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Steve Shives suffers from severe Pussy Whipping. So be nice and be sure to not hurt his feelings or suffer the consequences of being blocked on Twitter - though odds are you are already.
The Smug Censorious Snatch
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Blocking Anyone Who Disagrees With Him

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Social Justice Warriorism


37 (2 mentally)

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Nobody Cares


Ashley Huston


The Cuck Tent


Being pussy whipped by his ugly ass wife.

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Steve Shives


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Steve Shives


Steve Shives

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Build a block button big enough, and I'll block the whole world.
— No seriously, he tweeted this.[1]
Believe me, if I had the power to take down [TJ's] channel, I would have done it years ago.
— Being a censorious butthurt snatch[2]

Smugger than a San Franciscan Hipster! More hateful than a Westboro Babtist! Able to block hundreds of accounts in a single minute! Look! In his echo chamber! It's an atheist! It's a feminist! It's Steve Shives!

Steve Shives is a much-maligned atheist YouTuber and a feminist vlogger/ranter. Essentially a mid-tier ultra-liberal feminist/humanist/atheist between Ryan Wiley and PZ Myers on the hierarchy of zealot twats that not so much gave up religion as just replaced it with less mythological faith-based dogma. He was once respected for his Atheist Reads series, in which he utilized his expertise as an English major to "critically examine" Christian apologetics. He has since been recruited into the 69th White Knight temple on the planet of Libtardia. Once an open-minded intellectual skeptic that had a channel criticizing everything from Christianity and Islam, to conspiracy theories and self-deprecating topics; all with a devil-may-care attitude about offending people. Now his entire channel and worldview is devoted to bitching about everyone that disagrees with him and how they need to be erased from any and all social media ever. As well as a huge amount of apologetics towards everything from BLM, to radical feminists, to Islamic terrorism.

I never said that everybody has to be feminists, but if feminism isn't your thing, just shut up. Don't talk about it, stop talking about it! If feminism isn't your thing, then stop making videos saying feminism is cancer!
— Him in a nutshell.[3]


I used to like Steve Shives for his Atheist Reads series, but then I found his feminist videos...
— The beginning of every ex-Shives fan testimonial ever.

His work really must be applauded, for the amount of detail he puts into the extraordinary deconstruction of presuppositional apologetics and its failures at general logic. Now, he's mostly famous for blocking people who didn't even fucking know who he was, merely for following people he doesn't like, sealing himself in his echo chamber of righteousness.

He admires the work of feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian, Rebecca Watson and Jenny McDermott. He also uses terms like Islamophobia, and frequently proves that he left skepticism long ago in favor of Feminism. Generally his intellectual reasoning is only directed towards things he sees as immoral and is more than willing to engage in sophistry whenever parroting ideologies in line with his rigid political beliefs.

Steve Shives blocks absolutely everybody on twitter that follows the Drunken Peasants or The Amazing Atheist or absolutely any mildly popular anti-feminist. If you are reading this right now, look at your twitter. He has blocked you even if you don't know who he fucking is. That is a guarantee. If you somehow miraculously aren't, don't worry, he updates his block bots regularly with bigger and bigger lists. He has even blocked people that barely have anything to do with anti-feminism or identity politics, like AlphaOmegaSin, because he dared question Muhammad Sarkeesian Wealth Be Upon Her.

Snatch Starter Kit

He is very smugly yet defensively proud of his self-proclaimed "signature look"; consisting of a really cheap-looking Batman watch, a pen constantly on the inside shirt so it scrapes against his clammy hairless chest, and an obscure baseball cap that barely anyone recognizes. It is rumored that Steve is bald (or balding) and quite ashamed of it. He is suspiciously never seen without his hat and (in a tone reminiscent of a never-nude) claims he can never take it off... He graciously accepts any fan complementing his beard (compensating for something?) but quickly blocks and deletes any talk of the secrets he keeps under his hats. If his testicles weren't stolen by his wife to pay her annual SJW membership fee then perhaps he'd have the stones to rock a hats-off full-Picard.

An alternative theory regarding Steve's excessive hat use is that a feminist brain slug lives under his hat and whispers into his ear all the stupid things he disseminates.

The monster Darkmatter created.

Steve first made his debut on YouTube with a now-banned YouTube account, called the generically internet edgelord title of "stevelikes2curse". Rather hypocritical to his current dogma, it was permanently stricken off of YouTube from violating community guidelines. Yet he just immediately made another account with little to no repercussion. Whereas now, he pretends he's a freaking boy scout of Youtube's community guidelines and admits to continuously flagging videos making fun of him in a vain attempt to get them banned - you know, like he's suppose to be. According to Darkmatter2525, Steve's popularity in 2013 started and abruptly ended all because of a shout out he gave him, which he now gravely regrets. In fact, according to another podcast, Darkmatter had been in mildly friendly terms with Steve to the point of trying to bring him back from the Dark Side through carefully worded, sugar-coated PMs; walking on an entire stadium full of eggshells on account of Steve's sensitive sensibilities. Until finally, he posted one critical comment on one of Steve's latest in a long line of still-ongoing "anti-feminist atheists are pure evil, only listen to us feminist atheists" videos. This was met with an almost immediate venomous reply by Steve before immediately blocking his friend on any and all social media.

