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None (atheist)



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England, United Kingdom


England, United Kingdom


Eating pussy

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Satan Minx

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I should just kill myself.

— Minx after realizing her gaming channel will never be as good as GamesULove.

TheRPGMinx, also known as MangaMinx, is a prominent British YouTuber most well known for making Let's Play videos that aren't soul-drainingly bland. She is also a renowned dyke that isn't afraid to make her political opinion known in comparison to other gaming YouTubers. She is a good friend of the Drunken Peasants, having made several guest appearances on the podcast following her debut on episode 98. Some conspiracy theorists like Brett Keane believe her to be an evil homosexual who works with PewDiePie to turn all American children into faggots that hate any wholesome video games, like Elder Scrolls Online.

On Drunken Peasants

Her first mention on the show was when Ben described himself as her fan during episode 94.[1] After the peasants had their channel revoked over a false DMCA, Ben commented that she offered them support over Twitter.

She made her first appearance as guest on episode 98. Since then, she has reappeared on the podcast in episodes 134, 202, 252, 332, and 365. During episode 332, she revealed that she will be doing a long awaited face reveal during April of 2017 and she may even join the peasants at their United Kingdom meetup during the 2017 Europe Trip. Minx also joined the peasants in discussing a news story about a transgender wrestler, clips of crazy conspiracies, and other shit.


Hey! It's raping time!

— Minx's impression of how the average conservative views the daily bathroom experience.[2]


  • Some stereotypical Americans can't comprehend her fancy accent and "deep" voice.
  • Minx is about as gay as it gets, she makes George Takei look straight.
  • She resides with her wife KrismPro in the United Caliphate.
  • Minx for a long time was the only guest featured on ԀP with over a million YouTube subscribers (not counting TJ), until LHUGUENY was featured in episode 287.
  • She is one of the more popular guests on the show. Some speculate this is because she has tits, though that makes little sense being that nobody actually knows what she looks like yet. Her popularity more likely stems from having a sizable fanbase of her own.
  • Minx believes the Vigilant Christian has mental issues, and rightfully so.
  • Despite the fact she has had many interactions with PewDiePie, she has not succumbed to Shittycontentitis.
  • She had a mental breakdown over Brexit.
  • She has lent her vocal talents to this[3] short fucked up horror story.


  • An artist's depiction of Minx, a piece of fan art often used as her profile picture.