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Tara Grabcock
Just one item of her in Paul's fap folder
Just one item of her in Paul's fap folder
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Sending dicks to Paul.

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Tara Babcock


Tara Babcock


Tara Babcock


Tara Babcock

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Baby blue

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Platnium Blonde

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I'm a model that loves games, and I want nothing more than to have fun playing as many as I can while creating entertaining content that makes people laugh. I promise to always be real and open with my viewers, and stand for what I believe in.

— Tara Babcock[1]

Tara Babcock (informally dubbed Tara Grabcock)[2] is a gaming YouTuber, vlogger, an ex-model, and a self-described real life super saiyan. She is the creator of the channel, Tara Babcock Games, which has currently garnered over 150,000 subscribers. She has appeared as a guest during episode 249 of Drunken Peasants, where she mostly contributed sex appeal and minimal commentary as she isn't too versed in politics, which was the primary topic for many of the videos covered during her time on the show. Very few other guests can compete with her on such sultry levels however, aside from Jean-François Gariépy and Mercedes Carrera.


She is the sole living embodiment of Paul's innermost desires for a woman. Her channel is mostly based in gaming and particularly eSports, which take up the majority of her interests these days. She has made videos on a variety of games, doing playthroughs including; Pokemon Sun, modded Skyrim, Stardew Valley, and others. Tara is not particularly aware of much in politics, though the opinions she does hold are agreeable with the four hosts. While she was on the show, she pulled a move akin to Sex Mastreaka and Mercedes Carrera, by graciously letting her jugs almost fall out of her shirt for all the viewers to enjoy.

On Drunken Peasants

She was quiet and didn't speak up particularly much past her introduction during her debut on episode 249. However, when she did talk Paul came in his shorts each and every time. She appears to share what little political opinion she cares to express with the peasants, not taking a directly contrary stance on what they said during the length of the show and instead mostly quipped. Luckily, she is not stupid with a fat floppy mouth like Kate Brooks by pretending to know shit, as she announced she has no real solid stances of her own at the start of DP Action News.[3] As a result, some of her first introductions to political discourse included Alex Jones discussing a Christian pastor who believes gays will literally spout fire from their assholes.[4] Even she as someone with no political interest was able to discern one of Donald Trump's speeches as nothing more than a series of conjectures.[5]


That just means more anal sex, man!

— Tara's prospect of a human race consisting of only homosexuals.[6]


  • Her fans often leave her nicknames in her comments, e.g: Tara Bobs On Cock.
  • She was once a model, though she retired simply from a lack of time.
  • Tara joined YouTube on December 27th, 2008.[7]
  • According to her, her personal website is old as shit and crashes often.[8]
  • There is an entire subreddit dedicated to her.[9]
  • She is a fan of Blaire White and advocated for her to appear on the podcast, as expressed in comments following her own appearance.[10]
  • She has long, platinum blonde hair and soft blue eyes (possibly contacts).
  • When shown the Information Segment, she claimed she would retain none of what they read about. TJ called her out for being blonde.[11]



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