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Mario is a wolf in sheep's clothing! He secretly the member of the Satanic Illuminati! The Vigilant Christian is only a guise that Mario uses to brainwash the masses and prepare the world for the coming of the Anti-Christ.
The Viglant Christian Mario
"The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Disney! Go back to the shadow! YOU! SHALL NOT! BROADCAST!"
"The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Disney! Go back to the shadow! YOU! SHALL NOT! BROADCAST!"
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Plumber
  • Shill
  • Conspiracism
  • Conservatism

The Godly Bros


31 (666 in reptilian years)

Birth date

December 1985

Birth place

From Kent Hovind's Cock


The Second Circle of Hell (The Mushroom Kingdom)

  • Exposing Satanic Imagery Everywhere He Goes
  • Cycling between threatening to kill people he doesn't like and crying like a five year old, like a lame Canadian Jekyll and Hyde.
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The Vigilant Christian


Mario Brisson


Mario Brisson

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Gay porn-worthy

Hey guys, I use to be a drug addict, but then I discovered the world is controlled by an evil shadow government and I found Jesus and now I'm totally good! Hahahahaha!! I have powers now!
— Teh Viglant Christian, Episode 149

For a list of items deemed Satanic by this imbecile, click here.

Mario Emery-Paul Brisson is a French-Canadian Illuminati double-agent posing as a conspiracy theorist. Mario is from Cornwall, Ontario, and is known on YouTube as the infamous Vigilant Christian, whose videos are frequently critiqued and mocked by the Drunken Peasants. After having a one-sided saga for a long while, Mario eventually appeared as a guest on the show twice, where he displayed what was just his own worldview for all the fans to learn.

Mario is the only Christian YouTuber to be regularly featured on the show that has a substantial amount of subscribers (currently with over 280,000 subscribers). He can easily be described as a younger, sexier, bitchier, pussified version of Mark Dice with a stupid haircut to boot. The subjects of his videos are usually analyses of popular culture through an evangelical Christian perspective. Mario routinely labels media and non-Christian practices as "satanic" based on a very finicky criteria that speaks volumes about the state of his mental health. He considers many geopolitical conspiracy theories such as the Illuminati and the New World Order to be reality and satanic marauding. Before you say that he's in desperate need of a girlfriend, he miraculously did, twice, which is proof that anyone can get a girlfriend. Though he's lost two so far from being a bipolar and emotionally abusive psycho.


The only form of entertainment Mario claims to have - or demands everyone have - is working out, nature walks and definitely not smoking pan or sniffing coke. No television, no non-christian music, no movies not made by the Christiano Brothers or Kirk Cameron (before he sold out and became satanic), no video games, and especially no internet... You know, besides the hundreds of hours he spends making videos on his computer, watching TV, movies and stealing ideas and his very title from The Vigilant Citizen (whom he says is satanic too). If it isn't already apparent, Mario considers many things satanic, including yoga, Family Guy, The Simpsons, tongues, love, fun and Barack Obama. Though for some reason, he does not think that the Muslim Dave Chapelle is Satanic. Mario knows a suspicious amount of the workings of the Illuminati. What a coincidence!
Don't you dare entertain the idea that *people saying he's an Illuminati plant* is a Christian! I don't want to hear that in my comment section. I'm sick of hearing 'Oh Mario, you gotta treat him like a brother.' This is a wolf! You treat a wolf like a wolf! You don't let the- 'Hey little wolf, let me pet you, little wolf~ It's OK, stay around God's sheep, lemme just cuddle you~' YOU KILL IT! YOU TAKE IT AND YOU TAKE A KNIFE AND YOU CUT ITS HEAD OFF AND THEN YOU SAY 'THAT'S IT'! Okay? If you're- if you're gonna shepherd and you're gonna protect the sheep of God here on YouTube (Freudian slip?) and you're gonna try and- and help out The Body of Christ, YOU NEED TO KILL THE WOLF!!!
— Mario threatening to kill youtubers that say he's illuminati and still does drugs. Our mistake then, clearly you sound nothing like a defensive psychotic drug addict.