PAST: This instinct to silence unpopular voices, to quiet - mute all the dissonant notes is very troubling to me and it's something that should be beneath us. It's beneath the dignity of a free society to treat each other this way. It shows a lack of conviction, it shows a lack of understanding of the principals of our free society, it shows a lack of courage, because we're stronger than that. PRESENT: If they think I'm a dick, they can post about it to whoever's left to listen to them and that's fine (lie, see top of article's quote), but I won't be listening. *smug smile and shrug* I don't think I'm taking anything away from them. I'm giving myself something; I'm giving myself a break from them. I don't have to respect their opinion and I don't have to listen to them if I decide that they are not worth listening to.
— A sad sad comparison.

On Drunken Peasants

I will never see public breastfeeding as anything other than unforgivably obnoxious. I mean, for the love of God, moms, you are in public. Put your fucking tits away.
A true blue feminist, folks.

Steve Shives' video "5 Stupid Things about Star Trek" was covered in the post show of Drunken Peasants Episode 130. Steve finally made his official appearance on Episode 146 [1] where they played a video of him listing 5 Stupid Things about the Wage Gap. TJ came to the resolve that he could at least agree with Steve that Bernie Sanders would make a good president, though also considered Hillary Clinton because she would be paid less according to Steve. Also, the esteemed Creationist Cat has made multiple videos about him and, of course, totally freakin' pwned Steve with his godly cat powers each time [4].

As reviewed in Episode 159, he has also done a video where he actually says that Feminism and Atheism work well together (like water and sodium) and need to be intertwined to destroy the patriarchy and organized religion forever (because dogmatic tribalism and animosity towards differentiating ideals is what a lot of well rounded atheists want). He then shows more ignorance on why people don't like Feminism and want it far away from the atheist community while taking a passive aggressive stab at TJ, Sargon and Thunderf00t and much like Jenny McDermott, painting feminism as some pure and innocent ideal that doesn't deserve any form of discourse attack against it. He then goes on to use the topic as a soapbox to label every anti-feminist a male misogynist that dox and threaten women and need to be dealt with by shunning and purging them from the Atheist community. Much like how detractors of #GamerGate say it consists of 100% male woman-haters that need to be censored and silenced, which surprise-surprise, he thinks so too. Ironically, he demands atheism not be skeptic to anything feminism is about and he's essentially trying to resurrect the monstrosity of Atheism+ by burying it in the Pet Cemetery over night.

Hilariously and sadly skipped by ԀP, he also rather defensively denies the criticism that he has not so much given up on religion, but made feminism his new religion. His response is essentially a petulant nay-say of "Nuh-uh! Religions have deities and feminism doesn't have a deity, stupid! Religions want to convert everyone to their side, or else shun and ridicule the impure and non believers. Also they blindly believe dogmatic views while ignoring any and all evidence that it's false and take offense to any and all criticism, we don't do that, ever, shut up, blocked! Feminism is truth, feminism is peace, thus sayeth Anita, amen!"
What goes through his head every single time he looks at his like/dislike ratios on YouTube
On episode 174, they went over a video with him and his wife - mistakenly thinking this was the video where she said he was a sexist. Nope, there's just that many out there before he decided to remove them. This was also the episode that the Peasants announced that he has blocked the DP Twitter, TJ, Scotty and Ben without any of the four accounts even ever interacting with him. Almost the entire video his wife Ashley went from awkwardly smirking to frowning and scowling, clearly showing she really didn't want to be here interacting with this annoying sperm bank of hers. TJ also revealed that he and Steve were true arch rivals, because Steve has an obcession with wearing Superman shirts and TJ just so happened to wear a Batman shirt that day. At least if they ever meet each other face to face, however impossible that would be, it would be way more entertaining and less pretentious than Dawn of Justice.

As for the video itself, it was a Q and A video where Ashley mostly scoffed disinterestedly at every single question: showing disdain for Steve having his cringe-tastic Stuffy series where he talks to stuffed animals. Saying atheists as a whole are a stupid misogynist sausage party. Saying she hates Star Wars and any and all movies that involve action while scoffing at Steve asking her to remember how she fell asleep when he tried showing her Empire and New Hope; because ignoring and spitting on your spouse's interests while making them accept all of yours is totally healthy. The most bitchily of all was saying MRAs and egalitarianism aren't on the same level as feminists because they're a radical subgroup of whiners. Basically saying "Oh, you lost your kids to your ex because she cried crocodile tears to the judge? Well boo-hoo, loser. I bet you don't even care, you misogynist fedora-wearing fuck! Blocked, go whine on your subreddit why I lick your tears." - and only feminism is a legitimate political movement. This ended with them smiling smugly at the shitstorm they will ignore by crybabies that lost their child custody.

On episode 196, Steve accused David Bowie of raping a 15-year-old girl in the 70's; oh-so appropriately a few days after he died. TJ realized that his belief in a claim without evidence was a huge implication that he isn't an atheist anymore, but a feminist instead.

On episode 205 he made a list of 5 stupid things about Islamophobia. Basically saying that we should discard the already stupidly long multiple-syllabic word for an even longer term. Ha basically says that so much as criticizing Islam in the wrong way is enough to be Islamaphobia. The Peasants pointed out that simply by not believing in Allah, Steve is being Islamophobic by his own definition. Either that, or he really isn't an atheist any more and just a pretentious cherry-picking theist like Brett.

