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Adolf Hitler
Ryan Wiley with his math degree.
Ryan Wiley with his math degree.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Mathematical Wunderkind
  • Twitter Warrior
  • Proud leader of the Nazi Party


Political party

American Nazi Party

Political philosophy

National Socialism



Birth place

Clio, Michigan


Ann Arbor, Michigan


Reading Mein Kampf.

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Ryan Wiley


Ryan Wiley

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


Body build


I now have a Wikipedia page devoted to calling me Hitler. So that's something.

— Ryan Wiley when we had no Hitler references on his page.
Razz Jazz Wiley (also known as Ryan Whiney, The 24-Year-Old VirginThe Great White Knight of the North) is a feminist-atheist YouTuber, an antagonist of Drunken Peasants, an undercover national socialist, and the very proud owner of a Math Degree. He is perhaps DP's most well-known nu-male antagonist. Ryan is universally seen as a weasley and annoying twat that in reality doesn't have the ability to count fish. He is most prominently known for being an even bigger pussy than MrRepzion and Scotty combined, without any of the sex appeal.

Years after the Third Reich, Ryan's boring ass self made several video responses to the Drunken Peasants, all of which they covered, and has made a guest appearance on DP in regards to his criticisms of other YouTube atheists. For most of 2014 and the first half of 2015, Ryan served as one of the main antagonists of the Drunken Peasants team until he decided to formally cut ties with them (a decision DP proudly accepted). Ryan eventually returned to the fold in 2016 after a six month absence, but has since removed most of his videos and shares his mathematically supported insults on Twitter.

On Drunken Peasants


Ryan Wiley has been featured several times on DP and represents the peasants' dislike of soft, congenial social justice warriors like himself. The definition of a white knight without an original thought in his mind, Ryan has been niggered off YouTube a few times and now infrequently makes content, in the rares instance he does you can be assured it will be poorly researched with a dull delivery. During episode 195, Ben considered the possibility of welcoming Ryan back into the Drunken Peasant's rogue gallery. This was only if they could stand to sit through the video of him they were watching at the time and despite it being only 3 minutes long, the peasants skipped to the next one without hesitation. It's great to see that Ryan is always in top form, still as boring and bland as ever.

The Ryan Wiley Saga

I have a Math Degree.

— Ryan's trump card in any argument.
The Drunken Peasants crew originally covered Ryan in episode 31 where they played of his on "atheist accountability" where he basically talked shit about various popular atheist YouTubers, in no particular order. Ryan especially had an issue with Jaclyn Glenn - having made a video series dedicated to her titled "The Jaclyn Glenn Hate Train Hour" - who he suggested was only popular because of DEM TITTIES. The peasants pointed out how his video was somewhat sexist, despite him claiming to be a feminist and made fun of his arrogance fueled by a college math degree. The peasants got the strong impression Ryan was just jealous of other people's popularity and views. Ryan's response video was then featured in episode 32 which basically consisted of nothing but half-assed sarcasm with no real points being made. Ryan seemed to take massive umbrage with DP's criticism of his collared shirt which Ryan prided as a sign of working his day job that he for some reason thought was necessary to bring into his videos. Ryan eventually ditched it by episode 33 in favor of a Michigan State University shirt. His lack of collared shirts remained pretty consistent for the rest of his appearances on the show.

Let me finish.

— Jaclyn to Ryan, several times

In one epic podcast about Ryan, the Peasants had him and Jaclyn debate on the show after playing a mash-up video of him. For some reason, Ryan failed to understand why saying that Jaclyn's popularity is only due to the atheist's community having a preference for female representation over intellectuality is kind of offensive. Interestingly, Ryan also said that Jaclyn should take full advantage of her vaginal privilege.

Ryan also asserted that Jaclyn wasn't versed enough in the subjects she talks about without bothering to give a single example, and complained about how Jaclyn didn't identify as a feminist, comparing her insistence that more atheists should "come out of the closet" to his insistence that those who hold the humanist label should also call themselves feminists. She had to explain how agnosticism differs from atheism and how it doesn't compare to being a humanist over a feminist. As the debate ended, TJ said goodbye to Ryan and hoped they can have him on again (they didn't). However, they did feel sorry for what Jaclyn had to go through with Ryan.

To sum up the whole debacle, it was worse than watching one of Ryan's videos.

