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The Egghead Show
Egghead's current logo.
Egghead's current logo.

YouTube livestream






July 25, 2016


Dallas, Texas

The Egghead Show!

— The most notable feature of the show.
The Egghead Show (formerly The Egghead Hour) is the greatest show on YouTube that's only notable features are it's cringey intro and the fact it is hosted by Egghead. Viewers of the show mainly consist of masochists like TJ Kirk or some bored Drunken Peasants fans. Every Monday there's a prerecorded episode of The Egghead Show in which he takes on some random prick (often someone related to the DP Community).

Egghead also hosts a ton of live streams every week in Google Hangouts, during which he invites in a bunch of other fuckers to talk about an assortment of topics or sometimes, nothing at all. Most guests are either small-time YouTubers or friends of Egghead. An ongoing theme is having roast episodes for antagonists of DP like Brett Keane and The Vigilant Buttplug.

Following the controversy surronding Egghead's fiancee, the show has been put on hiatus until further notice.

Special Guests

  • Kraut and Tea - Kraut once appeared on the show for some reason during episode 14. His appearance consisted of him casually fucking with Egghead's psyche and some chatting about recent Devon Tracey drama.
  • The Amazing Atheist - TJ once claimed he would only appear on the show if Egghead smoked a cigarette. Though he even eventually appeared for the 37th live episode on August 27th, 2016 and gave Egghead some advice on YouTube.
  • PaulsEgo - Paul appeared on the same episode as TJ, regrettably so after being invited by Egghead himself. During episode 273 of DP, Paul described his appearance as a painful experience.
  • Galen Hallcyon - Galen made a brief appearance during the end of episode 37, in which he seduced the entire audience with his words, as during his appearance on any show.
  • iMustDestroyAll - The demon visited the show during episode 30 for ambiguous reasons, though it was presumably to shove a spiked dildo up Egghead's ass.[1]
  • Rybi Jenkins - A Twitch streamer and Drunken Peasants' affiliate with a squeaky voice and outgoing personality that also serves as a co-host to The Egghead Show. She was a part of a community before her introduction to DP. After the situation involving Egghead's gofundme scandal, she stopped appearing on the show.
  • Hymnalysis - One of Egghead's cringey friends that runs a YouTube channel analyzing hymns and a long-standing member of the roster.


I may be a dicksucker, I may be a ballwasher, but im not doing that shit.

— Egghead when asked by Galen if he would chop his dick off for a billion subscribers.

The DP Subreddit's gonna be blowing up!

— Egghead during every episode.


  • Each Monday show has a thumbnail by Deep Blue Joseph, which is made into a shirt.[2]
  • Appropriately, the show has many instances of dead-air and cringey dialogue.
  • It never lasts an hour.
  • Any insignificant event on the show will have the DP Subreddit blowing up!
  • 90% of episodes relate to The Vigilant Christian.
  • Egghead has attempted to hijack the Pokémon Hotline.
  • Egghead mentions Kenyan Trail at every opportunity.
  • He has done an interview with GirlDoesRant.
  • During episode 14, Egghead was super salty about Rybi Jenkins securing on a role on DP. He has said he regrets it.
  • Runny Lump recently rebooted the intro with X-wings. Somehow, it's even cringier than the original.
  • Scotty Kirk despises the show and everything it stands for.