On episode 206 he's been demonstrated to block anybody preemptively for even remotely following someone who disagrees with him on one thing, including skeptics that, if he didn't go full retard about feminism, would be colleagues and allies with.

On the episode 221 post show he and one of his feminist "friends" talked about how much they enjoy blocking people, and generally being hypocrites. Bonus points for being catty shits scoffing at Milo Yiannopoulos for getting his verification removed from Twitter because they disagree with his conservative views. Whereas if Mistress Anita were to lose her "insignificant blue check mark" because of Twitter not liking her political views, they would be raising hell.

He didn't choose it, his wife chose it for him.

In episode 256, he returned with Martin Hughes the paranoid black guy that called TJ a racist for responding to a racist video about how white people are evil (incorrectly referred to a BuzzFeed article). He started off with the disingenuous statement of "I don't usually talk about other YouTubers, especially [insert arbitrary buzzword here]." when in reality he never shuts up about anti-feminist atheist YouTubers that are way more popular than him, he just usually spits passive aggressively in their direction behind the safety of his social blockade. He was clearly smugly scoffing at and disparaging TJ because he's a bisexual. Basically Martin said he was incredibly butthurt over TJ's video being popular and near unanimously liked, because he hated it and therefore everyone should hate it. Furthermore he concluded that TJ and everyone who liked the video was racist because he's an insecure narcissist with a deck of race cards. Steve smugly declared that TJ's part of the atheist community that disagrees with him - ergo 90% of it - is a sewer compared to his anointed 10%. Yet both of them were also severely butthurt that TJ's videos got more likes and views than Reason Rally attendees. Basically Steve used his token guest to boost his own massive ego and surreptitiously continue to insult people behind his great wall of insecurity and stroke his ego about how right his side is while barely letting Martin talk because tokens need to be seen, not heard. Not a single actual argument was made, just catty horseshit. Also it's evil that TJ has a Patreon but of course, not if Steve has one.

He has no style, he has no grace, this - this snatch has a funny face.
In episode 259, they went over a video he made dictating his extremely narrow minded interpretation of free speech. Basically reinforcing that if he doesn't like what you have to say, you need to shut the fuck up and never be allowed to talk to not just him, but anyone else. In it - much to the peasants confusion and sadly went over their heads just how stupid the joke is - he ran the "Don't take muh freeze peach!" meme into the ground in five ways more cringingly unfunny than the last. That's right, regressive snatches like him have made it a ridiculing joke to advocate unbiased free speech.

In episode 261, Darkmatter2525 joined the crew to rant about Steve, instead of where he usually does it on The Goddamned Podcast. Basically Steve just spent the video spinning his wheels repeating the "freeze peach" topic again, because he's that desperate to keep constantly pumping out content that less and less people watch by the day that he has to make at least seven videos on the same topic.

In episode 265, Steve made a video on 5 [Toxic] Things About Youtube Atheism. You have three guess as to who he's *really* talking about and it rhymes with "BK the Appraising Pessimist". It's honestly getting really pathetic how Keane-like obsessed Shives is about hating TJ. Almost to the point where for a few weeks, he was talking about that more than he was whining about social justice. Another disturbing aspect was just how joyful he was talking about the many flavors of bigotry overrunning his movement. It's almost as if he really doesn't give a shit about racism, misogyny or general bigotry so much as he cares about the obvious joy he gets having an excuse to insult people he hates and feel righteous being a hateful cunt. Truly Steve lives in a fortress of glass with a massive hoard of readily-throwable rocks. One very aggravatingly dishonest part was where he brought out the old chestnut he usually gets: "Sound like feminism is your religion." and altered it by adding the word "bitch" and put it to a stock image of a man abusing a woman. Even though it's HIM that people say that to. Also his running and most pathetic gag was mocking those that had the gal to want to debate him. As he Tweets, he believes in a creationist-like worldview of "I'm right, so there is no debate!".

The sad part was when they then looked at a video of Past-Steve contradicting Present-Steve, where he looked a lot less gaunt, pale and constantly-stressed. Even his prominent lips looked a lot less like a prolapsed baboon anus in heat. The Peasants contemplated how suicidal Past-Steve would be seeing the monster he would become.

In episode 267, Steve had some insignificant douche unironically named Demotivator on his show where all they could talk about without offending each other is the weather. A grim reminder of what happens when you become as soft and PC as he has become: where the only thing they can joke about is being cold in different parts of the world and having heaters. The most hilarious part is when Steve says they should just talk about the weather for an hour and TJ screamed bloody murder and couldn't watch any more.
"It's not an 'S'. On my world, it means 'snatch'."
In episode 271, they covered a cringy vid Steve made about how jokes are not just jokes and can seriously offend people if we're not careful with every single tiny thing we say - says the guy where the only thing he can joke about with his equally thin-skinned friends is the weather.

In episode 273, they covered Steve's 127th "Stop liking YouTube atheists I don't agree with right now!" video; this time hilariously ironically titled "What's Killing the Atheist Movement?". Yet again, he's takes cowardly jabs at TJ and other more popular atheists that make his ass sore just thinking about their success. He went extra douchbaggy when he said that not only are all the YouTube atheists that disagree with him the cancer of the Atheist movement (and implying that they need to be excised), but also the people that choose to be neutral and tolerant to them. Also that these people are not only basically "not people" (You need to dehumanize an enemy before you can commit immoral acts upon them; any good hardline authoritarian knows this.) but he will NEVER EVER want to make peace with them or anyone else he hates/blocks. A very healthy mentality to have.

