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The Naked Ape on The Western Front.
The Naked Ape on The Western Front.
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None (atheist)

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Republican Party

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Fisting himself with TJ's discarded banana.

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Naked Ape


Naked Ape


Naked Ape


The Ape Room

If this was anyone else -you insufferable jackass- you wouldn't go near them with a ten-foot pole! If this was Jenny McFuckFace or ANYONE, you wouldn't touch them! But because Devon Tracey has a political perspective that you agree with -that you like- you're willing to not condemn his fucking actions. You're willing to give him a fucking platform.

— Naked Ape's autistic screeching in a video totally not fueled by emotion. [1]

Not to be confused with Bewildered Ape.

Naked Ape is an 8-year old conservacunt YouTuber with a massive hard-on for Donald Trump. He can sometimes form a coherent argument despite his political stance, though he has an incredibly nasally voice as well as a tendency to throw literal shit at people he dislikes to varying degrees of success. He's alright on issues such as religion and Third-wave feminism, though a lot of his other views being garbage results in way too much unjustified, emotional outburst akin to a toddler and plenty of disingenuous talking points.

On TJ Kirk

He has described himself as a former fan of TJ Kirk, though in early 2016 he came to blows with TJ regarding his association with Devon Tracey in the video, QUESTIONS WHITE MEN HAVE FOR SJWs!.[2] He later came into conflict with TJ again in early 2017 regarding his stances on Bernie Sanders, who Naked Ape claims to be an incompetent socialist shill and cuck that slept through his economics class.[3] TJ made a video responding to Ape's opinion on Sanders and rebuked his points step by step,[4] which led to some back and forth arguments between the two and another response video from Ape.[5] The argument was ultimately planned to be resolved on an episode of Drunken Peasants.

On Drunken Peasants

Naked Ape appeared butt naked on the 338th episode of the podcast, where Naked Ape debated TJ on economics. He made an arse out of himself by using shitty arguments against the minimum wage.

The fans were confused as to why DP had an 8-year-old minor as a guest, debating with TJ. Some believe that DP was attempting to diversify their guest appearances in order avoid being called Ageist. Others just think Naked Ape faked his credentials.


To be honest, I am obnoxious annoying and cringe. But I'm usually right, and I'm very entertaining, at least I hope.

— Naked Ape over Twitter.[6]


  • Just like Egghead, Kevin Logan, and your average middle-school student, he casually tosses fuck in-between every other word to look edgy.
  • The only thing he hates more than Devon Tracey is soap.
  • His name is accurate to his location on the evolutionary chart.
  • He has a podcast with Kraut and Tea called The Western Front.[7]
  • He believes that the banana is a still a joke that will annoy TJ, despite being an ape who should know better.[8]
  • Nobody will ever understand why he claims to be naked while his avatar wears a suit.
  • He is gay. Ben was shocked by this when Naked Ape mentioned that he was taking his boyfriend out to dinner at the end of his appearance.