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No Bullshit Podcast
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Episode information

No BS Podcast (pre-Drunken Peasants)

Date of air

January 3rd, 2014


2 hours, 6 minutes, and 52 seconds


Episode 1

Coming to you live from an undisclosed location, this is the No Bullshit Radio Podcast with your hosts, Ben and TJ! Covering the news and events important to you, and now here are your hosts, Ben and TJ!

— Ben's prototype intro for the show.
The No Bullshit Podcast (abbreviated No B.S.) was the predecessor to The Drunken Peasants. Only one episode was released before the name was changed.

The name was changed when Ben and TJ were under threat of Jesuit malware. They made the excuse that another podcast already used that title, but that is absurd because ԀP is the only podcast in existence, with the exception of the Inebriated Discussions Podcast, which the Drunken Peasants blatantly ripped off.


  • Debut of Mems: "I don't have facts to back this up!" and "Smoke pan everyday!"
  • Debut of Ben & TJ.
  • Debut of metal soundtrack by Berserkyd.
  • Phil Robertson teaches you how to treat a lady.
  • The peasants bullshitters discuss the rise of political correctness.

Material Used


First Hour

Lesbian taser-porn.

— Ben

The show began with a Fox News story regarding Colorado's recent legalization of "pot". Within the first few minutes, TJ originated the first mem by coining the term "pan". TJ talks about how he would suck the Colorado lawmaker's cock just for making legal weed possible. TJ commented how most females hired on Fox News are intended to be perfect examples of the white race. The bullshiters briefly discussed the disgusting concept of Newt Gingrich's conception.

The bullshiters took a break from videos to talk about religion and their confusion that so many people are biased against science. TJ cites that climate change denial is often due to misinformation, such as people thinking it's natural for the Earth to be heating up like one of Hungry Man's frozen dinners. They mentioned the God of the internet and climate change, Al Gore. Ben seemed obsessed with Gore's square head. They then played a video of Phil Robertson trying to defend some dude who fucked a 15-year-old girl, TJ had to translate his bullshit to Ben since he's a commie from the north who can't understand a southerner. TJ admits that he thinks Phil Robertson has a beard like ZZ Top. Ben compared Robertson's ramblings to Charles Manson's parole hearings.

TJ and Ben managed to get into a discussion about how PC times have become and that people are afraid to make any type of offensive humor, essentially a bunch of people polishing their good-guy badges. The bullshiter played a video about women-on-women theft and assault, they later began to talk about corruption in the police force and referenced how many cops deny that stun guns are capable of killing people. They discussed a news story about a father who murdered his thirteen year old boy, claiming that he was a demonic entity hell-bent on destroying the planet. Ben & TJ then discussed a story about some kid who was "forced" to smoke weed and drink booze, then go driving. The show then moved into their first music break.

Second Hour

The bullshiters began talking about the morality of vegetation and brought up Galen for the first time. TJ made an argument of going out with dignity, as an example telling the story in which he unfortunately had to make the rational decision to pull the plug on his father. They talked about how people are often kept alive for religious reasons. They worked in a story about some dude who is on trial for killing his wife, who would have otherwise suffered in a vegetable state.TJ then claims a fly without wings is just a walk. They discussed a vegetable.

The logo for the podcast.


Let's smoke some pans, next!

— TJ originates the first DP meme.

If I had pot. I would be smoking it.

— TJ's take on smoking.

It's the first thing on my schedule!

— TJ's take on marijuana being a schedule one drug.

I feel bad for Newt Gingrich's mother.

— Ben after considering Newt's fat head going through a vagina.

If it doesn't involve blowing people up on the other side of the planet, it's not worth tax dollars.

— Ben

He's got a duck fetish. He likes to shove em' up his ass.

— TJ's take on Phil Robertson.

Ain't none of them darkies singing the blues back then. Rights to a nigger? You just don't understand!

— TJ's impression of Pat.

I expect 5 cents for every orgasm.

— TJ Kirk

I don't have facts to back this up.

Herman Cain

...chainsaw-stopping, lesbian parking lot...

— Ben


  • Ben first described it as a radio podcast.
  • It was done on Google Hangouts.
  • A Beavis and Butthead clip was used.
  • Ben thinks Phil Robertson = Pat Roberston.
  • The audio was absolute shit.
  • Ben mentioned the Huffington Post article was of shit quality, this would become an ongoing trend for the website.