In episode 279, the peasants played a video by Steve about "trolls". Steve bitched about Cruz's endorsement, Gary Johnson, and some shit about trans people using restrooms. Also, he talked about Trump. He discussed how Clinton "slaughtered" Trump in the first debate and how 4chan used votebots faked images about the debate.

In episode 288, Steve recites his Donald Trump fanfiction where he meets the Legion of Doom and "comedy" ensues where none of the characters act like they usually do in their canon and are just there to be Steve's sarcastic political mouthpieces; basically like Seth Macfarlane's modern writing with even less charm. A few seconds into the drawn out husk of a skit, TJ was begging for the local volcano to erupt. The cringiest part was that this story about Donald Trump being an unlikable straw man being called out and scolded by one-dimensional mouth pieces is a sequel to basically the exact same goddamn story, just with the Justice League instead. It's only a matter of time until he makes another one about Trump visiting Agent Orange Larfleeze where he scolds trump about being too greedy and xenophobic.

In episode 301 they played one of Steve's shittiest videos yet. It was called 5 Sad Things About Angry White Men. It was one of the most blatantly racist and sexist videos he's ever made. The peasants cringed throughout the entire video and continued to call him out on his shit. Really the only thing to note was that the projection was off the charts, because every single one of his five stupid points could clearly be applied to his side just as much, if not more: Ignorant, easily led, insecure, afraid, and being left behind. The last one hilarious was another jab at TJ constantly losing fans, even though it's clearly Steve that's happening to. Also once again bemoaning how disgusting and evil white men are, while... you know, being one.

In episode 307, he made - Dear god, we were just kidding the previous paragraph! - another fucking part of his insanely unfunny fanfiction: One Dimensional Mouthpieces in the Form of Comic Book Characters Say Trump Is a Meanie Doo-Doo Head Jerk. They barely made it past his - you guessed it - loooong introduction explaining the video where he has to overly-exposit what specific custom headcanon continuity this garbage fire of a story. The Peasants were way too stoned to last much of it and kept derailing going over it until they just moved on. All you missed was yet another joke about a rich asshole cheracter saying Trump is a rick asshole. Proving once again that Steve is the definition of madness when it comes to all aspects of his hemorrhaging channel; making the exact same video over and over again and expecting to get a different result aside from the Kryptonian levels of cringe and hate.

in episode 309, Steve is STILL whining about Trump and at this rate, probably will well past the four to eight years he's in office. This time, it was about voter fraud, though the Peasants could barely get over how Steve looks like a sickly Nosferatu with a Wooly Willy beard. Though they did talk about a tweet where the reason he doesn't want to debate social justice with people because he doesn't need to debate what's already right. You know - like a creationist thinks about evolution.

In episode 319, Steve answered a question from one of his several seven fans about if it's okay to hit a girl. Hi answer was a bullheaded and absolute no, not even in the example given: where it's a deranged crackhead attacking a couple and using extreme force, where violence is the only way to get her away, only to be jumped by a bunch of white knight assholes that spend the whole time just watching and laughing until then. Steve said that no matter what happens, he would never hit a woman, even in self defense. This gave a lot of hope to DP and his fans at the possibilities of this coming back to bite him in the ass someday. Highlights included the DP finally noticing his stupidly out of place collar pen that's constantly scraping against his skin under his shirt, yet another screenshot of Steve looking like a smug douche, and Steve showing a Wolrdstar Hiphop-style clip of a guy and girl fight on a train and only showing the guy's retaliation to being beat.

In episode 324, Steve continues to make his channel into the I hate Trump Channel with daily bitching about every single minute event that happens to the Oompa Loompa politician. He got butthurt because somebody wrote a poem about Trump, which he considered vulgar. So he wrote a vulgar catty limerick - which he defensively added the disclaimer that the only reason it sucks is because Trump sucks... What? You know, limericks, the kiddie poems most of us had to write in grade school? Pathetically, he barely even rhymed it while trying to spice it up with alliteration and other things that totally defeats the purpose of the syllable and rhythm structure of a freaking limerick. This is all he can do anymore, answer safe toothless questions, like whether he likes figs or not, joke about the weather and make grade school poems calling the president a meanie doo-doo head. All while smugly patting himself on the back and laughing at his own "jokes", because there's nobody else to do it for him. Sad. Low energy.

There once was a man named Steve Shives.
So nervous, he broke out in hives.
He laid in his bed, realized that he's wed
and gave up the rest of his lives.
— Paul the Master Poet
In episode 328, they went over his smugest video yet, where he reveals he goes by the philosophy that if you have a "bad idea", you need to de-platformed because society as a whole doesn't benefit from giving that bad idea any more attention. Who gets to decide what is a bad idea, you may ask? Shut up, that's a fallacy according to Rational Wiki, blocked. He totally doesn't want to silence people he hates (yes he does), but that they should only be allowed to shout their beliefs on an "apple crate on the streets, not a university". When in reality if he had that way, even that platform would be considered crate privilege or something and punch them off their crate. Basically an expansion of the belief he stubbornly holds where nobody should debate feminism, because feminism has been "proven right". This idea has nothing in relation to the beliefs the Nazi Party had to burning books containing "bad ideas".