Jacyln Glenn Vs. Ryan Wiley Debate

Episode 70

In episode 70, Ryan deviated from the usual him sitting on a couch talking, to him narrating over a chalkboard-style demonstration of The Mythology of ElevatorGate in order to explain to the audience about what really happened to Rebecca Watson inside the elevator of doom to refute those who claimed her experience was over-exaggerated and not worth bitching about.

Ryan wanted to emphasize the context behind the situation, pointing out how significant it was that Watson was in a foreign country, slightly-but-still-functioningly intoxicated, and that the man inviting her to his room for coffee was a clear indication that he wanted to have sexy time with her even though he did make it clear that she shouldn't "take this the wrong way". Ryan then asserted that this incident was a form of "objectification" because the man was objectifying Rebecca in the form of asking her for coffee, despite the fact that the man made no bones about her rejecting his offer. So to reiterate, inviting someone for coffee means you are reducing them to an object.

DMCAGate 2015

Main article: DMCAGate 2015

Ryan was covered by the Drunken Peasants again during episode 83. The peasants discussed the events of DMCAGate, in which Ryan unsurprisingly white-knighted Jenny McDumbfuck's bullshit DMCA claim, showing his "expertise" in copyright claims through a series of poorly thought out and ill-researched tweets. He later made a video disagreeing with Jenny's decision to flag the peasants' video for abuse after she canceled the DMCA.
Mercedes Carrera Vs. Ryan Wiley Debate

Episode 85

The peasants were joined by pornographic actress/professional cum-guzzler Mercedes Carrera during episode 85. During her appearance, the peasants covered Ryan's response to TJ's video on the Superbowl's #LikeAGirl commercial. Ryan went on a tangent through most of his video where he tries to push the "77 cents to the dollar" wage-gap argument that has been refuted a hundred fucking times. TJ went in detail to explain how that's a bullshit statistic pushed by studies that factor in the net income of all men and women across all fields and nothing else. TJ further explains that there's no actual wage gape between women doing the same work, which is what Feminists constantly try to push. Tired of Wiley's dishonest meandering, they moved on.

Twitter War

They later planned to have a debate between Ryan and Mercedes, though he never followed through. Wiley is apparently afraid to debate someone who fucks for a living despite having a higher education degree in mathematics. The debate was supposed to be on the subject of GamerGate. Unsurprisingly, Wiley decided to have a Twitter War with her instead. He was willing to master-debate her, just not on the show. But later said that he did, but didn't have time due to his strenuous schedule and didn't like talking about GamerGate. Carrera then announced that her next film will be a hate fuck of Ryan Wiley.

Episode 88

After sitting through the insufferable boredom that is JezuzFreek777 in episode 88, the peasants managed to top him with another video by our-beloved Ryan Whitey regarding a significant dispute between him and TJ in relation to the gender wage gap. Ryan insists that he is correct because both the Patriarchy and Mr. Barack Obama said so (and as we all know, if the president says so, it must be true). He fails to use his mathematics degree to do a proper analysis of wage gap statistics. After dismissing some sources because of reasons, bitching about TJ's patreon earnings for no particular reason, and talking about how irresponsible TJ is, Ryan reaffirmed that he can come on the show despite what the peasants have said about it.
Lookin' smexy

Episode 104

During Mercedes' second appearance during episode 104, Ryan was again offered to make a guest appearance on show and discuss a variety of topics with Mercedes, though he never responded to Ben's offer on Twitter. In lieu of the mathematician himself, the peasants played one of his videos taking queue from his heroes, Anita Sarkeesian and Jack Thompson. Ryan recycled the same arguments held by mass media during 1990s, claiming that video game violence may be connected to real violence and that society is being dulled to a potential issue. Mercedes and TJ basically reiterated the old refutation to those arguments: that they reverse the causal link. (People don't become violent because they play violent video games; people play violent video games to live out a violent fantasy.) During the video, Ryan unironically uses the word "problematic" to destroy his credibility (if any actually remained).

Mercedes pointed out that Ryan talks big but is a total hypocrite, as he wouldn't debate Mercedes while just dismissing her as "some random pornstar". Ben also said that Ryan may come over on DP to discuss the issue and that they should do a poll on it, just to gauge the audience's interest. Lucky for us, he didn't. Wiley is at least able to concede that video games are an art form, but quickly tries to use that point as evidence it will influence in a negative way, also implying that violence in media isn't already a massive talking point to make a point.