If you're looking at this and you really don't get it, there's absolutely something wrong, OK. And it's not me and it's not the- the material that I'm presenting to you, which is true fact! It's your- your manipulated conditioned mind that can't process reality anymore!
— Mario projecting so hard, that he can create his shitty slideshows by pointing his ass at a blank wall and spreading his cheeks.

Mario used to be an atheist where he spent a lot of time pumping iron to attract tons of loose bitches before pounding them in the private parts, which he thinks is satanic now.

Inspired by His Idol, Mario has been previously involved with the New Age movement after some soul-searching, which he thinks is satanic now. He then became a Christian and truther through the sane and studious findings of Alex Jones, which he thinks is satanic now. He has also recently decided to go vegan after watching Vegan Gains, which he thinks is satanic now. See a pattern yet? He also admitted to being a major drug addict until a few years ago when it came to speed and pan, often staying up nearly a week without sleep; so of course he's totally mentally sound.[1] He also seems to think he's an angel.[2] But we'll never truly medically know, because he now relies exclusively on faith based healing and obviously no psychological therapy, just that ol' time religion and that never turns out badly for anyone. He has displayed personality traits often associated with mental illness, possibly OCD, anxiety disorders, narcissistic personality disorder, or paranoid schizophrenia.

He has recently come out as suffering from severe bipolar disorder, which makes way too much sense considering his Brett Keane-like cycle of behavior between the traditional bipolar phases of "mania" and "depression". Once in his mania phase, he'll be all stuck up, pissed off, and indignant about his videos and world views while talking shit to anyone that criticizes them to the point of even making character assassination videos against much more popular and sane people like TJ, Vegan Gains, Mr. Repzion, Onision and even GradeAUnderA. As well as sometimes getting so mad, that he threatens people to stop making videos on him or he'll false DMCA them, sue them or even threaten to kill them. All while angrily demanding that people rebuke and unsubscribe from them; like he has that kind of influence, further proving his messiah complex. Then sooner or later, the depression phase of his bipolar disorder kicks in and he'll start crying on camera, groveling on his knees and kissing everybody's boots for forgiveness. Saying he doesn't want to be antagonistic any more. Before repeating the previous mania phase again, breaking all his promises like the goodie good Christian he totally is. It's gotten to the point that he has lost about two girlfriends over being a belligerent, depressing, emotionally-abusive nut job that doesn't want to take any form of medication or criticism. Instead wanting to just cry/rant and pray his insanity away, while still rolling fat ones and sniffing lines off-camera while bragging about his sobriety on-camera.

The Vigilant Christian's claim to fame is for making videos alleging to have exposed (a word that is always capitalized because his content just can't have enough stupid attention-whoring in them) the Satanic Illuminati agenda behind numerous mundane shit, particularly the entertainment industry. Examples of his poor grasp on reality include John Lennon's "Imagine" being a message promoting the New World Order, Transhumanism is an ideology to make man and machine into God, The PowerPuff Girls is Illuminati, Call of Duty is Illuminati, PewDiePie appearing on South Park is Illuminati (which in no way is just Mario being butthurt over the shrieking clown's bigger channel), Kim Kardashian's house is Illuminati, and The Lego movie is Illuminati (the fact that these words formed these sentences without it being a joke is extremely heartbreaking).

Mario's videos are usually started by an epic introduction sequence with pretty nifty effects - courtesy of some cheap-ass video editing software templates - which just makes things sadder considering such good aesthetics features are utterly wasted on a channel that is predicated with the intention to make its audience never look at a triangle the same again.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, which in this case is him stating the exact same fallacies and out of context bible quotes over and over again in almost daily clickbait videos on six fucking channels trying to wake people up to the truth of the evil spooky shadow government that rules the world. Yet nobody but fellow crazy dumbasses like Katt Williams ever claim to come out with definite proof; that proof being their own God's word, of course.