In episode 331, Steve hiked into the wilderness to get away from the harpy and do a video gloating about Milo Yiannopoulos being shunned and smeared. Or at least the peasants would have gotten to that topic, if Steve didn't spend over twelve minutes rambling nervously for a clearly defensive laugh-the-fear-away joke about how he's afraid he could die out in the middle of the wilderness. Prattling on and on while looking like a jittery chihuahua and laughing at his own jokes as he always does. It's a wonder if he even tries to leave his home to get the mail without a bulletproof vest. TJ commented that if he was "stabbed by a wild animal", they wouldn't even send out a search party. Especially when his wife Ashley would probably describe him as a "privileged misogynist holder of a penis with a sexist music collection that I guess I was related to" instead of the very flattering narcissistic description Steve was making about his "bad-ass Batman watch" in his video in case this was his last known recording - sadly not. TJ was about to go over a rant he recently did surreptitiously insulting him without calling TJ out, but Ben hilariously derailed the boring conversation with pictures of the old Tim Black art contest he found moving files to Nemesis.

In episode 373, Steve rambled once again about the US being a rape culture - but definitely not Islam. The one unique twist to this was when Steve vaguely called out people that "pause his videos" to make stupid retorts to his perfect statements that he all but dismissed as all "glib attempts at a retort that are all both fallacious as they are facile" - somebody's read a copy of Intellectual Words for Dummies. He then delivered the most hilarious phrase of butthurt he possibly could by saying "You're welcome, Content Parasites!" after giving an actual hiss of resentment and giving the haters a nice facial (giggidy) to pause and screenshot. Remember guys, he totally doesn't watch or care about videos that make fun of him. It was just a coincidence that he blocked The Bible Reloaded hours after they made a comment on TJ's video about him.

Supreme Truth

[Steve] bemoans my popularity, as if it's an indictment against all of Atheism. Well guess what, Steve. You don't get to fucking decide what people listen to. You don't get to fucking decide what voices rise up above the fray. The people do. They make their own decisions. And the decision that they've made is pretty fucking clear. I gained 38,000 subscribers in the last 30 days. You lost 79. While I'm rocketing towards a million subs, you're slowly counting back down to fucking zero. You are in no position, whatsoever, to speak for this community. They've heard your voice and they've found it a grating offense to their fucking ears. Even those who once saw fit to subscribe to you are slowly but surely wandering away... wandering away in search of someone more fucking interesting, someone less hypocritical, someone who has the courage to practice what he preaches, someone who doesn't censor all dissent, someone who isn't afraid to change his mind when he's fucking wrong. And I know it hurts you to hear it, Steve, and that's why I'm going to say it loud and proud, that someone is me. I'm better at this than you are. I'm better at this than you were. I'm better at this, than you're ever going to fucking be. And I know that in your shitty little heart, that's what bothers you the most of all. And by the way, even though I have all of these fucking subscribers and all of these fans, and my channel metrics are good, I still don't presume to speak for these people. I speak for myself. They decide what they agree with and what they don't. But I'll tell you what, Steve, you were right about one thing, we cannot be a community that supports proud, toxic, incorrigible bigots, and that is exactly why no one watches you.
TJ on Steve Shives[5]
Now, I'm not saying [X], I'm just saying [long winded disingenuously diplomatic-sounding sophistry that does mean X].
— His absolute favorite phrase. His equivalent to situashuns and induviduls, if you will.

Long story short, Steve is authoritarian left; very VERY obnoxiously authoritarian left. Like, to the point that your average liberal looks like a corn-shucking hillbilly burning a rainbow flag compared to him.Steve blatantly lied about the Chapel Hill Shootings, claiming all evidence pointed to it being a ideologically based attack. In truth, it was actually over a fucking parking dispute, but hey, we need another reason to say someone's oppressed, so yeah. Steve has also promoted Jenny McDermott because, according to his own words, she makes "the most awesomely, weird funny videos" that are "indescribable" and "wonderfully, beautifully strange" and even funded her Gofundme scam over helping save Galen's life.

...either grow up and learn to accept the fact that we live in a society where there is gender inequality and where it disadvantages WOMEN and that that is a problem that needs to be addressed or coddle off to the Men's Rights Movements Subreddits and bitch and moan with the other guys who are upset at the unfair divorce settlement or because they never get to see their kids or because the girl they like won't go out with them.
— Being the Un-bigoted open-minded humanist he claims to be.
He also hates the Men's Rights Movement with a burning white passion of a thousand newborn stars and calls them all women-haters[6] and rape apologists. Even going so far as to smugly mock those that lost children in unfair divorce settlements, multiple times too. Even though there are women in the movement and one can just observe that obviously not all MRAs hate women and have some legitimate points, but hey, why let facts get in the way of stubborn smug superiority and hatred. Like most feminists and SJWs, he calls anyone who even remotely criticizes the gigantic amounts of bullshit he spews to be an MRA, even if that person is actually egalitarian and focuses on the issues of both sexes, instead of having a massive bias only towards one. Sometimes even saying egalitarianism is just a synonym for the men's rights movement subhumans. He has also stated in the description of a video over a year ago that he would stop producing entire videos about the topic of the movement,[7] but has gone back on his word[8] over and over and over again.
Where Steve Shives really is on the Political Compass
Shives also employs a rule of not starting drama on the internet by not talking bad about other YouTubers. Of course this is a big fat lie, he absolutely loves to make videos about all the most popular people he hates to the point that it's a majority of his new videos over his other usual subjects of social justice, hating Trump, hating the right wing, oh... and I guess atheism if he ever gets around to it. The loophole he uses to keep saying he hates drama so much is to almost never say that person's name, but make it very very clear who he's talking about. A particular video Steve has made over and over again with Keane, Martelli or Mario levels of insane obsessive repetition is a video pleading with the atheist movement to not only employ social justice, feminism and humanism, but also to excommunicate those that refuse to comply. Conveniently, that only includes people he hates that are more popular than him.
A best seller with his stuffed animals.

