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The current logo, as of 2017.
The current logo, as of 2017.
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Ben, TJ, Scotty & Paul


March 24th, 2017


Seattle, Washington

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What it do?
— Paul upon starting Highdeology.[1]
Not to be confused with Highpothesis.

Highdeology is a sister channel of the Drunken Peasants. It is aimed as a series of spontaneous non-content made by PaulsEgo and the other peasants on his channel now rebranded as Highdeology (though formerly streamed on Periscope as Highdeas). These videos are only tangentially related in that they involve Paul and the other peasants discussing a variety of topics while high on drugs. The broadcast offers an inside look at the mind of the peasant currently streaming, serving as a live format to interact with fans of Drunken Peasants and sometimes answer questions on people's brains. Paul and the other peasants often interact with other people around the house and the fans within the YouTube Chat during his streams. The channel currently has over 39,000 subscribers.[2]

There's no planned times for Paul to stream, though he will often broadcast in the late morning or late night when he does. Listings can be found below:


Highdeas first aired during late October of 2016 during Paul's first visit to Washington, though they continued regularly for about due months due to Paul's search for housing while he stayed with TJ. Eventually, Paul had to move back to Texas for a bit over the month and Highdeas were sometimes forced to become Soberdeas. When he returned to Seattle, Paul expressed interest in starting a new channel to host Highdeas and became interested in finding an alternative name, being that Highdeas was used by a fuck ton of people. Paul eventually came up with an alternative name in Highpothesis, but the name was so great that the peasants decided to use it as a label for their clips. Instead, Paul adopted the named Highdeology and began streaming from his original PaulsEgo channel, bringing regular content it's way for the first time in over three years. On March 24th of 2017, the PaulsEgo channel was formally re-branded as Highdeology and the other peasants began to use it for streaming.


  • What's Your 20? - A segment where Paul asks the viewers where they're at, usually in attempt to spark conversation among the fans.
  • Aborted Videos - A segment where Paul will look into a video that was likely rejected to be on Drunken Peasants, often in the form of a simple response.
  • Balls Deep - A segment in which Paul answers your deepest questions.[3] It was eventually retired because everyone asked ridiculous shit.[4]
  • The Complaint Desk - The fans are given a chance to complain to their heart's content directly to Paul.[5]


  • A phenomenon is known to occur to Paul during these streams where his camera angle temporarily transforms him into a blobfish.
  • The duration is influenced by Paul's battery life or internet connection.
  • Paul attracts a morning crowd and a night crowd. He has shown no biases in preferring either.
  • TJ, Ben, Scotty, AshleysEgo, and others have shown up during the streams to converse with Paul.
  • TJ frequently appears on the show since Paul is currently staying with him in Washington.
  • One of the episodes involves TJ's crotch with a camera zoomed in and we've cited it for you.[6] You're welcome. It was so legendary that Paul sang a song about it.
  • Space Race is often brought up on the show, leading the viewers into rampant speculation, all of which Paul claims are wrong.[7]
  • They are usually over an hour long, being that Paul has the "gift of gab".
  • He has gone on yuge' rants about Egghead, Dusty Smith, Hymnalysis and Brett Keane on Highdeas in the past.[8]
  • Paul often smokes from a pipe that resembles a Mandalorian.[9]
  • During each stream, there is almost always a "sour skittle" which attempts to ruin the atmosphere. Paul uses this term as an analogy because he thinks sour skittles suck compared to the regular ones.
  • He has expressed interest in adding to this very page while on Periscope.
  • It is considered a verbal warmup for Paul in relation to his work on the podcast.


Periscope Archives


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