Another few annoying aspects are his clickbait video titles with plenty of all caps words and exclamation points, while his thumbnails are crappy Photoshopped images on par with Jenny Mcdermott as well as blatant misuse of the Grumpy Cat mem for some odd reason, and sometimes other mems. You would think he would find mems satanic because they were invented by an atheist. Another incredibly lazy thing he does is play other people's videos in his own videos; as in does a little intro, presses play on his capture and never pauses and never chimes in with his own words.

It's been confirmed by Health professionals, and elderly Christian counsel that he is dangerous to himself & others by not receiving assistance at an inpatient treatment centre. He's refused to go out of pride... He also has admitted (on more than one occasion) in private that he wouldn't even be a Christian anymore if he wasn't making so much money off his YouTube Channel from Ad revenue.
— Daja Greham exposing Mario
The coup de grace of all this comes in the form of a very juicy Facebook post from his recent ex-girlfriend on how much of a scumbag he really is. Highlights include: being a compulsive liar, being an emotional abuser to her and other exes, admitting he would be an atheist in a heartbeat if the YouTube ad money wasn't so good, medical and psychological professionals saying he's a danger to himself and others for not seeking medical and psychological help out of pride, further vouching for still present drug addictions and much more. His response was to cry like a little eight year old bitch on YouTube again, begging for people to pray for him, like it ever makes any difference.

As of now, he's extremely paranoid about the Illuminati Canadian Government coming to take him away (Ha-ha! Hee-hee!) for the crime of hatespeech, just because his government is now run by the biggest cuck in the nation. He's so paranoid that he has demanded in emails and DMs that TJ help defend him if when the feminazi mounties come to take him to the funny farm for thought crimes of intolerance. Though after going through his usual bipolar crybably paranoia low phase, he went right back into his smug, literally holier than though narcissistic high phase by once again shitting on the most popular thing this week for attention. Hilariously, this time it's Pokémon GO with all the research of that same early 90s preacher everyone makes fun of. Saying that no godly mad should ever waste time playing video games, watching TV or surfing the web and instead be the sole provider of a completely heterosexual family with a nice godly submissive wife... All while he is still a once-again single bipolar wreck that spends all day searching IMDb, YouTube or news articles on which thing to whine about for the daily buck. All with the added bonus of showing he's superior to all the "feminine nerd sinner man-babies" out there by declaring he never touched a single joystick in his adult life while showing himself in cartoons as a muscular Adonis compared to all the neckbearded butterball gamer sheeple. No, he is not insecure about his own self image. Why do you ask?

The Vigilant Christian Saga

Main article: The Vigilant Christian Saga

Ben enjoys sadistically subjecting TJ to Vigilant Christian videos, noting TVC's tendency to make wild conclusions based on logical fallacies and leaps as well as stating his opinions as facts, because it's "God's opinions. The hosts criticized Mario for being a fool and Mario attempted to discredit DP by citing DP's lack of experience in the entertainment industry and TJ's lack of pussy in high school. He also called TJ by his former Internet alias ("Terroja"), demonstrating how thorough his research really is. After having his videos featured dozens of times on the show and saying he would come on before conveniently cancelling multiple times, Mario finally made his honorary guest appearance on the Drunken Peasants in Episode 148 to prove he's not a total pussy and to convince everyone his ideas are as solid as the ground below him (or not depending on whatever new bullshit he pulls out in future videos).


The Vigilant Satanist is Mario's true form. The Vigilant Christian is a guise that TVS uses to gain credibility in evangelical Christian spheres, while secretly being a loyal member of the Illuminati. He is one of Satan's personal cock-lickers (the other being TJ, of course). The Vigilant Christian has attempted to expose several practices such as yoga for what they truly are, although in reality he is a true master of the dark rituals involved. Yoga is infact a Satanic practice performed by Satanists to worship Satan. Practitioners of this dark art often wear an extra layer of skin and stretch in sexy poses... for their health. Ironically, Mario has a tattoo on his wrist that says yoga, proving he is a closet satanist and a member of the Illuminati. So remember, kids. Every time you stretch a muscle on a foam mat, you're stretching for Satan's viewing pleasure.