A common slimy phrase he loves to use is to first say "I'm not saying", followed by something insidious and evil, then follow it up with "I'm just saying" followed by basically the thing he said he wasn't saying in a sophist apologetic tone. An example would be "I'm not saying we should silence atheists that don't accept social justice... I'm just saying that people that don't accept social justice are deplorable and are weighing this movement down and maybe we should consider not listening to them and not letting them have a voice." or "I'm not saying I hate MRAs and anti-feminists... but those individuals that oppose feminism and or advocate more or equally for men's and woman's right instead of just women are the worse subhuman scum of humanity and I not-not dislike them strongly and totally don't wish to put them all in death camps.". Two other Shivesisms are "fowks" to describe a group of people, sounding like a yuppy straight from Reefer Madness and "blllllaaaatnt" as an adjective to follow any number of exaggerated terms such as "misogynist(s)", "racist(s)", or "religious bigot(s)".

Steve is known for employing Creationist-esque tactics such as blocking thousands of Twitter and Facebook accounts either manually or with bots, deleting YouTube comments, and other ways to avoid any type of discussion or criticism. As well as other bullshit like flat out lies/anecdotes pushed as un-cited facts. On June 12th of 2015, Steve banned TL;DR from his Twitter despite them never interacting with each other on the site [9] as well as blocking every single person that follows him via a bot. This most likely occurred since TL;DR destroyed Steve's shitty feminist logic in the video "Steve Shives Doesn't Understand The Men's Rights Movement" [10]. Steve has also banned Sargon of Akkad and his followers from his twitter for pointing out the fact that Steve doctored a photo to portray the MRM as a violent movement. In fact, thousands of people from those that have never talked to him, mentioned his username in tweets, or even tweeted at all have been blocked by Steve; meaning that he probably uses a ridiculously broad vote bot to block people just for following people he disagrees with and blocked, of course.

Steve Shives also has a series of videos where, to help give off the impression that he isn't a stubborn self righteous prick, he has mock debates with stuffed animals. He gives each stuffed animal a one note personality (Hurr Durr it's funny cuz da bear is Irish and drunk) except for one. The only likable (by design, not by execution) stuffed animal is named Stuffy, who is a feminist and Islam apologist like Steve who just so happens to be right all the time as the plot demands it. He has used this formula of arguing against one step above a literal strawman to discuss GamerGate, Ben Affleck's fuck-tarded "debate" with Bill Maher, and many other stupid fucking opinions only a liberal dufous like Steve could hold. Truly, Steve is the definition of the feminist echo chamber. Despite Steve's feminist "butt-fuckery" and shitty feminist positions, Steve does make pretty good atheist videos. His 'five stupid things' series was also well received before "stupid" became too triggering, though one starts to have doubts when accidentally watching the follow up feminist video on the playlist.

He has recently taken up the crusade of wanting to purge atheism of all the misogyny, racism and "religious bigotry" (disagreeing with Islam because all Muslims are brown and it's racist, but not racist to assume all Muslims are brown... logic) a majority of the movement has; according to him anyway. What he really means is to get everyone to shun and bully atheists off the internet who happen to be anti-feminists, anti-Saint Anita, anti-BLM, anti-SJW, or anybody he hates and/or is more popular than him. Which totally didn't try to happen before and failed miserably with PZ Meyers-senpai. His many many many declarations of an ethnic cleansing always include many passive aggressive jabs at TJ, Sargon of Akkad and Thunderf00t, even to the point of demonizing people that don't hate their guts and even people who are neutral to the issue.

He also likes to shout out "fowlks" who he deems worthy of the mantle of atheism, whom are all social justice people that are usually just as bad or even worse than what he accuses the "unworthy" atheists as. This includes such gems as:

  • A tumblr SJW that says even Laci Green is [insert every -ist buzzword ever]
  • One that says Islamic terrorism is a-OK because we don't want to offend them by telling them to stop killing people
  • One of Black Hitler's cultists that fights racism by saying all white people are subhuman filth
  • Male neckbearded feminist Kevin Logan that called female anti-feminist Shoe0nHead a cunt, cum-bucket and attention whore
  • Jenny McDermott, known doxxer, slanderer, false flagger, scammer and an actual attention horse.
  • Laughing Witch, the lady that tried to get Thinderf00t fired/arrested by lying and sending out letters saying he was a Nazi.
  • Kristi Winters, the living incarnation of smugness with a citation fetish that thinks her bowel movements smell like frankincense and myrrh and everything she says is not opinion, but fact, because she has a PHD. Such as saying a sarcastic Tweet or joke cannot be considered sarcasm or a joke without a hashtag or a citation. She also recently helped dox Bearing.
  • The Bible Reloaded. redacted and excommunicated because they disagreed with him - a cardinal sin.