Episode 195

Shock of all shocks, Ryan reappeared in episode 195 at the beginning of 2016 following a six month hiatus off the internet and off our radar. Ryan explained that his online disappearance was due to problems in his personal life, namely his job in state politics. He did an unpaid internship working in campaigning and legislative branches where the people he worked for basically fucked him over, causing him to look for work elsewhere because he made about only $14,000 over the course of 2014. He eventually found a sweet job doing analytics for an advertising company in Detroit. Thanks, Math Degree!

AnitaGate 2015

Ryan "Bitchass" Wiley initially chose not to have an active role in AnitaGate, instead choosing to watch from the sidelines. The day after, however, he decided to go on a long Twitter rant about how Ben was a creepy asshole. Funny coming from a guy who thinks Jaclyn Glenn will want to fuck him if he posts a 4 hour video response to every video she ever makes.

Following the heart-stopping events of AnitaGate 2015, Ryan McWhinnington became a victim of "doxxing" when somebody tweeted "Hey, it's that pussy from the Drunken Peasants" while he was out in public with some friends that he allegedly has. Ryan wasn't harassed nor his evening spoiled as a result of the tweet, but felt it was really creepy. Ryan proceeded to blame the Drunken Peasants in his next video for encouraging this "evil" action (yes, "evil" like tying a woman to railroad tracks while curling their moustache), arguing that he wasn't even a public figure. TJ protested this claim when they featured Ryan's video in episode 108, citing this very article from this very wiki as evidence of Ryan belonging to the public eye (Yay, shout-out!). Ryan then decided to officially end his feud with the Drunken Peasants and no longer respond to them; an "ethical obligation" of his. Wow, I wonder at what moment "ethics" came into his boring-as-shit bitching. The peasants just laughed this over with Sargon of Akkad in episode 109 and applauded his decision.

Despite officially having cut relations with the Drunken Peasants, Ryan made his supposed final appearance in episode 123, in which the Peasants played his video talking about wanting an end to the YouTube drama (the same drama provoked entirely by himself). The Ryan Wiley Saga was compared to that of the Atheist Roo Saga in episode 151, as both Roo and Wiley seem to prefer shit-talking on Twitter than actually having a civil discussion. Ryan's relationship with DP may have officially died (along with his presence on the internet altogether), though Ryan shall remain immortalized in the DP fandom and this will probably be his biggest notability, such that it may well carry on past his grave. Ryan may never know what it's like to be inside of a woman, though he will hold a special place in all our hearts. We'll always remember the good times along with the laughable partially-grown facial hair.

On Amazing Atheist

Several clips of Ryan being featured on the Drunken Peasants podcast have been uploaded to TJ's channel, this clip system was later moved to the Drunken Peasants channel.

On Thunderf00t

Ryan has made and sent a shit-ton of videos to Thunderf00t where he dismissed his views regarding feminism as "pseudoscientific", such as treating sexual dimorphism as if it has some strong scientific basis (which it does[1]). Let's just say that Ryan dislikes science because it does not fit his ideal narrative. Ryan also pulled the Ray Comfort debate where Thunderf00t refused to absolutely say the Holocaust was wrong in order to avoid one of Ray's theological traps, and Ryan asserted that Thunderf00t was suggesting "mass murder is cool because of science!" Way to miss the point, dipweed.


Ryan claims the reason for his channel is to share information and help people garner a better understanding of the world around them using his math degree and apparent expertise of politics.

Ryan primarily makes vlog-style videos giving commentary on currents events, politics, atheism and other topics he usually knows anywhere from two to three fucks about. He works hard to make sure each video is presented as boring and dry as possible and even has a Patreon account with zero out of his two milestone goals reached. Most people probably wouldn't need to donate as they could just buy a bucket of paint and watch that dry for a similar experience. Several videos end with a title card of the waving American flag, prompting the audience to "Subscribe for America" (aka this pussy).

Some of his more popular videos tend to be tutorials on making YouTube videos, so he does serve some function other than being a subject of laughter. A portion of his playlists involve "Grow Your Channel and "Expand Your Audience" groups. Hmm.

Ryan also has a gaming channel. One of his most prominent let's plays is of Minecraft where he builds exact replicas of real concentration camps.
A math degree earned by somebody way cooler than Ryan Wiley.

Math Degree

Ryan Wiley's Degree in Mathematics is, well, Ryan Wiley's college degree. Aside from affectionately curling into bed with it tucked into his arms, Ryan frequently mentions his degree to boost his credibility, and tends to come off as condescending as a result. It is suspected that the degree issued by Michigan State University, although there is some scattered evidence that can trace this degree back to a certain diploma mill.

