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Dennis Prager
His shit-eating grin.
His shit-eating grin.
Personal Details
  • Radio host
  • Commentator
  • Author
  • Shill


Political party

Republican Party

Political philosophy



Prager University


Brooklyn College Columbia University University of Leeds



Birth date

August 2, 1948


Janice Adelstein or Goldstein (1981–1986; divorced; 1 child)
Francine Stone (1988–2005; divorced; 1 child)
Susan Reed (2008–present)



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Dennis Prager


Dennis Prager

Physical attributes
Hair colour

White, just like The Stallion.

In much of the West, the well educated have been taught to believe that they can know nothing and that they can draw no independent conclusions about truth, unless they cite a study and "experts" have affirmed it. "Studies show" is to the modern secular college graduate what "Scripture says" is to the religious fundamentalist.
— Dennis Prager equating evidence to religious dogma. [1]
Fuck Prager University!
TJ Kirk
Dennis Mark Prager is a nationally syndicated American cuntservative cuntbag most often found distributing his rhetoric through the mouths of living puppets. It turns out he's a filthy Jew from Brooklyn, making him the evil, fatter counterpart of Bernie Sanders. He is also the founder of the non-profit program/website, Prager University.[2] Prager is one biggest bullshit factory's on the internet other than BuzzFeed; horseshoe theory at its finest.


He was born to Orthodox Jewish parents in Brooklyn New York. He eventually denounced his Orthodoxy, presumably for the religion of conservatism. He later wrote a few books for nonobservant Jews that nobody gave a shit about. He became a professional shit stirrer and political troll until eventually forming Prager University, in which he gave his opinion on several topics from his very narrow-minded point of view.

On Drunken Peasants

Videos (most animated) roasted by the peasants spout brilliant ideas such as: "Theism is more rational than atheism!" and "The Middle Ages weren't all that bad!". Prager University serves as a consistent junction for conservative dipshits found on ԀP. You can always count on Prager to provide if you're looking for the opinion of the average hick. Nearly everyone on his videos arean old white aenthat presenst their ideas in the dullest and most grating way possible.

Episode 230

A video of his fat mug was featured on episode 230. During the video he claims that people on the left just spend all day jerking themselves off for not being conservatives. He also describes the self-esteem movement as if it was the worst thing ever formed in American history and only supported by liberals, essentially in an attempt to strawman the left. Paul's Ego points out this as a false comparison, as people on either political spectrum could agree it was ridiculous, with Prager also implying only liberal mothers would support the idea.

Episode 264

Another of Prager's videos was featured during episode 264, in which his video revolved around him being the embodiment of the No True Scotsman fallacy. Prager spent the entire video trying to make excuses for all the shit that "fake Christians" are doing. The peasants pointed out how the Bible can be interpreted a million ways and Prager's is nothing special. Paul further addressed that everyone seems to think the type of Christianity they ascribe to is the only right one. The peasants got so bored the had to smoke a ton of pan in order to forget about it.

On TJ Kirk

During March 23rd of 2017, TJ released a video responding to Prager entitled, Dennis Prager's Weird Objective Morality and God Boondoggle. During which Prager tries to enforce that Judeo-Christian values are objectively superior to secular values and TJ eventually offered his rebuke, point by point. Prager implies that atheists can't possibly know that murder is wrong because they don't have a God to enforce that morality on them, therefore everything they believe is a lie. TJ points out that this can obviously be from human empathy and further explains that these actions aren't socially permissible because they fuck with society and this does not require a God to determine. In summary, Dennis believes that because he prefers objective morality to subjective morality, objective morality must be true, which also proves God in his diseased mind.


  • "Prager" means "soul death" in Esperanto. How fitting.
  • Prager University isn't even a real fucking university.
  • He has extended his support to Donald Trump.
  • Unsurprisingly, he thinks abortion is immoral.


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