Drunken Peasants reviewed a video that accused Mario of Illuminati membership on the grounds that he fisted Warcorpse666. TJ theorized that The Vigilant "Christian" is actually The Vigilant Satanist. TJ sicked the fans on Mario, directing them to the hashtag associated with TVS. Being a secret Satanist Illuminati member is the only explanation of why Mario knows so much about the Illuminati. They later reviewed a video by Creationist Cat that provided even more compelling evidence about The Vigilant Satanist's existence. Further evidence that proves that Mario is a Satanist:

  • Illuminati leader Scotty has corroborated TJ's claims.
  • The Vigilant "Christian" just uses his "cause" as a ruse to cram Illuminati symbolism into his videos.
  • In the Drunken Peasants Private Show #2, they reviewed a video where TVC said "Fellow Satanists, ...". Literally.
  • If we analyze the words "Vigilant Christian" with the ancient technique of Isopsephy it is abundantly clear that Mario is indeed a Satanist and a loyal servant of the Illuminati:

V - 2
I - 10
G - 3
I - 10
L - 30
A - 1
N - 50
T - 300

CH - 600
R - 100
I - 10
S - 200
T - 300
I - 10
A - 1
N - 50

After we translated the words into numbers with the help of Isopsephy we have to add them together:
2+10+3+10+30+1+50+300+600+100+10+200+300+10+1+50 = 1677

Now we have to divide 1677 with the spiritual number of 3, which is a very symbolic number in the Satanic Illuminati circles:
1677 ÷ 3 = 559

The result is 559, which consist of 3 characters. The number 3 as we said before holds heavy symbolism in the Satanic Illuminati NWO:
666 (or 616), the number of the beast which represents the Antichrist and Satan, is also consist of 3 characters.
The Δ triangle Δ also have 3 sides:

The triangle symbolizes the all-seeing eye which represents the Eye of Lucifer. It also symbolizes the pyramid. The Eye can see all and oversees its minions which are represented by the individual bricks of the pyramid. The pyramid represents the top-down command structure of the Illuminati. And the 13 steps of the pyramid represent the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines which collectively rule over the planet.
MARIO (1).png


"No! I am not insecure! I am the most manliest godliest man on this earth! ...please somebody date me again."
The Vigilant Christian is homophobic, but he defensively and petulantly claims that he is not.

He made a video regarding this accusation- which he rather obsessively put at the beginning of almost every video involving him saying pro-LGBT anything is satanic - where he pulled the "But I have a gay uncle that I bug the shit out of every Christmas- I mean disagree with but toootally don't hate and want to go to hell!" along with a No True Scotsman fallacy towards Christians who are openly mean to homosexuals instead of his passive aggressive bullshit, shilling his retarded new word "Christianphobia" that doesn't even make any sense in terms of Latin phrasing, claiming Christians are being prosecuted for their beliefs (The belief that homosexuals should be tortured forever. Before he made his dumb, rebuttal video, he made a video conflating homosexuals with pedophiles and pro-LGBT movements with NAMBLA; as seen in Episode 34.

Additionally, his comment about born again Christians being shunned by their families sounds so damn projected, that you can hear the loud whirring of a 1950's movie projector going off in his brain as he says it.), gawking about "ex-gays", a very ignorant allusion about another gay uncle dying of AIDS hinting that he still believes that old disgusting stereotype, and a fucked up notion that people born gay only do so because the world itself is sinful, ergo they need to be saved, for their own good.

