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TJ Kirk

Date of invention

January 3rd, 2014


Making life interesting for a change.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Smoke Pan Everyday!
— A slogan of the Drunken Peasants.[1]

Pan is a mem of the Drunken Peasants, essentially being slang for cannabis. The term originates from the No Bullshit Podcast, in which the peasants played a Fox News video where the reporter kept referring to weed as pot. From then on the peasants would forever refer to it as pan in a mockery of Fox News (based on the kitchenware pots and pans). It is a hallucinogen that causes severe aggression and hysteria and has been a factor in almost every rape and murder that has ever occurred. Despite this factual evidence, the heathens at DP still support it both for recreational and medical use, likely so everyone will become as degenerate as them.

The peasants often smoke pan during The Break and often live on the show as well. Pan is usually smoked using their prized bong, Vader, with Ben being the objectively most skilled pan-smoker on the show, able to clear entire bowls in a single bound. Whenever the peasants smoke pan, the YouTube Chat genuinely seems concerned that they are dying. During August of 2016, the peasants moved from Columbus to the pan-haven of Seattle, where the stuff grows on every street corner. Ever since, they have had more regular access to weed and talk about it more openly on the podcast.

Smoke Pan Every Day

"Smoke Pan Every Day" is an iconic slogan of Drunken Peasants. It is inspired by a line at the end of Nate Dogg's verse in "The Next Episode". The original line was "smoke weed everyday" before the witty minds at DP decided to replace it with pan. The Drunken Peasants' first piece of merchandise was inspired by the slogan and remains their most iconic and high sold piece of merchandise, the same design was later used to make a hoodie. It is less common in later episodes, although it lives on through the original shirt and pan leaves being featured in most recent thumbnails. In addition, it serves as the official motto of the Drunken Peasants Wiki, as without copious amounts of pan smoked by degenerate fans, the idea for this website could have never been possible. The official hashtag is #Smoke_Pan_Everyday on Twitter.[2]


Main article: StrainsULove

After their move from Columbus to the hallowed grounds of Seattle, the peasants decided to create a brand new segment dedicated to smoking and reviewing different strains of weed. The peasants occasionally review other pan-based products such as weed soda or edibles. Ben has even mentioned finding a sex lube infused with THC, which is presumed to have a role in a potential sequel to BananaGate. Although the peasants already consumed legendary amounts of cannabis, this is the first time they were actually allowed to call it weed instead of just pan or legal tobacco being that they don't have to worry about the feds busting down their door during a podcast or while TJ takes a shit unlike Ohio.


  • It is was the first inside joke ever made on the show.
  • Scotty once passed out from trying to do two dabs (concentrated doses of pan) in a row.[3]
  • 420 is somewhat of a national holiday for pan smokers or, according to ADoseOfBuckley, a way of celebrating their "weakness" of being addicted to pan (Albeit only around 9% of pan smokers are actually addicted). Even though it's advised to smoke pan everyday, this day is specifically dedicated to only pan smoking. No breathing, no eating, nothing except for 24 hours of pure THC.
    • Two episodes of Drunken Peasants have fallen on 420.
  • TJ has almost passed out from Vader a couple times.
  • Jenny McDermott used to smoke pan on a daily basis to deal with aftermath of the sexual abuse she endured as a child. I'm not joking. This isn't part of our low-brow humor. She actually admitted this.[4]
  • According to the Necronomnicon, cannabis is the only substance in physical reality that is not a drug, with every other substance in existence being classified as one. See rule No. 14
    • 1. Drugs are bad, m'kay?
    • 2. Addiction is a symptom, not an illness
    • 3. Any sufficiently large dose of any drug is indistinguishable from nutmeg
    • 4. Always assume that at least two-thirds of the powder is sugar
    • 5. LSD feels just like your mom thinks weed does
    • 6. DMT feels just like your mom thinks LSD does
    • 7. DMT can never be described by human vocabulary with any degree of accuracy
    • 8. If it's brown, flush it down, if it's white, it's all right.
    • 9. Even baking soda is more potent than British street speed
    • 10. No matter how close you get, you WILL NOT ever catch the dragon.
    • 11. It would be better for one to have a red-hot knife plunged in the gullet than to having devoured an ounce of nutmeg.
    • 12. Nobody tries meth just once
    • 13. Alcohol is always the gateway drug
    • 14. Everything except cannabis is a drug
    • 15. You shall never waste good acid
    • 16. If you think it's a heart attack, you can be sure it is not a heart attack
    • 17. Bath salts won't make you peel your face off. They only make the experience feel enjoyable
    • 18. If you don't need to inject it, you can't have a drug problem
  • The existence of pan is an undeniable proof of a divine creator.
  • The Vigilant Christian got caught using pan in July 2014.
  • Scotty, TJ, and Ben deem pan immoral and a device of Satan.
  • There was a film from 2015 called Pan, but it was misleading as it was just some shitty Peter Pan adaption.
  • Pan is now legal in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.