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Your average theist
Your average theist

Either some psychotic idiot or a con-artist




Belief in the existence of a god or multiple gods, specifically of a god who intervenes in the universe.

Number of Adherents

Around 3.7 billion



I don't have facts to back this up.
The average theist.

Theism, informally known as Retardation, is the belief in a God or multiple gods. Monotheism is the belief in one god, while polytheism is the belief in multiple gods. Believers in theism are called children theists.


There are many types of theists including Muslims, Christians, Jews, Satanists, etc. It is the opposite of atheism, which is the lack of belief in God or gods. Some people like Bread Queen seem to label themselves theists (or as he coins it, 'god-believer') and nothing else.

In some parts of the world, it is strongly tied with politics. Even in the civilized, western world, theism is sometimes tied with politics.

On Drunken Peasants

Despite not being entirely based on theological debate, religion is often a topic brought up on Drunken Peasants. TJ's long history of making videos as The Amazing Atheist has him on the wrong side of many theists, some of which are now considered antagonists of the show. Notable examples of theists featured on the show include The Vigilant Christian and Brett Keane.

The debates hosted on Drunken Peasants are usually based around the concept of religion, with the peasants holding two religious debates with Keane's posse during early days of the podcast. Later on, the peasants would feature a debate between neurosurgeon Jean-François "J.F." Gariépy and theist Brian Young during Episode 95.

Type of Theism


In monotheism, the general retarded-levels of religious followers are further intensified by the one god concept being a funnel for retardation.

The first monotheist religion was Zoroastrianism. God is called Ahura Mazda while the devil is called Ahriman. Later, the dirty jews got ahold of this religion and modified it to fit their culture. They removed Ahriman and renamed Ahura Mazda to Yahweh. Without an antagonist for God, God became bi-polar, doing a good thing at one time and doing an evil thing the next. Then the Christians came along and stole their shit from the Jews, but added another testament in which Jesus comes around and heals a bunch of people before getting executed and flying to Heaven. Also, God takes therapy and stops murdering people all the time.


In Polytheism, the retardation is of equal value of monotheistic religions, but the retardation is spread across the concept of many gods, it therefore will initially come off as more ridiculous than monotheism, but more interesting.


  • The majority of terrorist attacks are committed by mudslimes.
  • All religions are bullshit, though some are more bullshit than others.
  • A government ruled by a religious body is a theocracy, aka Brett Keane's ideal world.
  • There's a HUGE difference between being a theist and a god-believer, we just can't tell you.