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No wonder why they left.
No wonder why they left.

Donald J. Villere




6.8 sq mi


United States

Pandeville (sometimes referred to as Mandeville) is a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana, located in St. Tammany Parish. Louisiana uses a parish system instead of counties because they are a bunch of backwards fucks, though it's basically the same shit. Most people in Mandeville are southern hicks that love Jesus, God, and The Bible, the only exceptions being the atheist heathens, TJ and Scotty. At some point, the only notable people to ever come out of this barren town would move to Columbus, Ohio to form Drunken Peasants.

On Drunken Peasants

Being that is the hometown of TJ and Scotty, it is occasionally brought up on the show when the peasants talk about their childhood. TJ once stated that his house here was built on top of stilts and the bones of the Beaners that died during construction of the city. TJ mentioned he would visit family back home during the New Orleans meetup in Louisiana, which he followed through on.

TJ also mentioned David Duke's residence in Mandeville during episode 210, in which they played a news story regarding Trump's open dismissal of Duke's endorsement. TJ further explained that a girl in his class once did an interview with Duke and played it for the class.

On TJ Kirk

A ton of TJ's original videos were filmed in Mandeville during his time living there, up until around 2012. Despite having fuck all to look at besides trees, a sizable chunk of TJ's videos were filmed out in the wilds of Mandeville during Cody Weber's tenure as camera man. When news arose of Cody Weber's passing, one of the conspiracy theories regarding his death involved TJ leaving him to die in the Mandeville wilderness by being tusk-fucked up the ass by a group of wild boar.

TJ's personal life including some details about his time in Mandeville and eventually moving to Indiana were described in the documentary, Amazing. Some of the film's scenes were also shot in the city, most notably the interview segments with TJ's friends and family.

People Affiliated with Pandeville


  • TJ is wanted for the rape of 27 wooden posts in Mandeville.
  • It's name is derived from some pussy city in France.
  • There were formerly black people who lived here, until they were all lynched by Ben during the 1980's.
  • It has a sister city in Panama. Coincidence?