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Rybi Jenkins
A real grill gamer
A real grill gamer
Personal Details
  • Gamer
  • Artist
  • Voice Actress
  • Animator
  • Professional Ass Eater


Birth date

November 19th, 1990

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Rybi Jenkins




Rybi Jenkins



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I do! I eat tons of ass!
— Rybi Jenkins[1]

Rybi "At Least I Have Chicken"[2] Jenkins, also known as Ribeye Jenkins by PaulsEgo, is a Twitch streamer, ass-eater, juggalo, and professional woman. She is much of the DP Subreddit's equivalent to Lucifer. She was utilized during the Crazy Craigslist Ads for a time before the segment was retired again. She is one of the most polarizing figures within the Drunken Peasants fanbase. The controversy surronding her is heavily related to the drama regarding Egghead's GoFundMe scandal.


We don't have to write our own description, as Scotty already accurately predicted one during episode 267. She eats ass exclusively for a living[3] and is known worldwide as an ass-eater[4] that has eaten ass in every country and continent of the world.[5] For free![6]

On Drunken Peasants

My blue-haired squeaky goddess, yes!
— TJ Kirk[7]

Rybi's first mention was in episode 265, where Ben read a chat message from her about how Egghead likes to suck on his sister's big cock. Rybi's first appearance was on episode 267 to read the Crazy Craigslist segment, in which she read sweat-inducing erotic ads in some of her high pitch voices. Some ads include people looking for: piss play, logs of shit, satanic sex rituals, extreme fetishes, and more. Paul's dick was at full mast during the whole segment for some unspecified reason and he later claimed that same night he would dream of a bunny rabbit fucking him on a satanic altar.[8]

Halfway through the show she accidentally muted herself for a bit, though she gave zero fucks and just had a giggle over it. She later brought up her favorite type of sandwich, which led to TJ getting an erection as well. She also asked Scotty about his phobia of Egghead and revealed he is a huge Scotty fan that has a shrine to the Kaiser.

She was initially a pretty popular guest on the show and the fans unanimously agreed she was at least way better than Egghead, who was being a salty motherfucker in the chat the whole time, although he later formally apologized to her. She was mentioned again during the following episode, this is also where the peasants talked about Egghead being jealous and further offered her a position as part of the Crazy Craigslist Ads, a segment that lasted until the peasants' move to Seattle during September of 2016.

The Sweghead Situation

In late August of 2016, Egghead opened a GoFundMe to help his wife with financial troubles, as encouraged by Rybi who later claimed she regrets the decision. It eventually came to light that the money was going towards legal fees regarding Egghead's fiancee having "tapped some kid on the head" at a daycare back in the day. Many people in the community called out the fundraiser as either dishonest or immoral which led to its' eventual closure on September 1st. Ultimately, this resulted in a "debate" between Galen and Egghead during episode 275.

Some of the community gained disdain for Rybi over essentially taking Egghead's side during the debacle, though she had since admitted it was poor mistake and she would have acted differently with the information she knows now.[9]

Jesus: The Eternal Bridegroom

The peasants seemingly retired the Craigslist segment again during episode 282 and instead had Rybi return for a reading from Gail Chord Schuler's book, Jesus the Eternal Bridegroom. The first passage selected had to do with an army of massive killer dongs controlled by Gail. After her readings, the peasants talked a bit about the book and Rybi claimed it was worth the money for the fans to check out for themselves. As was expected, the YouTube Chat went fucking insane since it was Rybi's first real appearance since the Egghead situation and the DP Subreddit blew up again, likely in part to being mentioned by her.

Egghead Returns

Rybi was mentioned serveral times when the peasants brought Egghead back on for some reason during episode 343, initially because Scotty went on a massive rant about how she is a terrible person that beats children.[10] In a rare case of actually being funny, Egghead agreed that everytime he is editing one of her videos he feels the need to punch kids.[11] Ben discussed the rumors of her being a tranny which later had him bring up how all Rybi's fans seem to send her lingerie in the mail that she never wears on camera. TJ voted Rybi the worst person in existence, though Ben offers to start streaming on MyFreeCams if Rybi moves her stream there as well. Paul outright demanded that Rybi stick her rear out and show that "big fat ass" for everyone to see.[12]


I feel like a Make-A-Wish kid right now. Like, my whole dream has just been fulfilled, so i'm just real excited! I don't care, I'll eat anyone's ass right now!
— Rybi's offer to Paul.[13]
Sorry for the erections, guys!
— Her apology during episode 267.[14]
Scotty gets orn top of Egghead!
— Her proposal for fanfic writers in the fan community.[15]
I'm not trying to be an attention whore or anything...
— Rybi whoring for attention.
I once shat myself in Target.
— Inside the Discord voice channel, shared at her request.
I'm a Holocaust victim! Look how skinny I am!
— Rybi Jenkins during episode 282.[16]


  • She's your dad.
  • She is apparently responsible for securing Coppercab's guest appearance for episode 322.
  • She's a loli.
  • She was often featured on Mondays.
  • Rybi has a somewhat popular Discord server. It was mentioned during episode 293.
  • She could somehow manage to make a novelization of Schindler's List fun to listen to.
  • She has made a few guest appearances on... THE EGGHEAD SHOW!
  • She will do pissplay, ladies and gentleman.
  • The peasants accurately predicted what her DP Wiki page would look like.
  • Due to her high-pitched tones, some people in the live chat confused her for the elusive Jane Ass.
  • Paul once claimed he would be deep-dicked on an altar if Rybi read an ad for it.[17]
  • She does a ton of accents, most notably Russian.
  • Rybi once held an AMA on the DP Subreddit and received only a single question that wasn't trolling.
  • She is impossible to dislike if you have a conversation with her.
  • She's the founder of A Partnership for an Egghead-free America.
  • Ben accused her of playing Madden, which she was quick to dismiss.
  • She has agoraphobia, leading in-part to her eventual streaming career.
  • She "took Egghead's spot" on DP. Her appearance on episode 267 temporarily transformed Egghead into the saltiest man alive.[18]
  • Her natural hair colour is red, as she revealed on the 24 Hour Special.




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