Patrick Coleman

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Patrick Coleman
Patrick is hallucinating again
Patrick is hallucinating again
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Shaman
  • Psychic
  • Medium

Some kind of a Shamanistic New Age Universalistic clusterfuck.




Chicago, Illinois; United States


Getting kidnapped by reptilians.

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Patrick John Coleman

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All my life I want money and power. Respect my mind or die from lead shower. I pray my dick gets as big as the Eiffel Tower so I can fuck the world for 72 hours.
— Patrick Coleman in response to a small child asking for change.
My elder shaman cut my dick off and fucked me like I was a girl.
— Patrick Coleman on episode 34.[1]

Patrick Coleman, also known as Gay Dusty (which could technically be considered a redundant description), is a psychic, medium and a shaman who has been featured on the Drunken Peasants. He often makes videos about his delusional conspiracies and is speculated to be a devoted troll. Despite this, he comes off as a genuinely nice guy and is undeniably entertaining, although probably for the wrong reasons.

On Drunken Peasants


Patrick first appeared on the Drunken Peasants during the Free-masonic episode 33, during which his videos were first discovered by the peasants. TJ introduced Hulk Hogan's skinnier cousin before Patrick informs us that he is a psychic, medium, and shaman from Illinois. Coleman then casually brings up that he had a run-in with the Reptilians last night. Coleman describes a time in which he was watching a podcast and immediately thought one of the hosts was a reptilian man in disguise. The rest of the video is a vague and confusing look into Patrick's psyche, a man who sees a secret race of lizard people at every street corner. The peasants concluded he would be fun to have on the show sometime and would fit right in. The video ended with Patrick saying there's no good or evil and that he gets to meet demons on a daily basis.

Guest Appearance

The peasants later had him on as a guest for episode 34, in which they had him on for a whole segment of just hearing out his insane idea. Patrick Coleman claims sleeves aren't part of his nature and even claimed to be completely blind. TJ asked him what kind of psychic he considers himself, Patrick said he was psychic in the traditional sense, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. Patrick Coleman cites Sigmund Freud as a psychic in the vain of himself, to which he seems to confuse "psychic" with studying social norms. Ben later asked Patrick why he thinks he shouldn't be talking to the Drunken Peasants and Patrick explained he could only stay for a short time because he was going to be arrested by the Reptilians. Patrick Coleman spent his last day as a free man with the Drunken Peasants.

Return of the Shaman

He later appeared on episode 153, in which he was interviewed by the peasants. He discusses his origin as a shaman, the global war on shamanism, and failed to summon TJ a meatball sub. The peasants had a friendly enough yet unnerving conversation about Patrick's past and how he was formerly an author named Eric. Patrick claimed that all food and man-made products are just shit thought up with your mind and has no meaning. Patrick also asked the peasants what form of evidence they needed in order to prove he's a shaman, to which TJ requested the meatball sub. Patrick couldn't manifest the sub into TJ's hands even with the peasants' chanting, proving that he was a fucking fraud. Patrick started to go onto some random rant about Cthulhu and how he used to be an atheist. His appearance ended with him going off to get arrested again.

Other Appearances

  • Episode 39 - A video of his was played in which he attempts to use circular logic and an appeal to popularity to justify the psychic industry as anything more than a bunch of bullshit.
  • Episode 190 - Another video's of his was played in which he talks about how a shaman is born through pain a suffering. TJ speculates he's Dusty putting on an act.
  • Episode 242 - In the Post-Show, he went into a tirade about how black lives do not matter because black people won't stop robbing him, unlike those nice friendly reptilians.
  • Episode 255 - He advocated for all people that are on psychiatric drugs to immediately stop taking them in order to shut down the pharmaceutical industry, believing that it was trying make money by preventing his true emotions and exploiting his pain.


The person looked to me and I was like; "Oh my Gosh, you're a reptilian!"
— The name of Coleman's would-be sitcom as mentioned during episode 33.[2]
If all psychics are scam artists, then why is it a two billion dollar industry?
— Patrick Coleman during episode 39.[3]


  • He's actually an actor, so what you see in his videos could all be bullshit.[4]
  • He has been visited by plenty of reptilians in his own house.
  • Prior to becoming a shaman, his name was Eric.
  • TJ claimed his accomplishments blew Ryan Wiley's math degree out of the water.
  • He claims there's no such thing as good or evil.
  • He has a girlfriend despite identifying as a MGTOW.
  • He also also believes in Cthulhu.
  • He does not discriminate against reptilians.
  • His voice sounds similar to gTime Johnny's.
  • Sees reptilians in the streets, shops and everywhere in between
  • Has his own guide to losing weight.