It's a command by God and when God says kill the wicked that is an AWESOME thing! Wicked people DESERVE DEATH! God is coming for all you wicked sinners to cast you in a lake of fire! My God is not to be messed with! There is nothing more scary than His just and righteous wrath against evil and the wicked! David cut the head off of Goliath and showed it off to the armies because you don't mess with the almighty! Yes God can kill wickedness! But we are not holy and perfect like Him! His wrath and His destruction of evil is GOOD!
— Mario talking about how gays are wicked people who deserve die and burn in Hell forever proving again how not homophobic he is. [3][4][5][6]

Let's not forget that this is a person who believes the advancement of LGBT rights is a sign of the End Times. As well as condemn other not-true-truthers for being formerly gay by saying that no matter what they do, they are still "disgusting reprobates" for being faggots at all. Much like another psycho homophobic that is so deep in the closet, that's he's finding Christmas presents.

So excuse us if nobody outside his rabid fanbase and white knights that use to come to the wiki to vandalize this article buys this. In the immortal words of Shakespeare: "The plumber doth protest too much, methinks.". As of now, he is one of the dumbasses that sees the homophobic bitch Kim Davis as a martyr for Christ and praised her release from committing a crime of not letting gay people getting married and in the same video, encouraged people to continue to oppose gay marriage, even if it means getting arrested - essentially advocating crime, civil disobedience and anarchy against homosexuals. Clearly proving he's not a homophobe and if you still think so, he'll keep bringing up the exact same rebuttal: "Nuh-uh, you're a Christianphobe!". Like it's some silver bullet to the discussion.

The Godly Bros

The Godly Bros is Mario's posse of gay lovers, workout bros and pan-smoking party gods. Mario is the leader of the Godly Bros. After the success of his Illuminati exposed series, Mario decided to create The Godly Bros, a group filled with dick-hungry homos. They have a podcast in which they preform oral and anal sex. Andre is the Judas of The Godly Bros. He stole Mario's GoPro, and came in from behind, tricking Mario into giving up his money. Andre entered a life of heroin, alcohol and pan. On the New and Improved Drunken Peasants Podcast, Ben played a video of Mario accusing Andre of various things.


Pray for discernment! You don't need "evidence" when you actually use your spiritual gifts!!
— No seriously, he thinks he has powers that let God tell him what is satanic. Totally not because the things he talks about are popular.
We don't understand the wind but no ones Denies it exist
— Mario thinks we don't know how the wind works[7][8][9]
Hey everyone, it's The Vigilant Christian Mario, and I'm here with another edition of Illuminati: Media Exposed...
— Every rational person immediately searches for the nearest lethal weapon in order to terminate their own existence
Scumbag christian.jpg
Men are called to be providers... In God's divine order, it clearly states that the man is the head of the household and he's the one with the final say... God has called women to be nurturers, to be mothers, to be compassionate, to be caring and delicate and subservient.
— Translation: "Bitch, God says get back in the kitchen and make me some mac n cheese kraft dinner!"
They're going to group me up with the insane people.
— Mario lacking self awareness
Just because someone makes a hand sign doesn't mean they're Illuminati.
— Mario and his complete lack of self awareness again
Because you've adopted a paranoid, tin foil-wearing mindset, no-one is going to listen to my videos.
— It seems that even if Mario were starring right into a mirror he still wouldn't able to gain any shred self awareness
Him in five years.
This is causing the trolls to have all sorts of ammunition on us.
It started off with the big Moon, which is very symbolic in occult rituals.
I'll let [the semen] roll off my back.
It is very important we preserve freedom of speech here on YouTube.[10]
The fact that I'm a White Person doesn't mean I'm blind to what White People have done.
We need to have a little bit of paranoid if the government is coming to kill us, which they are. OK? So, I don't have paranoia; that's the wrong word here.[11]
Be vigilant. Not paranoid.
Justin Bieber, One Direction, NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and boy bands are destroying little girls.
[Humans or animals eating meat] is not part of God's plan.
Here comes the Nazi liberal christianaphobes, these haters, that want to shove their religion down our throat!
— There is a small probability that he is planning to blow something up.
— What he says whenever someone calls him out on his bullshit.
They are literally making the antichrist into a sausage!
— Mario off his medication


