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The Religion Debate
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Episode information

RELIGION DEBATE- Drunken Peasants, PaulsEgo VS. The Brett Keane Posse

Date of air

March 24, 2014 (Prerecorded)


Ben, TJ


Brett Keane's Posse, Paul's Ego


1 hour, 42 minutes, 50 seconds


G Man, Brett Keane, Brett Keane's Posse

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Episode 18

Episode 19

If there's no evidence for God, then why am I Christian?

— G Man's checkmate.
The Religion Debate is a special episode of the Drunken Peasants. It featured a mass debate between DP and Brett Keane's posse (Brett Keane, G Man, TrueEmpiricism, GalaxyDreams and CheDubs) featuring Paul's Ego on the side of the peasants. There were no videos played with the debate taking up the whole episode.


  • The first time they had Brett Keane on the show and the first time they met G Man.
  • TrueEmpiricism was a retard in the debate by interrupting a lot, causing him to be permanently banned.
  • G Man asked his most thought provoking question on the show which was, "If there's no evidence for God, then why am I Christian?"

First Hour

The debate began with Keane calling the peasants with the other Masters of Stupidity. The peasants and Keane exchanged formalities and Keane went right into the questions, the first being about the origin of consciousness. TJ said the way he phrased the question was retarded.

Keane then introduced the infamous TrueEmpiricism to the debate who proceeded to go into a long drawn out tangent, rambling about how much he think he knows science. TrueEmpericism was so boring the peasants nearly fell asleep. One of the greatest (or worst) theist arguments came out of their conversation though, God is a fact so prove him wrong.

Next it was G Man's time up at the bat and he started by thanking the peasants for giving him a platform to speak on. He started off by asking the peasants about their definition of evidence compared to his own. TJ explains that he doesn't know for sure there is no God, but doesn't believe in one because he lacks sufficient evidence. He further talks about how you can be both agonistic and an atheist and debunks the rumor that they're mutually exclusive terms.

Members of the debate.

They temporarily released the theists from the call in order to bring PaulsEgo on. Paul suspected that Keane had him blocked which wasn't allowing him to join with the rest of them, and that Keane was up to his old tricks. Keane actually hadn't blocked him and so reinvited the peasants along with Paul to the conversation.

CheDubs chimes in that he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together, but TJ reassures him that he's actually okay because he can be self-deprecating. Paul and the peasants then debate G Man on his answered prayer "argument" for the first time. TrueEmpiricism sneaks his way back into the conversation and blah blah blah, who gives a fuck about this guy? G Man eventually accuses TJ of being The Amazing Racist.

Brett Keane then played the infamous "unscrambled audio" of TJ calling him a nigger and asked if it was really him. TJ denied the accusations and said it sounded nothing like him. Paul chimed in that trying to discuss anything with Keane's posse is a lost cause.

Second Hour

Paul then berates Keane for constantly making personal attacks against TJ in the past but is now suddenly trying to take the moral high ground. Keane promises to put the banana incident to a rest but the peasants assure him they don't give a fuck what videos Keane makes about them and were simply trying to make a point on his character.

Paul later talks about Keane's refusal to identify as a Christian, yet he still uses Jesus symbolism and believes in his divinity. Keane claims he is merely a "gawd-believer" and G Man takes over the argument, making him out to be a complete fool. TJ does an impression of G Man as the traditional black preacher. GalaxyDreams and Keane call the peasants assholes and Ben interrupts to say in that he's barely said anything against them, TJ speculated that they were projecting. TJ later does his impression of Satan, proving that all atheists worship the Devil.

Keane temporarily leaves the chat to get some coffee beat his wife. Keane's posse asks about if the peasants are here to change their minds and TJ clarifies that the the intention is chiefly to entertain and that changing the mind of a theist is simply a bonus. G Man throws out more stupid hypotheticals and Paul mocks him for it. G Man asks what would happen if all atheists suddenly dropped dead and TJ assumed the world's scientific progress would come to a hault. GalaxyDreams actually agrees with them and TJ says there's still hope for her.

Paul sings the opening song from the Lion King and G Man admits that the peasants are actually pretty funny. Paul tries very hard to compliment G Man but can't think of anything. With the peasants finally starting to feel the love, they all agree that they could probably get along if they weren't debating theism. TJ clarifies that he shoved a banana up his ass. They then briefly discussed the death of Fred Phelps and possible future theist-atheist debates. With the conversation winding down they brought an end to the show.
G Man white knights for Brett Keane.


  • The show was recorded while off air.
  • TrueEmpiricism can't pronounce attributes properly, but it's okay because he's a Native American.
  • TrueEmpiricism has barely functioning level autism.
  • This is the only Drunken Peasants episode in which TJ and Keane were somewhat amicable to each other.
  • G Man thinks TJ will be thrown into the lake of fire.
  • Brett Keane claimed he likes PaulsEgo, one of his biggest detractors.
  • Paul compares Keane's posse to an island of misfit toys.
  • This is the first appearance of GalaxyDreams, who would become an atheist shortly after. If you pay close attention, you can actually tell the exact moment when she realises she was on the wrong side.
  • After BananaGate, TJ's mother offered to bake him some banana bread.


Full disclosure to you guys... I am inebriated.

— TJ at the start of the debate.

God is a fact, prove me wrong.

— TrueEmpiricism's ironclad logic.

G-Man, do you realize what a ridiculous fuck you are?

— TJ being the amazing racist

You have no right. let me tell you something; I'm right because i can yell over other other people at all time. Yes motherfucker, you'd know the truth if you realized that Jesus is the only way to the truth, and the light, and the destiny.

— TJ channeling his inner christian

Odin is a fact, prove me wrong!

— TJ mocks TE's genius.

Jesus already came, I sucked his cock earlier.

— TJ responds to G Man saying Jesus will soon come back.

I understand we have some guys here who are drunk.

— Keane points out the fucking obvious

Amazing Atheist, why'd you stick a banana in YO BUTT?

— G Man on BananaGate

There's no need to Brett, you're the most used and abused ass on YouTube.

— Paul after Keane accused the peasants of personal attacks.

The universe flew out of a unicorn's fucking asshole.

— Paul starts a new religion.

You're The Amazing Racist!

— G Man's ultimatum.

I'm Ben. I pretty much just laugh in the background.

— Ben summarizes his whole DP career.
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