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Corpse Midget
Corpse Midget enjoying a refreshing can of coke.
Corpse Midget enjoying a refreshing can of coke.
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Blocking anyone who asks for a full body video

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@Lucian Hodoboc


Lucian Hodoboc

Hello valuable viewers. Welcome to TheLHShow Channel.

— How he starts off his intro

TheLHShow, real name Lucian Hodoboc, is the reanimated corpse of an Romanian midget who makes videos for YouTube. He is known for paying girls to make testimonials about him and for blocking anyone who says he's a midget. For some reason, he has a lot of sympathizers in the DP Subreddit, who say they feel sorry for him, but still call him CorpseMidget.

Ben has stated that he's the new manatee.

On Drunken Peasants

Episode 354

He first appeared on Episode 354 where Ben announced that they were to start playing his videos. DP reacted to his channel trailer and all the weird shit in it.

Episode 355

He returned on Episode 355 where DP watched a video talking about how Atheists look down on Christians and how they're wrong for not believing in God. The Peasants were unable to focus on his arguments, as they were distracted by the annoying popping noise he played whenever he brought up an image.

The Peasants then reacted to videos made by girls he paid to make videos saying how awesome he is. Rybi Jenkins then appeared to offer some satire a completely serious endorsement.

Episode 356

The Peasants reacted to his fire diss track roasting all the haters and saying he's totally not a midget. He nearly has a wardrobe malfunction and almost makes Ben vomit.

Episode 357

On Episode 357, the Peasants cover a video by him recorded with a potato mic. His voice is so unintelligible that TJ demanded that he get a new microphone. TJ also says he would masturbate to CorpseMidget's misery. There is still a bunch of annoying popping sounds in the video.

Episode 358


CorpseMidget does a terrifying Kawaii video dancing to some creepy Japanese music with pigtails and little girl's clothing. This is direct footage of your nightmares.

Episode 359

During episode 359, the peasants played another of his videos, where he gave tips on how to be accepted as emo in school. It was so terrifying that it scared Sargon of Akkad away. Instead of coming off as a help video, it came off more as a surreal, low-budget horror film.

Episode 360

On Episode 360, the peasants covered a video of him in the shower doing a terrible shaving and hair tutorial. He looks just as demonic before and after.


Like Brett Keane, he has some phrases that the Peasants sometimes poke fun of.

  • Basically, randomness.
  • I do serious vlougs.
  • Hello valuable viewers!