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DP Action News
Segment information

The peasants pick apart news clips in a fun and entertaining way while stoned, drunk, or both.




Puking Dog

Launch episode

No Bullshit Podcast

Launch date

January 3rd, 2014

DP Action News!
— Ben during the segment's intro.
DP Action News is a core segment of Drunken Peasants that has gone through many names, though has always centered around the peasants picking apart the news from an altered perspective. It is the most commonplace segment in the show's history, as it was the first real segment officially introduced to the podcast while it was known as the News Segment. The segment was also formerly known as Political Shit after Runny Lump made his first intro for the segment.


The segment originally took up half of the podcast, being followed up in the second half by Q&A or Stupid Ads. This system was eventually retired in favor of multiple segments. The News Segment was eventually revived with a new intro, turning into the Political Shit Segment, which was further re-stylized into DP Action News months later. Ben controls what videos are played and when they end; basically the fate of this segment lies entirely on his shoulders. It's sometimes difficult for the peasants to tell where this segment ends and Crazy People begins, such is the instance with people like Alex Jones.


  • This segment is by far the most likely source of copyright violation. Due to this YouTube issue, DP had for a time limited the segment.
  • You can check out the old intro here.[1]
  • The latest intro has spawned the Puking Dog mem. There is an all-Puking Dog intro made in his honor.
  • Nearly every regular episode has contained this segment, with a few notable exceptions.


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