stolen wallet.

Uncle Tommy's DMCA

Tommy being the low life piece of shit that he/she is, decided to false DMCA The Drunken Peasants. TJ is fucking furious and now the peasants are going to sue Tommy Sotomayor for the lost revenue unless he/she removes his/her false DMCA. Ironically, he/she filed this on the video "Tommy Sotomayor is Done with DP (again)". This was covered in episode 216.

The peasants discussed Tommy again during episode 217 about how he/she false flagged them.

During the Post Show of ԀP, Tommy finally released why he/she false DMCA'd The Drunken Peasants. The reason why he/she was doing these thing because apparently they "attacked his family" (his daughter). Even without knowing that the scumfuck had a kid, much less an ogre daughter. Accusing ԀP of attacking his/her family, huh? Gee, that doesn't sound familiar.

Erroneous Claims about Muhammad Ali

On episode 247, Tommy made a return in a video where he/she defecated on the legacy of Muhammad Ali, as being "racist" towards white people. This is because of a trashy comment made by Ali against Joe Fraser back in the 1960s, based on his skin color, calling him a gorilla. Tommy inferred that Ali was racist, even though it was trash talk, which was one of Ali's biggest trademarks besides, oh you know, BOXING (also, Ali was a supporter of the Black Panther Party, a group that espoused black empowerment for fuck sakes). What's hilarious about this is that Tommy was arguing that Ali was imperfect and thus shouldn't be celebrated simply because of his problems, which is JUST LIKE THE SJWs HE/SHE CRITICIZES. This was one of, in the series of tommy videos that shows this kind of behavior from Tommy, and is one of the most hilariously hypocritical video that Tommy has ever made.

Uncle Tommy Crashes Car

Unsurprisingly, as of mid-2016 Tommy has joined the legions of shit YouTubers making blog videos in his/her car while driving. One of them (which aired in episode 258) was recorded facing the driver-side window leaving him/her to look away from oncoming traffic, in addition to his/her cat making frequent loud noises. This led to numerous concerns from the commentators that such things would result in him/her crashing his/her car, which he/she did shortly after the end of the recording. A follow-up video was made at the scene of the crash (as seen in episode 260) which included his/her conversation with the driver of the vehicle he/she collided with. The driver is revealed to be a black female, and as such, you can probably guess how well the conversation went.

Uncle Tommy, the Deadbeat Daddy Scammer

During episode 264, the peasants played a video in which Tommy was confronted directly by a sassy black woman/man. The woman/man wanted to know where Tommy's fan-raised donations of 100,000 went to, as Tommy raised money to create his/her own movie three years ago and nothing had come of it. Sotomayor had no direct answer at first and ran around the issue like a little bitch, proving that nobody deserves this cunt's money. Tommy later admitted he/she used all the money to pay his/her child support, meaning he/she probably never even intended to make the movie. Ben points out the irony of his/her movie intended to be about dead-beat dads and the peasants connect Tommy's money-grubbing with the legal defense fund he/she raised against DP.

Uncle Tommy Spills Vinegar and Fucks a Prostitute

DP played the weirdest Not-porno ever in Episode 269. Basically a nothing fluff video of Tommy showing off his/her beautiful pool for the purpose of dick size compensation. Afterwords, Tommy spilled Vinegar all over his/her floor but was so lazy, he/she proceeded to unbox a phone, much to DP's chagrin. Tommy has no regard for the cleanliness of his/her Arizona Mansion he/she rented for the week.

Uncle Tommy's DMCA 2, Glanderson Strikes Back

After two YouTube Chat raids from the from fans of the peasants spamming his/her chat with Glanderson Booper, Tommy falsely DMCA'd episode 302 and episode 298 of the podcast. In a response video, TJ has stated that they will pursue legal action against him/her for both false DMCAs and that the money people donated to Tommy will help pay the peasants. However, after consulting with their lawyer, the Peasants realized that due to legal loopholes that favor the copyright holders they would be in a lose/lose situation should they go ahead with the lawsuit. As such they decided not to go ahead with the suit. Since the loss, a Tommy Sotomayor video has been featured ina bunch of intros and it was announced that a sequel to "Fatherless America" will be out.

Examples of Goodness

His criminal charges.


His/Her fans are some of the stupidest fucks to ever live. They cry racism and use ad hominems to argue against TJ. Most are also very homophobic and racist, yet they think they are not bigots but others are. Where are the Social Justice Warriors to the rescue now?

