Religion Debate 2

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Drunken Peasants Religion Debate 2
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Episode information

The Drunken Peasants and PaulsEgo vs Keane and Company (technical difficulties)

Date of air

5 April 2014


Ben, TJ


Brett Keane's Posse, Paul's Ego


1 hour, 26 minutes, 49 seconds

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The Religion Debate 2 is a special episode of the Drunken Peasants. It features a mass debate between the peasants and Brett Keane's posse.

There were no videos played with the debate taking up the whole episode. They also featured an atheist who doesn't believe in the big bang or subjective morality and the king-pedophile himself, NephilimFree.

The Debate

It started with everyone shilling themselves, and G Man did one of the best battle raps ever. Then Adam (the atheist who they invited) talked about how awful the Big Bang Theory is, which pretty much won the debate for Team Brett within the first 13 minutes.

Then, G Man did an epic argument against evilution by asking them to define every word that they said. He also used his epic "When Did a K9 turn into a non-K9" routine. Even Adam couldn't withstand the G Smack. G Man then proves why God done did it by showing that God is a hypocrite.

Brett then asked DP about their opinions on abortion. TJ and Paul told everyone about how much they love to kill babies. This is where the show goes downhill. Brett invites NephilimFree on. NephilimFree talked about how abortion is wrong and then dodges every question asked by Scoopy, and was talking over everybody, eventually kicked for being an ass.

Brett Keane then takes a quote from TJ out of context and uses it against him.

Technical Difficulties

At around the 1:14:00 mark, everyone gets creepy robot voices. It only happens on the Drunken Peasants end apparently, because the debate continues. Everything gets fucked.


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