Steve has recently gone on a massive crusade against any and all criticism of Islam. To the point that he's joined the mantra of "Everything that disagrees with Islam is Is-llama-phobia!" even though he himself being an atheist that does not believe in the divinity of Allah falls under that very criteria. But then again, that's one of the commandments of the church of SJWs: "Do onto others, but do not let them do onto you." He has also adopted this exact same dogma for Black Lives Matter, where any and all criticism to the group that trashes and burns cities is just racism.

Steve is always on about how LGBT people have no representation in the atheist community while TJ, the most popular atheist on YouTube, is bisexual. However, they don't acknowledge him because he's a pesky outlier that fucks with his narrative, so he's the equivalent to a "house nigger" that needs a good lynching. He's like Steve's worst nightmare, he wakes up in a cold sweat at night fearing for his safe space until his wife lets him know he's sexist for having a space for himself since he's a man, then he falls back to sleep after a proper spank.

He has now stupidly retired his "5 Stupid Things" series in place of "5 ______ Things", replacing ______ with any and all safe, toothless, buzzword-like, PC-approved adjectives. His reason for this can be seen in his "5 Harmful Things About Ableism" video where words like "stupid", "lame", "dumb", etc are way too offensive to him the "differently intelligent" and therefore as ableist as kicking a handicapped guy out of his wheelchair for cutting in line. Many predict that he will soon retire his "An Atheist Reads" series because reading is ableist towards the illiterate and dyslexic.

The most despicable thing about his disturbed beliefs is not so much that he even has any of them, but that he actively and openly wishes for everyone else to have these beliefs, or else. He actively says that he wishes to silence and police opposing views and actively dissuades what little fans he still has from having any semblance of an open mind. Instead basically forming a cult-like authoritarian mentality that is possibly just a way for him to have control over something while clearly having absolutely no control over his real life with his control freak spouse.

People He Has Blocked



The face of somebody about one microaggression from stamping on your dick with her stiletto heels. Happy wife - happy life indeed.
I think you are secretly sexist... just look at your music collection!
— This is how Steve's wife says "I love you".
Steve Shives is one lucky man because he's landed an awfully plain feminist woman named Ashley Hutson (notice she kept her original name, that's a red flag already) who's a 5 at best and seems to enjoy looking bored as shit while watching Steve vigilantly to make sure he doesn't say something out of turn in case she might need to lock him in the basement as punishment. Their relationship is less of a marriage, but more of a cage made of fire that Steve shall remain forever trapped in.
After making her tea that wasn't black enough.
Steve and Ashley's bonding sessions mainly involve either Steve getting on his knees to massage her bunions, or talking about how gender is portrayed in films and TV. These conversations are grating to watch because it involves Steve nervously trying not to offend her. It's so bad that Steve even asks her if him liking the show Angel over Buffy is sexist, which she answers affirmatively because the main character's a dude. She doesn't even consider that he might enjoy one over the other because of preferences in terms of writing, characters or tone; it's all penis with her. She even admits she gives him crap over the gender parity of his book and music collection.
Simpsons predicted Ashley's ideal movie, Illuminati confirmed!

Ashley hates action movies, superhero movies and all things fun that do not pass the Anita Sarkeesian redefined Bechdel Test. She despises Star Wars so much that she didn't even let Steve cosplay for the seventh movie, which she obviously wasn't going to watch anyway. It's a wonder how he even made it out of the dungeon to go see it. The only piece of media she has ever mentioned without sneering disinterest was Buffy and the shitty live action Wonder Woman series. Her ideal movie is a black person and a white person getting together and already getting along at the start of the story and doing nothing but holding hands and agreeing with each other for two and a half hours with absolutely no conflict; because it reminds us bad things happen in real life. Her idea of a music/book collection is an equal amount of male and women authors/composers (or preferably a majority women, let's not kid ourselves here) sorted alphabetically and by privilege vs progressive stack.

Also of note, she seems to have the exact same mass-block bot as her hubby.

His Sycophant Loyal Fanbase; Sychofans, if you will.

Okay, now it's starting to get creepy.

The lobotomized drones that still cling to Steve's content without being blocked or having their comments removed are quite the sight to behold. Imagine either a YouTube comment section version of North Korea, and/or a small army of SJW-Pomjams that praise and compliment him for every single video Steve makes five days a week without any single hint of negativity, less they be executed on site. Good luck trying to even have a civil conversation with any of them in the comments, because one really petty thing Steve likes to do is block people's channels so that all of their comments on his videos are removed for even minor discourse. Leaving behind only his loyal Sycofans replying to nobody.

He's so meticulous about what he'll communicate with them, that his multiple-hour-long Q&A videos consist of mostly harmless milquetoast questions like "Tomatoes or cabbage?", "Do you like figs?", "How is the weather?", "Do you know the way to San Jose?", "Does Donald Trump suck?". No seriously, all of those are real. He says the smartest commenter he's ever had is Kevin Logan... Kevin, fucking, "anti-feminist women cunts are cumbuckets" Logan.

They've gotten to the point where some are even fantasizing about anti-SJWs dying en masse. You know, just like those conservative Christians that passive aggressively wish death upon all the gays. By Steve's own logic about YouTube hosts being completely responsible for the hate and toxicity of absolutely every single one of their followers, Steve supports people threatening to kill anti-SJWs. Think about it, he approves comments wishing death upon anyone that disagrees with him. Feel free to try and call him out, if you ever can.

