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The Amazing Atheist
I don't get. Are the triangles meant to symbolize something?
I don't get. Are the triangles meant to symbolize something?

YouTube channel


TJ Kirk


TJ Kirk


November 20, 2006


Seattle, Washington

Religious text

The Douchebag Bible

"The Amazing Atheist" redirects here, for the creator of the channel, see TJ Kirk.

The Amazing Atheist is a professional ranter who yells loudly in empty rooms, and puts videos of it on the internet. Occasionally he reads a book or watches a movie--but mostly he just yells about things for your amusement and/or disgust.

— TJ's official channel description on YouTube. [1]
The Amazing Atheist is a YouTube channel revolving around a variety of subjects including; atheism and religion, feminism, politics, LGBT issues, entertainment, and even random shit just for fun. It's created and hosted by TJ Kirk under the moniker of the same name, who first began posting videos on November 20, 2006. By 2015, TJ no longer considers The Amazing Atheist to be an atheist channel, considering he barely focuses on religions nowadays (aside from feminism).

The Amazing Atheist's fame (or infamy) have given other enterprising YouTubers the opportunity to bring attention to their own content by being featured on TJ's channel in guest videos. These include the likes of Mr. Repzion, Jaclyn Glenn, Zaunstar, GirlDoesRant and unfortunately some evil cunt. As of mid 2016, the channel has over a million subscribers and over 290,000,000 views.


With over 1 Million+ subscribers and well over 310 million+ views on the content currently public on his Amazing Atheist channel alone, TJ is the largest atheist vlogger on the internet. His average video gets roughly over 100k views within the first week of uploading. Over the years TJ has amassed a highly dedicated fanbase, some of which the Drunken Peasants refer to as TJ apologists. These are obsessed fans that will defend their god at every opportunity.

TJ's reach has allowed him to expand from just his main channel, his most successful project being Drunken Peasants. Another notable side channel is TJdoeslife, a vlog channel created on January 11, 2010. He usually uploads Q&A's on the channel. As of July 2016, the channel has over 87,000 subscribers but is used sparingly. TJ has also written a series of books, those of which have been compiled into The Douchebag Bible.

On Drunken Peasants



— TJ on the average episode of Drunken Peasants.
The Amazing Atheist can be seen as ԀP's sister channel of sorts and the podcast will normally play responses to TJ's videos on the TAA. References to the show will also cross over to the main channel as TJ has mentioned notable ԀP figures in his videos. A lot of TJ's videos were featured on the show in various ways. Mostly as part of other people's videos responding to TJ's stuff. Occasionally ԀP has actually played TJ's Amazing Atheist content before. Pieces of his Opie & Anthony video appear in the form of the "FUCK YOU BILL MAH!!!" audio clip. He has even done a video responding to Tommy Sotomayor's response to their coverage of him on ԀP.

Between December 10, 2014 and January 12, 2015, Drunken Peasants episodes were uploaded on The Amazing Atheist due to not being allowed to upload live streams on the ԀP channel, which was because of a DMCA. Episodes 116-121 were also uploaded on The Amazing Atheist due to a copyright strike from Christiano Film Inc. for using the Hey, Scotty clip repeatedly. Aside from this, TJ would occasionally upload small portions of previous podcasts onto his main channel, this was eventually changed over to using a dedicated channel for DP clips.

Video Series

A Redneck History

A Redneck History of... is a series of videos on The Amazing Atheist. The videos involved TJ giving an entirely accurate history lesson, all while putting on his best impression of the southern stereotype. Ongoing gags involve Ronald Reagan, Chuck Norris, and good old American freedoms like hot dogs, hating Muslims, and making history sound cooler. The first in the series was "A Redneck History of America".

Abandon Hope!

Abandon Hope is the Drunken Peasants' more sultry sister show usually about an hour long, hosted by The Amazing Atheist. The show features various news stories, but does not have a set schedule. TJ also places a succulent ass in the background for viewers to gawk at while he gives his take on the news.

Banned From...

Banned From is a series started during the early days of TJ's channel where he would present a fictitious recount of his experience at various fast-food restaurants (such as McDonald's, Denny's, Subway and Tumblr) where he allegedly committed spectacular acts of assault, murder and even cannibalism in response to minor inconveniences, leading to him being banned from said establishments. Many Tumblr fucktards have often used the series to disparage TJ, claiming he had been banned from various places, unaware of the obvious satire in the stories.
TJ's current Twitter avatar.


Bricks is a series of loosely-related videos known for being unpredictable with no consistent plot or purpose. They are some of TJ's most well received videos and likely a result of way too much acid.


HATE WEEK! was initially a 7-part series made in 2011 which features a rant by TJ on a different subject in each video. TJ has recently made a new batch of 9 HATE WEEK videos in 2015 which are geared towards first-world problems, though he admits the 2015 edition was a last minute idea so the fans could have something while he was busy getting high on shrooms during the Europe Trip.

Long Video Sunday

Long Video Sunday is a now retired series of videos in which TJ would post a long Q&A video spanning from 30 minutes to an hour. The videos offered a brief insight of the mind behind the video camera and was one of the first major ways TJ could interact with his sexy audience.

Pwnage Fortnight

Pwnage Fortnight was an early-days series in which TJ tackled a specific YouTuber and explained each and every reason why they suck and he is the superior mind. TJ eventually retired the series because he felt it would be childish to keep making them, though it of course didn't stop him from making fun of random assholes on the internet in a ton of other videos.

[X] are Idiots!

