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Tim Black
Tim accepts none of your bullshit.
Tim accepts none of your bullshit.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Angry black man



Middle-aged man

Birth place



Washington, D.C.; United States


Doing free speech Fridays

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Tim Black


Tim Black ™


Tim Black


Tim Black

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


I use heart, passion, facts and courage to make this world better.
— Tim Black
What the fuck you talkin' 'bout, atheist?
— Tim's infamous catchphrase.

Tim Black, formerly known as Tim the Bartender, is the creator of the YouTube channel, The Tim Black Show. He was initially an antagonist of the Drunken Peasants, though later became an ally of the show with a couple well-received guest appearances. Tensions eventually rose again between Tim and the peasants regarding the Chapel Hill Shooting, though eventually they resolved their differences and returned to being on good terms. As of 2017. Tim hasn't appeared on the podcast in over a year though was mentioned most recently on episode 311. To any new viewers, Tim is likely only known as that one angry black man from the intro.


Tim talks about many racial and political issues, which make up the central topics of discussion for his channel. Tim identifies as a progressive and is notable for being a major supporter of Bernie Sanders in his run the Democratic nomination during the 2016 election. Following the end of Sanders' campaign, he has extended his support for Jill Stein and has even done interviews with her. He also has a longstanding history with the Drunken Peasants, even giving them an encrypted shout-out when he appeared on Dr. Phil.

Although his contact with the peasants stemmed from hostility, he has worked with them and been a well-received guest on their show a few times. He once came into conflict over the Chapel Hill Shooting, before eventually smoothing things out and returning to good terms. As mentioned, Tim Black was once on Dr. Phil, in which he participated in a discussion with Phil and Shanesha Taylor, who Tim made a video initially in support of her, then later called her out for leeching off money. Tim was easily the best speaker on that Dr. Phil episode and probably in the show's history.

Tim Black Saga

Main article: Tim Black Saga

Tim has had a long history with the show, initially his videos were featured where he was depicted as an antagonist, though the eventually discovered they had a lot in common following Tim's guest appearance on episode 37 and later again on episode 49. Eventually Tim came into conflict with the peasants again after he accused TJ and several other atheist YouTubers of being partially responsible for the Chapel Hill Shooting, which was discussed at length during episode 85 and episode 86. For a while there was no communication with the two parties as they left the issue without a final response from Tim. Eventually, the relations were mended in part due to the efforts of Drunken Fancy, who was able to secure Tim a guest appearance on episode 151 where he was able to form good relations with the peasants again. Although he hasn't appeared in some time, the peasants have still expressed interested in having him on again in the future.

Quotes by Him

I know what kinda man you are... in those tight ass corduroys.
— One of Tim's first quotes on the show.
I'm gonna give him the business!
— Tim during his first response to TJ.
She's got like... men's penises in her refrigerator.
— Tim's first impression of Gail Chord Schuler.[1]
That is the leader of your movement! A man who would... sodomize himself!
— Tim's take on BananaGate 2011.
One of the problems I have with The Amazing Atheist is he acts as if he never lost anyone in his life.
— Tim dun goofing.
I risked a lot. I AM TIM BLACK OF ԀP!
— Tim's battle cry.[2]

Quotes on Him

Well you know, he's black. It's harder to do green screen with black people.
— TJ's explanation for Tim's horrible green screen effects.
...And his name is Black. That's double the black.
— One of TJ's first comments on Tim.
Let's take this to the next level... we don't have to be coy! We don't have to be reserved.
— TJ coming onto Tim.


Tim seen on The Dr. Phil Show.
  • "Rocking Back and Forth like a Caged Elephant" is a term first coined by Tim to describe TJ's frequent back and forth movement during times of boredom and often during the podcast.
  • Tim often threatens to take away someone's black card. It has become a mem on his channel since his appearance on ԀP.
  • His main channel was formerly named "Tim's Take Live".
  • During the cold war between ԀP and Tim, he had considered reinstating ԀP's black cards after seeing this wiki page. [3][4]
  • Tim resides in Washington, D.C., some shitty square in the middle of two states.
  • Tim appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, where he rekt some bitch (Shanesha Taylor) for abusing money intended for her children. Tim referenced ԀP on Dr. Phil when he uttered on live television "Whatcha talkin' about, Shanesha?".
  • Tim always uses "Amazing Atheist" in the titles of his response videos, likely because it would attract more attention than just saying Drunken Peasants. The peasants have said they don't care, as everyone is looking to make a name for themselves on YouTube.
  • Although some people may doubt it, he is as his last name says. He is, in fact, black.
  • He stares at men with tight pants at the mall, and so envisions TJ in tight ass corduroys.[5]
  • Tim's appearance on The Dr. Phil Show is also is a good example that it isn't just TJ who wants to suck his dick, Dr. Phil does too.
  • Tim was raised as a Jehovah's Witness.[6]
  • He believes Devon Tracey is racist.
  • Devon stole one of Tim's videos without his permission and as shown above, calls him a "chocolate sack of shit".



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