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Autistic Screeching Retard
On a hunt for Dusty's cock.
On a hunt for Dusty's cock.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber (currently)
  • Bounty hunter hired by the Empire (formerly)

None (atheist)


Having a panic attack.

Social Networking
Youtube channel




Facts win arguments; bullshit does not.

— His motto

Scotty is an autistic screeching retard.

— The words of an actual autistic screeching retard.

Not to be confused with Justin Keane.

The Outspoken Realist (informally dubbed The Softspoken Ballwasher by Drunken Fancy, real name: Boba Fett, thanks Devon), abbreviated as TOR, is an autistic screeching retard[1] that runs a relatively small YouTube channel that strives to call out various "injustices". He considers himself a realist and speaks on what he sees as being the truth. He has been a fairly active member of the Drunken Peasants fanbase for a few years and is sometimes among the top-rated in the comment section since he is able to form a coherent sentence and hounds the video uploads, though he often expresses his grievances with the show.[2]


The Outspoken Realist once had a very successful career as a bounty hunter, but this career was cut short when he fell into a sarlacc pit. TOR eventually escaped the pit, but sustained heavy injuries. Due to the injuries around his neck and mouth, it was said that TOR would never be able to speak again. Determined to once again be able to speak, TOR went through experimental surgery. The doctors warned him that this operation would let him communicate again, but the price was that he would have the voice of a prepubescent teenager who would only amount to being a figure in the DP comment section, TOR accepted, thinking it a small price to pay for being able to talk once more.

The operation was a success. After he had fully recovered, TOR left to find a new planet to call home, which lead him to Earth. On Earth, TOR looked long and hard for something he could devote his life to, swearing never to return to bounty hunting. He one day discovered the Drunken Peasants, and decided to devote his life to watching every episode and leaving comments.

On Drunken Peasants

TOR was first showcased during Drunken Peasants on episode 198, where he actually made some sound points to TJ regarding AiU being a complete piece of shit. TJ and Paul strongly disagreed, while ultimately Ben agreed. Scotty made fun of TOR's voice like the insensitive fuck he is, not knowing about the incident mentioned above.

Autistic Screeching Retard was featured again for episode 212, though his video wasn't nearly as coherent as the last, it having been highly critical of what he felt was left out of TJ's then-recent "Nuance is Dead" video, despite him admitting it's a great video. TOR claimed that because TJ didn't specify that all the stupid bullshit SJWs do could also apply to some of the Anti-SJWs, that the video was lacking. TOR further claims that the anti-SJW movement is becoming a parallel to the SJWs. TJ pointed out that people like Devon are a bit of an anomaly in the skeptic community, while shitty people like Anita Sarkeesian are more often the norm for Feminists.

He was also briefly mentioned by Dusty as a DP fan that disagrees with them about the Dusty drama from episode 308 during episode 311. TJ responded by saying that TOR makes a video against them every fucking month, which is pretty accurate. The video by TOR Dusty referenced is a video of TOR going full sperg and accusing DP of strawmanning Dusty when they clearly didn't.

When Panic Attacks!

The Epic Destruction of Outspoken Realist (DPP #317)

On episode 316 Paul made a joke about BLM making an analogy involving ISIS. The Drunken Peasants joked about some fags getting butthurt and taking that joke literally, surprisingly the Outspoken realist pitched a fit in the live chat about Paul being a strawmanning retard who called BLM ISIS. Paul went on a tangent about how much of a cowardly accusatory cuck TOR really is. They decided to invite him on the show to defend his position against the peasants and after 20 minutes of callling he finally answered the call. He spent the entire time sucking their dicks and backpedaling on all the times he called them retards. It was eventually revealed that the peasants hadn't spoken with TOR at all, but infact a Jesuit clone known as The Softspoken Ballwasher.

On episode 317 they played a video of TOR responding to what had transpired the other day. He tried to pwn the shit out of Paul's Ego and made an ass out of himself again. He also mentioned this wiki and his article and took it as slander (when it was clearly just a prank). Paul pointed out that his tone swinged from when he was on the show and when he's recording his shitty video. They skipped to the end of the video where TOR claimed he had a panic attack during the last episode in an attempt to gain sympathy (cause ya know having a gun pointed to your head doesn't compare to the frightening intensity of going on a podcast). They pointed out how they never forced him to go on the show and that it's entirely his fault for not letting them know of his supposed "panic attack".

He later claimed that the Drunken Peasants blocked him from social media to try and censor and lie about him, despite Ben and Paul proving otherwise and the DP Subreddit giving him his own thread to defend himself.


  • Autistic Screeching Retard loves to bolster his ego by claiming to not be "one of the sycophantic fans who believes everything DP says".
  • He is a fan of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.[3]
  • He considers Sargon of Akkad to be a cuck.[4]
  • He is a notable detractor of Devon Tracey.
  • TJ at first joked that they hated him, but eventually said that he was alright.
  • He took the side of Dusty Smith during his spat with DP during the end of 2016. He later made a video talking about it following episode 308.[5]
  • He is known for believing Donald Trump is a significantly bigger threat than Hillary Clinton, such as on issues like climate change.[6] He once made a video against Trump that was poorly received.[7]
  • TJ claims that TOR views himself as their equal, which makes him a bit salty.
  • He's both outspoken and a regressive, hence the name.
  • He considers himself the arbiter of who is and isn't a true fan, or a "sycophantic fanboy". Apparently true fans are contrarian neurotic assholes that complain about every single minor problem with insulting venomous animosity.
  • He is unable to comprehend that the DP wiki is a satirical website.
  • Rybi Jenkins is an apologist for him because he is at the center of the drama of-which she feeds.
  • He accuses the skeptic community of virtue signalling, yet constantly virtue signals about how edgy he is for calling out Trump.
  • He thinks TJ, Sargon, and Gad Saad are borderline insane.[8]
  • He has had a two and a half hour political discussion with Uzalu.[9]



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