The Drunken Peasants mention it derisively to mock Wiley's pretentious attitude, sometimes calling it a "meth" degree. It is printed on paper made from pan leaves and the ink is made from the blood of Jewish families. The Fancy Badger once tried to smoke it (and succeeded).


You know what's super funny? Rape.

— Actual Ryan Wiley quote.

Our country is Idiocracy.

— Ryan stating that he'd be a perfect presidential candidate.

The black-haired Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end, satanically glaring at and spying on the unsuspicious girl whom he plans to seduce, adulterating her blood and removing her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people.

— An excerpt from Wiley's book

Why is rape even illegal? No real humans are ever harmed, only women.

— Another nugget of enlightenment.

I have a million negro slaves.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.

— Just sayin'

The DP wiki is wikipedia page!

— Ryan Wiley calls this massive wiki just ONE PAGE.[2]
A real picture Ryan Wiley uses to represent himself irl.


  • He has a math degree.
  • He sucks.
  • He is a long-lost retarded twin brother of Edward Snowden.
  • He is a long-time NAMbLA member.
  • If you look up the word "pussy" in the dictionary, you see his face and name in big bold letters.
  • He constantly accuses people of straw-manning him, this is projection of the highest order.
  • Possibly due to a running joke in the Drunken Peasants making fun of his collared shirt, Ryan does not wear them anymore in his videos.
  • Tori Huit considers Ryan interesting and intelligent, citing him as one of the YouTubers she wants more content from. And Josef Fritzel was a great dad.
  • Wiley is blatantly jealous of channels with large Patreon subscriber bases.
  • Another running joke was that Ryan Wiley and Mr. Repzion were gay lovers. Repzion denied in the comments section that he was even friends with Ryan (according to Ben in Episode 35). It seems to be one-sided since Ryan made several video responses to Mr. Repzion.
  • When asked about his views on the Holocaust, Ryan once replied "Who gives a shit? It didn't even happen".
  • In DP Wrestling, Ryan Wiley plays the role of The Math Magician.
  • Ryan's favorite method of communication is Twitter, preferring it over actually speaking to his dissidents. Classy. TJ blocked his Twitter account. If you're not confident enough in your opinions to confront those who disagree with you, you probably should rethink your opinions.
  • Ryan Wiley has gonorrhea, which he contracted from Jonathan McIntosh.
  • Ryan Wiley-Coyote was criticized in episode 67 for claiming that all rape victims should be believed to be telling the truth before considering evidence or anything. Well, fuck due process then.
  • The chat was immediately flooded with rape accusations towards Mr. Ryan Wiley. As an illustration of the ridiculousness of Wiley's belief, only about half of the accusations were true.
  • He is a registered Democrat and unregistered sex offender.
    Collared shirt intact. The horror.
  • He is the love child of Rachel Madcow and Chaz Homo.
  • Wiley is a crack addict, and has been since he was 9 or 10. Most days, he can be found in his favorite crack den in Flint.
  • A disclaimer was eventually put on the homepage of the Drunken Peasants Wiki for Ryan's inevitable response to a former admin's blatant libel rigorous journalism.
  • TJ mentioned this page at the start of Episode 108: 420.
  • TJ initially claimed that he didn't consider Ryan stupid, but now thinks he's a fucking moron.
  • TJ exacted the ultimate punishment on Ryan Wiley for being a boring fuck: eternal veto.
  • His tweets unsurprisingly consist of him acting super defensive and complaining about shit.
  • Ryan was mentioned on TJ's main channel in the video "Buzzfeed Feminism - Bronuts and Fedoras - A Guided Tour".
  • The only non-racist website that Ryan visits is PornHub and even that categorizes people by ethnicity.
  • Ryan doesn't like Dusty and his logic t-shirts very much. He also recently started a back and forth on Twitter with Thunderf00t.
  • He has pwned Wild Bill for America several times. A dead ferret could pwn Wild Bill.
  • Despite no longer appearing on the show, Ryan was featured in DP's third intro starting with Episode 165.
  • Strangely, Ryan has yet to capitalize on Jaclyn's plagiarism. This is quite baffling considering this gives some credence to his whole argument about Jaclyn's rise to popularity. Holy fucking shit. Ryan was actually kinda on to something.
  • A list of just some of Ryan's role models can be found here.
  • Ryan knows everything about numerology, he has a math degree after all.




  1. Robert W. Goy and Bruce S. McEwen (1980). Sexual Differentiation of the Brain: Based on a Work Session of the Neurosciences Research Program. Boston: MIT Press.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVMqEhH3S-k
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