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The peasants preparing to move into a segment.
Uh... moving on.
— Ben.

Segments are a central part to the show structure that makes up the Drunken Peasants. As the show has gone on, the segments have contributed more and more to keeping the show on track. Originally, the show only involved two segments at most per episode, though the show has evolved over time to a more segment-based format, as a result they are important to understand the podcast. The most prominent segments are DP Action News and Crazy People, which are featured on most modern episodes of the show. Segments are often taken in and out of rotation. As tradition, the intros are made by the talented motherfuckers in ԀP's fanbase. A list of the various segments introduced in the show's history can be found below:


The show was originally comprised only of what would become known as the News Segment, though they eventually introduced the idea of holding fan Q&A for half of the show. The Q&A was eventually changed to an infrequent segment to allow for others to be introduced, the first of which was Stupid Ads, which would replace the segment on Fridays. During 2015, the peasants began to introduce a ton of their iconic segments like Troll or Not a Troll, Crazy People, Storytime with Paul, and more. Newer segments are spread throughout the show and generally help keep everything running on track. As of August 2016, the Brett Keane Segment is the most popular among the fanbase, though it was later put on a hiatus during the first quarter of 2017.

Segments are occasionally retired, but often will make a comeback in one form or another.

List of Segments

  • Art Contests - Only appears after the peasants have initiated an art completion for their fans surrounding a given theme, usually there is a fabulous prize.
  • Counter Pointless - Two peasants square off on a point of contention with a live debate on the show.
  • Crazy People - Used to showcase all the online lunatics discovered by the peasants. Although this has technically been going on for a while, it has only recently become it's own official segment, with an intro.
  • Crazy Craigslist Ads - The peasants read ads from Craigslist, which are often sexual solicitations. Every ad is automatically believed to be true.
  • Cutting the Fat - The peasants watch old TJ Kirk and PaulsEgo videos and laugh at TJ's once pretentious bullshit.
  • DP Action News - A central segment where news related shit is played. In its original incarnation, it was the first real segment introduced to the podcast.
  • Fan Mail - TJ and company open assorted boxes of stupid bullshit their fans sent to them.
  • Feminist Slam Poetry - The peasants attempt to survive a grueling feminist ramble on while trying to be artsy, attempting to express their points seemingly in the most grating way possible.
  • Florida or Africa - TJ reads ridiculous headlines and the peasants try to guess whether it happened in Florida or in Africa.
  • Indivijul Brett Keane Segment Situation - An entire segment dedicated to roasting the Butt King. Keane has made an insane amount of videos responding to the peasants, stirring shit on YouTube, or just doing everyday breached manatee activities. As a result, he is ripe for material and the segment is among the most popular in the show's history
  • Information Segment - The hosts pick a random article from this very wiki to read to their audience. Writing about a segment that talks about this wiki inside the wiki? How meta. [1]
  • Pokémon Hotline - A spontaneous event interrupting the Brett Keane Segment in which the peasants attempt to get tips about Pokémon Go, though it always seems to result in a story about Keane or his hometown Festus, Missouri.
  • Post Show - A retired audio-only segment primarily hosted on SoundCloud. The post show gave a behind-the-scenes look into how the peasants are after DP. This was retired due to the peasants being too fucking lazy to do it. It is set to return once the peasants move into their new studio space stop being lazy fucks, so never.
  • Q&A - The peasants take videos submitted by fans of the show and answer questions asked in them. The segment was retired due to lack of good content.
  • Shilling Segment - A regular segment of the show in which the peasants tell their peasants about the shit they need to know, including announcements, their badass merchandise, ect. The peasants used to use a fanmade intro before the shilling, before it was eventually retired. Despite this, the segment is still technically around during the breaks. 
  • Storytime With Paul - A segment initially featured one day a week where Paul's Ego takes center stage as he retells stories about his adventures through life. 
  • StrainsULove - A segment where the peasants review various strains of weed.
  • Stupid Ads - The peasants watch advertisements that are so ridiculously stupid that it's funny. ԀP plays a game in which they attempt to guess the price of an object before the commercial ends. It is always $14.95, even if the ad says differently.
  • The Break - Takes place between the show where the peasants play music and do whatever the fuck they want for a little while.
  • Troll or Not a Troll - A segment in which an exceptionally out there video is played, and the hosts as well as any guests on the show vote to decide whether or not they believe it's a troll or actually retarded. It is currently on a hiatus.
  • Vader - A sentient bong owned by Ben from which the peasants ritually smoke pan or legal tobacco out of during every podcast. It is known to briefly turn the show into the patent-pending Coughing Peasants Podcast.
  • White Guilt - The congenial liberal heathens at the Drunken Peasants express copious amounts of regret for making the terrible, terrible mistake of being born privileged white dudes.

Other Segments

  • Afterthoughts with TJ - A segment utilized only in the edited version of episode 343. During this segment, TJ explained an interesting story about a very drunken Scotty and Paul taking place after the show, being that he was the sober one left behind to edit.
  • Reenacting Rush - A very early segment on the show in which Ben and TJ would do an impression of an interview Rush Limbaugh had with his live viewers, with Ben taking the role as Rush. It was created largely because the peasants had no video in early episodes. It was retired early on in the show's life and is one of the lesser known segments. TJ has expressed some interest in bringing it back,[2] though it never came to fruition.
  • Recreational Drug of the Day - A satire of a segment that was utilized during episode 192, though never again. The peasants intended to go down a list of all drugs day by day (in alphabetical order) and talk about their experiences with them.
  • Sibling Rivalry - A segment in which the fighting boys, Scotty and TJ, get to release all their recent frustrations on eachother. So far it has only been used during episode 342.
  • Wheel Of Torture - A single-episode segment taking place on the 300th episode, mixing BDSM with a quiz game-show. It featured PaulsEgo, Daniel Sulzbach, and Pimpmunk.


  • Ben controls the segments.
  • The peasants have discussed potential segments such a "Drunken Wager" or "Negative Feedback",[3] though neither would ever come to fruition.
  • The News Segment wasn't known as DP Action News until the most recent intro.
  • By far the most controversial debate regarding any segment is whether or not the break is truly a segment.