[X] are Idiots! was a series of videos produced in 2010 in which TJ rants about the inanities of the different age groups. The following videos have been made: Babies, Children, Teens, Adults, Middle-Aged and Old People. A ton of people bitched and complained because they have a stick up their add and take everything too seriously. TJ mentions during the series that his favorite group age group are teenagers because they hate authority and have yet to be buttraped by an inevitable conformity to society's strict standards... or some shit.
The beautiful fat fucker in the non-flesh.

Penetrating Teenage Girls' Brains

Penetrating Teenage Girls' Brains is a series in which TJ reads one or several magazines aimed at teenage girls and critiques their content and the absurdity of the youth of today. TJ's long-standing hatred of Justin Bieber stems from this video series.

The Wrong Advices

The Wrong Advices is a Q&A gone wrong in which TJ gives his fans unhelpful and possibly criminal advice. TJ has to release the series inconsistently so that he can pile up enough of what he believes are genuine questions, otherwise people will just ask him a bunch of purposely stupid bullshit in hopes on senpai noticing them.



— The Amazing Atheist's catchphrase

When your religion holds a murderous, thieving, rapist warlord with a child bride as the epitome of morality, shit gets FUBAR.

— TJ's take on Islam.[2]

Feminism is the idea that we can make both sexes equal by focusing solely on the issues of one of them.

I mean explosions is cool and all, but you can't be blowin' up K-Marts n' shit. Explosions should be confined to Michael Bay movies, Nascar races, monster-truck rallies, and... whatever wars we're winnin' this week!

— Redneck TJ's take on suicide bombings.

I just flew in from Boston, and boy are my penises tired.

I'm not a woman and I express my opinions and I get a tremendous load of hatred. In fact, a lot of the feminists who watch the first ten seconds of this video and then declare it the worst thing they've ever seen in their lives are going to hate me and threaten me... It happens to anyone who stands up and expresses and unpopular opinion. Do you think you're gonna stand up and express an opinion, a strong and unyielding opinion and everyone just gotta be like 'I respect that?' Dream the fuck on.

Texans are not real people, Texans are the physical manifestations of bad ideas all over the globe. You ever have a bad idea like "Hey, i'm gonna stick my dick in this blender!", and then you think to yourself, "Wait a minute, that's not smart, I should discard that idea." You ever wonder where that idea goes? It goes to Texas.

— TJ gives his take on Texas.

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that America is not a real country, but a satire of a country, that other countries watch to feel better about themselves.

My name is The Amazing Atheist, and unlike Jesus I really did come to abolish religion. I come not to bring a sword, but peace.

I haven't smoked weed in days, and I can comfortably say to all of you that sobriety is the biggest crock of shit in existence. I'm more certain than ever that straight edge people are fucking idiots. 'I'm not going to poison my body with blah blah blah.' Yeah, well I'm not going to poison my mind with your boring reality. Thank god for booze.

What TJ does for a living. Getting down and dirty into stupidity so you don't have to.

Look at me. I'm a big fat fuck. I am. I will eat pretty much anything you put in front of me regardless of quality. I'll eat stuff that's good, I'll eat stuff that's bad, doesn't matter. I'm a fucking human garbage disposal.

I don't get people who have a selective terror of tap water when they never mind chemicals elsewhere. I've known people who smoke cigarettes, but who still won't drink tap water. A lot of nut jobs go balls deep into crazy and claim that the government puts things in the water to make us more docile and compliant. Okay. When I'm president, I'll add THC to the water.

Wow. That is powerful hypocrisy and incredible stupidity.

I don't believe in reincarnation, but some of my past lives did.

I've never been a lesbian.

Do you agree with me, or are you wrong?

You see there's coke, and then there's fuckin' soda.

The real reason anyone visits his channel.

If the ass is fat, tap on that. If the ass is lacking, send her packing.[3]

There is no such thing as an oppressive joke, and go fuck yourself for thinking there is.

If you got two first names, you're a bad person. And you can quote me on that.

— He told us to quote him on this.

If you're a girl out there and you're into the rough stuff - sorry, that's rape. It's not your fault, it's the male-driven society's for brainwashing you.

— TJ's impression of a radfem.

Used to not really be a fan of vaginas, but I've encountered a couple nice ones that have changed my mind on that.

— TJ's take on pussy.[4]

The only way to defeat those who attempt to rule by fear is to not be afraid.

— TJ while on Twitter.[5]

I know why Tommy Sotomayor hates black people. There's a really fucking stupid one that hangs out in all his household mirrors.

— TJ over Twitter.[6]
TJ: I've become a centrist by default, as both sides have lost their collective minds.
Paul: Fuck centrism. I won't be chased out of the left.
TJ: I still identify as liberal. I mean that I feel like a centrist now because many have moved to extremist positions.
Paul: Understandable. I feel it's incumbent upon us sane leftists to be vocal and visible.
— TJ and Paul over Twitter[7]


  • A lot of videos on this channel, especially early ones, have been taken down or removed. However, there are various archive channels that have uploaded many of the different videos that have been deleted.
  • Surprisingly, his most viewed video has nothing to do with atheism or religion.
  • He has made many videos on Justin Bieber, which gained a shit ton of views.
  • Due to ԀP's quick popularity, TAA stopped being TJ's primary source of YouTube earnings. His Patreon was recently re-opened is still advertised on occasion.
  • Scotty has made the occasional appearance on TJ's channel, showing up more after Scotty became a regular on Drunken Peasants.
  • Cody Weber shot and directed his videos from 2010 to 2011, enhancing their visual quality and having his website's link plastered at the end of each of those videos.
  • Cody was a living pile of dog faeces and had to be put down.