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TJ seen with a picture of his late father during The Drunken TJ Podcast.
TJ seen with a picture of his late father during The Drunken TJ Podcast.
Personal Details

Con Man


62 (died January 3, 2008)

Birth date

July 1, 1946


Thomas James Kirk I




Dead like Brett Keane's YouTube career

He didn't give a shit about people seeing things his way. It was enough for him that he saw things his way.
— TJ talking about his father.
Thomas James Kirk II (July 1, 1946 - January 3, 2008) was the father of TJ and Scotty. He passed away in January of 2008 because of failure of the heart due to clogged arteries and TJ made a video addressing the issue on The Amazing Atheist. TJ said that he had to pull the plug on him after his father ordered it.

Amazing Documentary

A picture of TJ's father, kept at his home in Washington.

TJ and Scotty discuss their relationship with their father in the Amazing documentary about TJ's life. He is noted as being very similar to Scotty in many ways. TJ has said that the outbursts of anger he has during his videos are sort of parody of his father. He also kicked Scotty out of the house on fairly consistent basis, although he always apologized a few hours or so later.

On Amazing Atheist

TJ has brought up his father several times across his videos. During one of TJ's Q&A's, he discussed tales of his father's time in federal prison. He talked about how his father taught GED classes while there, and described an incident in which a lack of honeybuns nearly led to a prison riot.[1]

On Drunken Peasants

He has been mentioned by TJ and Scotty in passing. Galen once commented that there are a number of parallels between him and TJ's father, although never meeting in real life. During episode 166, Brett Keane mentioned TJ's dad was in federal prison for 5 years after setting up a diploma mill. Brett goes on to try and hold father's actions against TJ, who was twelve around the time. If there was any question Keane was the lowest grade of shit imaginable, it's solidified when he showed his true colors by going after TJ's long-dead father.


  • When he was in a business with his sons, he always wanted to have frequent meetings, essentially repeating the same as the meeting prior.[2]
  • He was a huge fan of movies and would often take TJ and the rest of his family to watch them.[3]
  • He once had TJ take a picture of him for a dating website, TJ has kept the picture by his computer to this day.
  • Unfortunately even if he had recovered from his incident, he would have suffered severe brain damage.
  • TJ said that his father had the poem, "Invictus" memorized by heart and that it was something he lived by.
  • He passed away in Lancaster, California.
  • He loved to play mind games with other people, and he loved to sell things.
  • He was born James Kirk, but had to change his name to Thomas because people assumed he was a Star Trek character.[4]

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