People's (Blocked) Criticism

Steve being confronted by Livelife8072, he stood his ground about as well as Joseph Martelli.
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  • The name of his cringe-worthy theme song is Kevin MacLeod ~ Look Busy.[12]
  • He has officially blocked more people on Twitter than Sweden's official account and they went out of their way to block Pewdiepie and 14,000 others.
  • Steve has said that the happiest moments of his life were voting for Obama twice, going to the Reason Rally and wearing a pussy hat at the Women's March. Hilariously not a single word about his wedding.
  • He has not only a Count of Monte Cristo-level hate-obsession with Trump, but also a really creepy infatuation with Obama. To the point that he not only made a eulogy once Obama's second term was up, but also keeps a photo in his house of the entire family. We cannot confirm or deny that he has a shrine to Valerie Solanas in a closet as well.
  • Richard Dawkins gave Steve Shives a shoutout, proving even the world's most beautiful man can make mistakes.[13] In return, Steve said he deserved to be bullied into a stroke and leave Tritter over retweeting a Sargon retweet of SyeTenAthiest's "I am an Islamist and I am a Feminist" video. Also blocked him.
  • Steve is so obscure and pathetic, that he barely lost any subscribers in the latest YouTube subscriber purge.
  • He's so butthurt about TJ being more popular than him, that he says he actively wants to make his channel go away if he had the power to do so.
  • He flags every video about him; they never get taken down, thank goodness.
  • He wouldn't give a single red cent to save Galen's life, but he donated a ridiculous amount to Jenny McDermott and Laughing Witch's duplicitous Go Fund Me scams.
  • He has the kind of face that practically begs you to punch it.
    Shives summed up in one mem.
  • Kraut and tea revealed in the chat of an episode of ԀP that Steve Shives is not a cuck because his wife makes him get fucked by big black veiny throbbing dick.
  • He is a friend of The Bible Reloaded and has collaborated with Hugo and Jake on 3 separate occasions [14] [15] [16]. Thankfully, ever since The Bible Reloaded surpassed Steve's stationary subscriber count they have kept contact to a minimum, possibly because even they couldn't stand him and were just using Steve to leech off his fan base. They absolutely can't stand him, as of now.
  • Before his marriage, Steve Shives created a profile on the casual sex hookup site,, using the pseudonym nightwingwilson. The profile includes photos of Shives nude, showcasing his grossly underdeveloped body with a bush the size of a catcher's mitt, the complexion and build of a raw breadstick that fell on a hairy carpet, and that he's as big as a thumb.
  • Steve Shives also serenaded The Bible Reloaded in a seductive Marilyn Monroe to JFK-esque fashion [17]. TBR awarded him best rendition despite the fact that Creationist Cat and Armoured Skeptic did a clearly better rendition.
  • He has blocked three-quarters of Twitter.
  • He has made a 5 Stupid Things video about himself, his hometown, his pussywhipping marriage, Atheism and his YouTube channel but refuses to make "5 Stupid Things About Feminism" because criticizing Feminism is Haram.
  • He has also now made a video about the wage gap that was DP'd by Sargon of Akkad. 100% believing every single manipulated, inflated and exaggerated myth about it. Acting like a fusion of The Vigilant Christian and Ryan Wiley in terms of paranoid theories, and narrow-minded smugness. Even using the same closing argument of "I am right and if you just do the research I do, then you'll agree with me." as Mario.
  • He won't debate Sargon, he won't go on ԀP and he won't even acknowledge TL;DR's existence... but he will debate a somewhat inexperienced female GamerGate supporter that doesn't have all her facts as straight as his. Or "interview" a guy that shares the exact same opinions he does so he can use it as a platform to be a catty bitch to whoever the two both hate.
  • If you are reading this, you are blocked from his Twitter. 
  • It must be noted that he is in fact not a cuck. His wife is such a tight snatched sneering void of joy, pleasure, and fun that she will not have sex with anything besides the corner of a copy of Scum Manifesto; let alone a disgusting man of any kind.  
  • Shives on a regular basis.
    If you follow someone he doesn't like on Twitter, you are blocked.
  • At this point, it's rarer to not be blocked by Steve than to be blocked by him.
  • He looks like a castrated, boring and redneck-free version of Dusty Smith.
  • TJ has said that he feels sorry for him.
  • Steve likes the Brandon Routh's version of Superman over Henry Cavill's.
  • He talks about his gay/women/non-white/trans friends as if they were trophies or badges of honor. Either that or talking about said nameless totally-real friends as much as a racist talks about their totally-real black friend that agrees with them.
  • As seen at the recent dumpster fire that was the Reason Rally he is extremely gaunt. Probably from his mistress making him fast for his privilege.
  • On episode 256 it is revealed that Ben thinks Steve is a "total snatch of a man".[18]
  • This page was featured in the Information Segment of Episode 254.
  • He was so butthurt about people visiting his SocialBlade, that he tried to hide his statistics of his plummeting subscriber count until what little fans he still has and can't afford to lose complained. It's just a matter of time until he also hides his subscriber count on YouTube and smugly pretends it doesn't bother him when it's very obvious it does.
  • He has a few similarities to the much maligned and fellow aggressive male SJW, Tom Preston. In that both had an arguably popular internet presence before turning their media platform into nothing more than a cringy narcissistic soapbox.


(Also blocked.)