Here are a few examples of the outstanding, intelligent and eloquent things that they say:

If TJ & Tommy ever got into a fight


Sir, I speak English better than you. I'm more educated than you. These are facts.
— Tommy demonstrating his intense level of schooling
All these black trannies are calling me a coon!
— Tommy calling name-callers names.
See that there? That's a garage sir. See that?
— Tommy is jerking off to his very nice garage
White boy
— Tommy expressing his fervent love for white dick
See that was a garage sir, and this is a kitchen. You saw the lights . You saw everything I'm sitting in front off now.
— Tommy continuing his Jerk off session in his very nice luxurious kitchen.
I can buy a girlfriend, I can buy you
— Tommy is telling that he is eligible enough to keep white slaves.
My garage is bigger than where all tree of you guys live.
— Tommy is having a huge orgasm in his villa of a garage.
I've slept more white chicks than all tree of you combined.
— And that's why Tommy is always right in every argument.
You are just jealous of my garage
— Who wouldn't be jealous of such a deluxe garage, especially if it's filled up with boxes of race cards.
I'm blacker than you. I'm better than you.
— Another reason why Tommy is always right.
I have a very nice garage
— Tommy is holding jerk off session again to his perfect and beauteous garage that superior than any other garage in the world.


  • He finally said Glanderson Booper.[6]
  • He had a very nice garage.
  • Tommy has a giant, pink dildo that he shoves up his ass every night. 
  • He cuts holes into watermelons and fucks them on a daily basis. Because he's black and watermelons-eating is a black stereotype, this assertion was regarded as racist in Tommy's eyes. This is only if you exempt the fact that watermelon-fucking is a common mem among sexually-unfulfilled men, regardless of race.
  • If something bad happens to him, it's because of black women.
  • He has a shrine dedicated to Hello-Kitty. He murders people every night to Hello-Kitty, more than half of them being Cody Weber.
  • He can buy everything except for white privilege and white guilt, but at least he can buy white women.
  • He has a sex/BDSM/rape/furry/banana dungeon filled with white women and white men from Craigslist slave trade. They were on sale due to white guilt and black Friday.
  • He thinks Black Friday is racist cause of the word, "BLACK".
  • He's an overpaid retard with an ego.
  • His favorite pastime is playing YU-GI-OH. His deck is full of race cards.
  • He loves bananas when they're stuck up a white man's ass which allows him to get in touch with his primate side.
  • He doesn't own his "mansion", he is actually house sitting... That's no bullshit, he's a house sitter. Well fake it til you make it. Right, Uncle Tommy?
  • Did we mentioned already how outstanding and luxurious his garage is? 
  • He irritatingly refers to trans people has he/she and him/her. TJ found it annoying to the point that he'd rather hear him use the wrong pronouns out of spite.
  • His father used to read him scary stories before touching him, leading to the creation of more scary stories.
  • After some intense research, it was discovered that he ghost wrote all of the songs that were performed by Johnny Rebel.
  • He scolds ԀP for not doing adequate research about the person they're arguing against. He also claims he has more YouTube subscribers, but if he had conducted the most rudimentary fact-checking he would know TJ has several times more subscribers on The Amazing Atheist than on any of Tommy's channels.
  • He has had over 40 YouTube accounts, rivaling Brett Keane in the amount of deleted YouTube channels.
  • This jack ass gave a fake speech in front of the capital in Washington D.C. .... You can't make that up...
  • His girlfriend - a Russian prostitute named Lana (true story) - got donkey fucked in a guest house he was housesitting in while he was in Los Angeles. This caused Tommy to become depressed and even suicidal.
  • It cannot be emphasized sufficiently how exquisite, beautiful, and prepossessing his garage is.
  • Although Tommy states that he is "in fact" straight, there has been a leaked video on Dornhub where he proceeded to put his dick into The Vigilant Christian's ass. This shows that is main reason for hating white boys is because he contracted herpes from Mario .
  • Tommy lusts for all of the money that Ray William Johnson earns yearly from youtube.
  • Tommy Sodomizer believes he can false DMCA the ԀP gods.
  • His CapsLock got stuck after he came on his keyboard, this is at least the only explanation we could think of.
  • Tommy thinks he, himself is the arbiter of "fair use" laws
  • Tommy actually has a daughter, what woman would ever fuck him?
  • He has Blocked TJ on twitter along with hundreds of ԀP fans.
  • Tommy not only believes that Africans chose slavery, he also believes the Jews chose to be in the holocaust.
  • He went on the Dave Rubin show. After his interview he said that his documentary Fatherless America will be released in Summer 2017.
  • He murdered Frank Sinatra Jr, cause he was white.
  • Tommy Sotomayor has opened up a "gofundme" to pay for the expenses of a lawyer.
  • TJ has called for a temporary Ceasefire until things get cleared up.
  • Tommy tries to believe he has a typing impediment (like CC) on Twitter by typing in all caps
  • Like a certain manatee individual, Tommy likes his own videos and tweets. He is such a narcissist.
  • 347-989-8310 is actually Tommy's number
  • Tommy lives in the same city as Amy's Baking Company. Coincidence...!? Probably.
  • Tommy is the bastard son of Uncle Ruckuss.
  • He, along with Brett Keane and Onision, are the only DP antagonists to have a special episode dedicated to only them.
    • You can buy Tommy's here.

Tommy's House



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  4. If you want to see his/her criminal records just go to: and type in Tommy's real name: Thomas Jerome Harris
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