Stupid Ads

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Stupid Ads
Segment information

The peasants watch a ridiculous infomercial and try to guess the price of the product.



Launch episode

Episode 46

Launch date

October 23rd, 2014

Free parking in the rear!
— The commercial for Butt Drugs in Corydon, Indiana.

Stupid Ads is a segment of Drunken Peasants in which the peasants watch advertisements that are so ridiculously stupid that it's funny. ԀP plays a game within the segment, during which they attempt to guess the price of the object in question before the commercial reveals it at the end. The answer is always $14.99. The player with the greatest variance from the actual value is executed. Ben always looks at the price first because he selects the videos for the show, you aint foolin' anyone, you Rey Mysterio looking motherfucker!

List of Episodes

  • Episode 46 - Squirrels Trailer. Home Pride (Fred), Butt Drugs, Macintosh Man, Comfort Wipe, Tiddy Bear, Hawaii Chair, Mike McFadden Political Ad, Christian Mingle Trailer, Cool Cat, Moonlight and Magic Trailer, Weird noodle ad, Uro-Club, Camp X-Ray Trailer, Flea Market Montgomery, and a School Scaremercal (go to school or explode).
  • Episode 50 - Wiz-dom, Wonder Boner, Toilet Tunes, Chatty Patty, Kush (boob pillow), Style Screamer, Plate Talk, and My Lil Reminder.
  • Episode 53 - Proglide (Starring John Cena), Condom Commercial (anti-child), Sex toy commercial, EZ Find, Veggie Bots, German Infomercial Goes Wrong, Poo-Pourri, GoJo hands-free, and a Slobstopper.
  • Episode 56 - Oozinator, Foot Locker (starring John Cena), Japanese Potty Training Cartoon, Bright Feet, Japanese Air Conditioner Ad. (starring Hulk Hogan), Aspray, Jump Snap, Happy Hot Dog Man, Dump Cake Recipes, Slim Suit.
  • Episode 61 - Ear Zoom, Ayds, Snazzy Napper, Tampax Scaremercial, TV Hat, Durex Condoms, Fuzzy Public Service Announcement, Rape Whistle PSA, Wet Banana Slide, Rollie Eggmaster, Drop Stop, Potty Putter, Wax Vac, Swedish Bus Ad.
  • Episode 63 - Dental Religious PSA, Einstein Religious PSA, Booty Pillow, Poo Trap, Free Flexor, Bright Light Pillow, Robo-Stirer, Wearable Towel, Stuffies, Ballbusters, Gas Sack, Handjob!
  • Episode 66 - Pocket Chair, Happy Sack, Tony Little, Veggetti, Kefty Home Gym, Bed Made EZ, Big Hot Dog.
  • Episode 67 - EZ Cracker, 3 Way Poncho, Bug-A-Salt,English Learning Ad., Big Mouth Mask.
  • Episode 69 - Shakedown, Shoedini, Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Mr. Microphone, Easy on-a Cap Egg, Sauna Pants, Cheers to You CD, Magic Bristle Gloves, EZ Butter, Perfect Polly, Facial Massage Mask.
  • Episode 72 - Poofume, The Better Marriage Blanket, Twist Away Hair Remover, The Slender Shaper, The Bear Scratch, Mobile Desk, The Foot Hammock.
  • Episode 74 -
  • Episode 77
  • Episode 80
  • Episode 83
  • Episode 98
  • Episode 105
  • Episode 110
  • Episode 113
  • Episode 129
  • Episode 134
  • Episode 137
  • Episode 140
  • Episode 143
  • Episode 154
  • Episode 157
  • Episode 173
  • Episode 201
  • Episode 254
  • Episode 291 - Handy-Heater, Magic Tracks, Turbo Scrub, Phone Pocket.
  • Episode 312 - Metal Garden Hose, HD Free TV, FlipZ Girls, Booty Max, Powerize


  • It was the third segment introduced on the show, following the Q&A.
  • It is the only current segment without an intro of any sort, though some have been made by fans.
  • The peasants first watched stupid ads on episode #46 Pt. 2 with Jaclyn Glenn.
  • It usually took place on Friday shows before being retired for the first time. It was eventually brought back as an infrequent segment. Instead of the end of the show, it was featured in the middle of the show, because of no schedule. In this case it was also on Thursday, instead of Friday.