  • tl;dr, but just in case it gets removed from Facebook
    Surprisingly, he is older than Scotty.
  • No seriously, he does believe he has supernatural powers for turning himself over to Christ. So we can add messiah complex to his ever growing list of speculated mental problems
  • He took an annoyingly long time to come on the show, possibly because he was too much of a coward and too busy licking the toes of Kent Hovind.
  • Paradoxically, he doesn't believe people go to Hell for all eternity. More so like a really hot hockey penalty box.
  • He was offered a guest spot on the podcast for a really long time before finally coming on. He evaded the offer after deciding that the Peasants, podcasts, guests, and he himself were Satanic.
  • If you were thinking of banging Mario, you may wanna reconsider, as he has herpes. He contracted this from having sex with all those Canadian men.
  • The Peasants have also ridiculed him after he contracted genital herpes.
  • The Peasants officially do not recognize the reality that they are jealous of how many girls TVC got in high school as compared to the virgin TJ. Although all of these girls were traps, since Mario is a closeted homosexual (or possibly a pansexual)
  • In 2014, Mario's computer goter got hacked by the Illuminati. He apparently pissed off the Illuminati enough to warrant a counter attack.
  • In 2014, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, which he used his youtube money to buy
  • Mario has a tattoo that reads "YOGA" on the underside of his right wrist, before he got "saved".
  • He is so brain damaged from his past drug addiction, that he thinks Donald Duck is Daffy Duck, Dragon Ball Z is Fire Ball Z and that a record store is called a "rock star company". Even though he said he was an avid watcher of things like Ren and Stimpy back when he was a manwhore. He also cannot spell of use proper grammar to save his life, even to the point of having typos in his titlecards, let alone the COMMENTS he Makes with RANDOM capitalization!!
  • Some deleted videos of his have him spouting crap that would make Roosh V proud: like that woman should not wear pants, get jobs or leave the kitchen and be the passengers of the family while the man is the driver.[12]
  • He literally said Caitlyn Jenner is garbage, but he's nothing against LGBT people.
  • Mario has affirmed that just because someone is making a pyramid or an OK sign with their hand, doesn't necessarily mean they're part of the Satanic Illuminati. It only does when it's convenient to his contention.
  • He also has a form of White Guilt, shown in some of his videos.[13]
  • Mario and Mr. Repzion have made several videos responding to each other, but Repzion eventually stopped when he realized the magnitude of Mario's lunacy.
  • She's a beautiful women. Wait that's a dude? My God.
  • The Vigilant Christian claimed to have slept with too many women to count (Not making that up). That's probably because counting, along with interpreting reality in general, is not his strong suit.
  • He is a self-proclaimed man whore. He now wishes he was a virgin.
  • Really obsessed with "little girls" and loves to "expose" "satanic" teen idols like Justin Bieber, One Direction etc (who appeal to young girls), says that teenage girls should not idolize them as they are "satanic" and in the "Illuminati" (possibly out of jealousy that 13-year-old girls would rather obsess over JB and 1D than him).
  • He is an insult to the name "Mario". Hell, he's an insult to the words "Vigilant", "Christian" and even "The".
  • Has an obsession with Justin Bieber, even did a video on Justin Bieber's ass pic.[14]
  • Lives in his mom's basement and "exposes" anything that gets more attention than The Bible.
  • He made a video where he was crying about his anxiety and paranoia, but never got any help, however, instead of help, he asked his sheep, I mean "fans" to "pray for him". Also proving that he's one of those faith-based healers.
  • He recently made a video not only declaring that he is going vegan, but also that he's about to expose Vegan Gains and other No True Scotsman- I mean "Westburo Vegans" on one of his many channels. Since he's still Mario, he also believes a crazy theory that no human or even animal ate meat until Adam and Eve sinned.[15]
  • The Vigilant Christian Mario has recently got a bit of competition in the form of The Watchful Theist Luigi.
