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Chris McGuire
"Yeah, that's right, i'm a badass!"
"Yeah, that's right, i'm a badass!"
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  • YouTuber
  • All-around good guy

None (atheist)



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Alvin, Texas; United States


Alvin, Texas; United States


Pissed off that a lot of games these days are shitty.

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The Investigamer


The Investigamer


The Investigamer


The Investigamer


The Investigamer

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Never trust the crowd, only the Investigation.

— Investigamer speaking the truth.

The Investigamer (real name: Chris McGuire) is the nerdy love child of TJ Kirk and Daniel Sulzbach. He spends most of his time playing and reviewing games instead of hating God like a normal person. According to Chris himself, he barely gave a fuck about politics before his hiatus and was way more concerned with playing Halo and other such overrated POS games. However, after his hiatus, Chris has been giving a lot more of a fuck about politics than he ever has. He lives in the country of Texas.

Investigamer's infrequent uploading has most to do with him working entirely alone and taking his time with each review in order to really immerse himself in the craft and give the best quality of work he can give. Or he's just lazy and he spends most of his time wanking to Gay Minion FanFic. That and currently has lost his faith in the gaming industry, blame The Evil Within for that (yes it is THAT BAD). He has also made an appearance on Drunken Peasants and they have expressed interest in getting him on again.


Investigamer was made homeless in mid-late 2014, though he no longer is, he was kicked out by his parents until he was able to get an apartment. His uploading activity is relatively infrequent compared to other game reviewers. He's currently also lost faith in the gaming industry (Hipster) and is trying to rethink his approach to making content. A video surfaced which had revealed exactly why Investigamer had not uploaded recently. Turns out his dad wasn't happy with him being unemployed a few months ago. On Drunken Recap, a podcast hosted by Aids Dank, he announced he would be returning to YouTube with his review of Dying Light.

Investigamer made a return to YouTube after a long hiatus in September, 2015. The video that broke his long silence was the Dying Light review wherein he gave the game 4/5 stars. He also talked about a few potential projects of his on the Drunken Recap. He's also, more recently, done a guest video for Mr. Repzion giving commentary on essential Horror games such as Dead Space, SOMA, and Outlast.

In November, 2015 an RPG game called Fallout 4 was released. Investigamer immediately got his greasy mits on it and attempted to play it on his Super-Computer calibur of PC. This promptly ass-raped his PC to the point that his channel was out of commission for a week. He had to get a new motherboard after spending days fiddle-fucking around with his graphic card. Why? Cuz apparently 60 fps is suuuuch a necessity.

On Drunken Peasants

The Investigamer made his appearance on the 30th episode of the Drunken Peasants. He visited ԀP in Columbus and stayed with them. Much to the dismay of Scotty, he smoked tobacco with TJ. He is also the guest that had the least to contribute to the show as far as commentary goes. Despite him being relatively unresponsive in the regard, he did provide us with sizable amounts of footage of him smoking Pan.

On TJ Kirk

Investigamer appeared on the TJ Kirk channel a few times. He has a startling 5 GUEST APPEARANCES on TJ's channel. Most of them are entire Investigamer episodes but one of them is a semi-skit collaboration with TJ himself.


  • He has only appeared once on ԀP, but also appeared on the unwatchable ripoff of the show called Drunken Recap.
  • Chris smokes a shit ton of pan with his girlfriend everyday.
  • He's a textbook example of how talent doesn't make you popular, even Angry Joe has more subscribers than him.
  • He delivers pizza for a living.
  • TJ has allowed him on his channel up to five times, likely due to the fact that he is TJ's son, however, TJ soon realized Chris would surpass him one day, so he has since banished him.