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"Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!"
"Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!"
Personal Details

None (atheist)

Birth place

The Bronx


It's not the Bronx, so who gives a fuck?


Kicking Brett Keane's ass.

Social Networking
Youtube channel




Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


Forget about it!

— What people like to hear him say at all times.[1]

What do you think of the Three Buck Theater?

— Tommy addresses the peasants on episode 302.[2]
TommyFromTheBronx, known in some circles as Tony Cockerino, is an atheist YouTuber who has been active on the community nearly since it's inception, being known throughout the years for being straight to point and packing a massive dong to boot. He is a friend of Pimpmunk and also occasionally serves as a co-host on The Pimpmunk Show. He also has a good relationship with the Drunken Peasants and has appeared on their show as a guest several times.


Tommy has been on YouTube since 2007. While he is most prominent for making videos in the atheist community, he will talk about various topics and often does response videos to other people as was the norm in the older days of YouTube, some in the past being JezuzFreek777, VenomFangX, Brett Keane, and The Young Turks. It is unknown how he manages around six hundred views, as his videos are of a surprising quality. It's probably mankind's greatest mystery.

He is a recurring guest on the Pimpmunk Show, where he often is only shown by his avatar, as he's often too busy admiring his giant massive, sentient cock.

On Drunken Peasants

This motherfucker's a wigger! This dude's a leader of the KKK, he paints himself black like Soul Man!

— Tommy on Drunken Peasants seen destroying Tommy Sotomayor.[3]

Tommy appeared in episode 183 after about five years of no communication with TJ, during which he announced he was returning to making YouTube videos again now that's in good health. Tommy elaborated that he wanted to keep the old-school spirit of YouTube alive in his channel by making videos about pwning people with an emphasis on discussing community drama. Being that Tommy was already a huge fan of the podcast, the peasants didn't even have to explain any of their segments to him and the show ran smoothly. Later on during the episode, he tore Tommy Sodomizer a new asshole by pointing him out as a dishonest, fraudulent, self-hating wigger.

Tommy ultimately proved to be one of the most well-received guests ԀP has had. The episode had the second highest record of live viewers for some time, likely in part to how thoroughly served Sodomizer was.

Joseph Martelli Saga

His second appearance was on episode 235, where he was later called in to talk to the peasants about the upcoming Ohio meetup and Joseph Martelli's threats of showing up there. All hell broke lose when Joseph joined the call, where Joseph fought with Tommy and the peasants. Tommy made a video on Joseph Martelli after Joseph made threats against DP. This video was reported by Joseph, resulting in the video being taken down and Tommy getting a strike on his channel. Joseph then claimed that the video wasn't removed by YouTube, but that Tommy deleted this video because he's a coward.

Tommy, along with Pimpmunk, was present to meet the peasants and fans of the show at the Columbus meetup. When Joseph showed up, it was said that Tommy was the driving force that caused Joseph to run away like a little sissy bitch.

Episode 302

On episode 302, Tommy joined the peasants with the manatee to watch the sea animal be laughed at while Tommy gives off his best catchphrases. The peasants had Paul tell a story in which Tommy pulled out his long Italian sausage at a DP meetup that ultimately resulted in TJ seeing a picture of Tony Cockerino. He's extended an invitation to Tommy Sodomizer for an arm wrestling match for $5000, with Sodomizer being forced to stop discussing black issues for a year if he lost the match. He would've proposed a boxing match but he figured he'd be called out for bullying. Which, knowing Sodomizer, would not be unlikely.

The peasants told a story of how Keane expressed issue in Tommy having once challenged him to the fight because he feared Tommy had health issues in perhaps one of the most ironic Keane quotes of all time. Tommy was also present to discuss FakeSagan's descent into becoming a fundamentalist Christian that is manipulated by the likes of Keane himself, as well as the second raid of Tommy Sodomizer's chat on the show which ultimately resulted in Sodomizer issuing them a false DMCA live on the podcast in a butthurt attempt to bring down the show and cripple their finances.[4]

On Amazing Atheist

Tommy appeared in a guest video on TJ's channel where he talked for 5 minutes about how he was gonna beat Brett's fat ass. Despite the two being on alright terms in the past, this video will probably end their acquaintanceship.


He's a big fucking pussy, that's what he is.

— His opinion of Tommy Sodomizer.[5]

I think my page need some sprucing up!

— Tommy talking about this very page!

Laugh it up, pricks!

— Tommy being humble.


  • Tommy is a fan of the show and once said he watches it every week.[6]
  • He has history with many people who were around YouTube back in the day, including Brett Keane & FakeSagan.
  • He has two t-shirts on sale, Tommy Cleans up the Bronx and Tommy Apocalypse.
  • During episode 231, the peasants mentioned that Tommy used BananaGate 2011 to get laid with his girlfriend.[7]
  • Tommy was supposed to make a second guest appearance on episode 200, but he didn't answer the peasants' call, as they called the wrong Skype.
  • He has a pale white billy club for a penis.
  • Paul has compared his balls to avocados.
  • As his name would imply, he is from the Bronx though currently he lives in Connecticut.[8]
  • Tommy has a living, sentient penis named Tony Cockarino. Although his face has been seen by many, he has never appeared on camera.
  • He is probably the coolest person the show has ever had on.
  • He appears in Brett Keane's hangouts every now and then.
  • Like Joseph Martelli, Tommy is a sandwich aficionado. His favorite is a Black Camel Toe with Cheese on Rye.
  •  Although he's a cool dude, his production quality is fucking cancer according to LanceCplThomas.




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