  • He believes only 90% of people that are alive and dead ever get into heaven - not unlike South Park, ironically - and of course he makes the cut. He also believes in said heaven for purely materialistic reasons. Citing out of context scripture, saying we all get a mansion, riches and a crown - well he does anyway, the other 90% roast in hell.
  • He's the sexiest dude out of all of ԀP's enemies, second to Jenny McDermott.
  • It's been theorized that Armoured Skeptic is his sexy, satanic, evil twin from a parallel Canada brought through the Stargate by the Illuminati to compete with Zack Knight for the position of the Antichrist. He is a knight too after all. Coincidence? I think not!
  • The Vigilant Christian once switched on the television before jumping behind a nearby couch when he accidentally flicked to a rerun of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, not wanting to be affected by the Satanic mind rays emanating from the robotic cat sitting next to Melissa Joan Hart. Dodged a bullet there, Mario.
  • He's what you get if Hunter S. Thompson was way less talented, sobered up and found Jebus.
  • Being a pompous dickhead, he bragged that he saved people from suicide with his videos due to receiving private messages from YouTube users telling him so. Then turned around, scoffed and laughed smugly and dubiously at the mere idea that The Drunken Peasants ever had the same kind of messages saying they cheer people up and make anybody's lives worth while. This weasel is literally holier than thou.
  • In a video he since removed to save face, he had a rather paranoid comment about how he receives death threats from the Illuminati frequently and fears for his life by constantly exposing himself.
  • The Peasants wish they could hang out with 16 year old him, back when he did a fuckton of drugs and listened to music that doesn't suck. How sinful...
  • He has also claimed that it would be great if the media used Illuminati mind control techniques to brainwash everyone into becoming christian.
  • He's a self-admitted manwhore. [16]
  • He never wants to be on another episode with PaulsEgo ever again after getting BTFO by him twice. But he does want to outnumber TJ on his own podcast with his crazy Febreze friend and other insane truthers.
  • He's friends with the Crazy Febreze Guy, even though said conspiracy nut is a hateful swearing dick that personally attacks as venomously as Atheism is Unstoppable or Vegan Gains and thought the ԀP were part of a concentrated attack to take his super tiny multi-channel down. Whereas Mario is more of a passive aggressive dick that normally condemns swearing and ad hominem attacks.[17]
  • Using his own Illuminati secret messages in one of his videos, he finally hints that his ideal heaven is fucking TJ for all eternity. After all, his ideal heaven is riding an elephant all day.[18]
  • He and Brett Keane have become friends through their mutual hatred of the Drunken Peasants attacking their lord and savior, Kent Hovind. Potentially making Mario a future member of the Masters of Stupidity.
  • Don't you dare say he's just in this for the money, or you'll make him cry like a little bitch again.[19]
  • This article has the third most content of any other page on the wiki.
  • He should be out rescuing Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser, but would rather go on about his fairytales and imaginary friend.
  • He is also affectionately known as The Crigilant Vistian.
  • Mario has finally admitted that he has a mental problem. Also that he has been doing drugs and fornicating the whole time he's been parading himself as a pious holier than thou religious man. Also the moment he came out and confessed this, the crazy truthers started coming out and saying he was a traitorous snake.
  • Creationist Cat traumatized Mario when CC made a video exposing The Vigilant Christian as a satanic devil worshipper and demanding that Mario be killed. Mario begged Creationist Cat to do it, as his crippling anxiety and paranoia made it very difficult for himself to live, but YouTube wouldn't let Creationist Cat commit the act. Creationist Cat was euthanized by YouTube, despite Mario pleading for clemency. Drunken Peasants were the hitmen working for the corporation. They were paid in bananas, hookers, and ice cream. TVC claimed CC's video was actually funny and that his fans should back off on the issue and try to make amends. [20]
  • This page was featured during the Information Segment on Episode 268.[21]



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Mario gets Haxxed by IllumiScotty
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