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Sargon of Akkad
Personal Details

37 (born September 1, 1979)

Birth place

In a state of the upmost privilege


The land of tea and scones


Bathing in feminazi tears

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Sargon of Akkad


Sargon of Akkad

Physical attributes
Eye colour

Ocean blue

Hair colour

Brown. He also has a majestic beard with some gray in it.

Reality has an anti-feminist bias
— Sargon's take on real life.[1]
Carl Benjamin is an English YouTuber most well-known as the evil misogynist King of the Patriarchy. He is a sexist by merit of his critiques of various religions of peace, such as Feminism, Islam, Black Lives Matter, and Communism. Known on YouTube as Sargon of Ferguson, Sargon of Godliness, or Hardon for Assad by backstabbing autistic teenagers. he makes videos giving his commentary on a number of political and social issues, all while going on the under the guise of a liberal. What a shitlord! A lot of people in the fanbase tend to argue about Sargon's political leanings, despite him having some clearly left-leaning beliefs, he also leans towards a nationalistic perspective. Despite being very politically active, Sargon has never heard of anything regarding climate change.[2]


I don't think any political position makes you a bad person.
— Sargon rekts some talking warthog.[3]
His channel name and profile picture is based on Sargon the Great, the Mesopotamian ruler who created the first established empire in history, the Akkadian Empire. But you don't care about that. You watch him for his SJW pwnage videos. It is said in legends that he is actually the 2nd coming of Sargon The Great. In reality, he's just a fat yet sexy, bearded bastard with too many things to say. He tends to not give a fuck about other people's shitty feelings and is great at destroying feminist rhetoric. He also has a series called "This Week In Stupid" where he beats the fuck out of propaganda from every hemisphere of the Internet. He also does numerous Google hangouts with YouTubers and other figures he finds entertaining, important, relevant, etc. Notable guests include Razorfist, Kraut and Tea, and Kyle Kulinski.

Sargon is not above talking to these SJWs directly, being open to having people of all different viewpoints on his channel if they are willing to express their opinion and have a discourse. Sargon even invited the horse-faced Jenny McDermott to come on a live stream and discuss Feminism with him. She turned it down because he's a dirty rapist with actual integrity. [4] Sargon has also hosted livestreams in which he had genuine conversations with people on the right-wing, including Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, and even Adam Baldwin. [5][6]

On Drunken Peasants

Sargon appeared as a guest on Drunken Peasants Podcast in episode 109 and it was without doubt that he would eventually return in the future for further appearances as the audience would classify him as one of the best guests. He is a huge fanatic of history, especially ancient history and the history of pwning France.

Sargon made another guest appearance in episode 141, and then another appearance on episode 257.

Sargon's fourth appearance was on episode 359, and a portion of it was spent discussing his controversial political stances. The episode received noticeably more dislikes than most episodes, and fans seem to have garnered a mixed opinion of Sargon this time.


2016 Presidential Election

Sargon came to the conclusion, much to many idiots' dismay, that Hillary Clinton was a cancer upon the republic of the United States and if it were allowed to grow, it would cause the fall of the republic much like the fall of Rome. Of course this is speculation, but given that there's historical precedent of corruption ending republics, it was reasonable to come to that conclusion. This had led many people to think he supported Donald Trump, when in fact his only real position on the US election was that Hillary must lose, and he most likely had supported the Democrat if it were ANYONE other than Clinton.[7] But of course, preferring Trump to Clinton is outright herresy and gets your liberal™ badge taken away.


Sargon, unlike Thunderf00t, whom he had debated on this subject, was in support Brexit. Arguing that the European Union was a governing body that made laws for the British people without the people electing proper representatives, meaning they were being governed without representatives of their choice, which they did not sign up for when they joined what was supposed to be an economic union. To some detractors, opposing such a governing body making laws without your consent makes him a form of fascist British redneck. In 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May called to hold an early election in attempt to strengthen her party's influence in the upcoming Brexit. As a result, Sargon has encouraged his British followers to vote for the Conservatives in 2017 over the issue, despite himself never having done so in the past nor ever having planned to prior to this.[8]


Leigh Alexander is not exempt to criticism based on her being a girl. That's fucking sexist, Joe. Women are full and equal partners in this world, you do not simply get to dismiss them on the grounds of their sex. They are fully adult human beings, Joe, and must be treated as such.
— Sargon being a terrible sexist in response to Angry Joe whiteknighting Leigh Alexander.[9]
This is coming from an Irish Muslim, so when you call him a terrorist, that's probably accurate.
— Sargon showing his racism.[10]
Hmmm. Could be Jews, couldn't it?
— Sargon tries to pick apart Stromfront from Social Justice.[11]
Oh, and remember to use the fucking wiki! It's really, really good.
— Sargon talking about the GamerGate Wiki. [12]
Sargon battling the forces of evil.


  • Sargon of Akkad fucks Steven Crowder in the ass, and makes him humble.
  • If you're not interested in ripping apart Feminism, you'd probably think he's boring as fuck.
  • He has a son: Daniel of Akkad. [13]
  • At the age of 24, he broke the record for youngest man to ever ascend to the status of Grand Wizard of The Patriarchy.
  • He has a sexy beard.
  • He is part of the Glorious PC Master Race.[14]
  • He uses a 6 year old laptop. Holy balls!
  • His dick is not as big as it is old.[15]
  • He's into archery. [16]
  • Twitter feminists are obsessed with him, constantly badgering him and claiming he hates women - what a fucking shock.
  • He gives SJWs shit for being warthogs, yet is a portly fellow himself.
  • He lived in Germany for about five years.[17]
  • Apparently, numerous SJWs have contacted his partner in an attempt to make her break up with him.
  • Many progressives have accused him of being right-wing, even though he is not. He even did the stupid political compass test.
  • The alluring English accent is actually all just a ruse. His real voice actually sounds exactly like Eric Cartman.
  • He once triggered a bunch of retard alt righters by sending them interracial gay porn. There was even an article on Heatstreet written about it.



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