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Matt Jarbo
After selling his house to start his theater business.
After selling his house to start his theater business.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Curator of Three Buck Theater
  • Operator of Three Buck Theater
  • Founder of Three Buck Theater



Portland, Oregon


Getting DP'd by Adam Sandler and Kevin James

Social Networking
Youtube channel



Matt Jarbo


Mundane Matt





Mundane Matt

Physical attributes
Eye colour

Empty sockets

Hair colour

Blue skull

Turn off that pesky adblock!
— Being a professional shill.
We're just reptiles trying to take over the gaming Illuminati.
— Matt exposes the true intentions of GamerGate.[1]

Matt "Three Buck Theater" Jarbo is a YouTuber from Oregon who doubles as a poor person that works for minimum wage and talks about the news and gaming under the handle of MundaneMatt. He lives in an alley with PaulsEgo, where operates a theater that nobody visits because it costs only three dollars. He's also doubles as Adam Sandler's buttslave, which is why we all know he is garbage. He also proudly flaunts some of the worst taste in movies of all time. He likes such gems as; the Doom movie, Adam Sandler films, Man of Steel, Daredevil (The 2003 version), Batman v. Superman (The Director's Cut), and the Resident Evil films. Must we go on?

Little is known about this blue-skulled tyrant's personal life, other than he loves putting the smash down on radical feminists, social justice warriors, people who mention Three Buck Theater in his Discord server, as well being an avid supporter of GamerGate. His channel touches on politics occasionally, though it mostly based on discussing entertainment. His content consists of the most laziest and most cancerous form of entertainment possible. His videos basically consist of him on his webcam talking about what ever new article he finds on the internet. The easiest way to trigger him is to mention Three Buck Theater.

On Three Buck Theater

Yo Mundane Matt he was just fourteen, when the DP Discord concocted a very strange meme. It was designed to meme a server unseen. (He's gonna ban them all because, uh three buck theater). When it filled up his chat, Matt he just quit. But then Matt took a look inside of it. There was a great big meme, everything just changed. Three buck theater got it all rearranged. (Ban them, ban them) When he kicked all the memers he realized, his whole Discord was just two guys. He had no more hair and ate some blueberry pie. And it was then that he knew what he had to do. He had to stop all the memes that were coming through, he's here to come kick me and you. He's gonna ban us all because uh, three buck theater.
Drunken Fancy

Three Buck Theater is Matt's channel (formerly just a video series) talking about movie news where he never covers three topics, much like Egghead's Egghead Hour which never lasted an hour. One of the most fascinating things about this is the insane amount of cringe the title produces in anyone that hears it. People have often compared Three Buck Theater to other jokes as the highest possible standard of cringe. It has since become a mem within the Fan Community much to Matt's dismay and has been mentioned on the show a good amount of times, being mentioned by PaulsEgo, Luis, TommyFromTheBronx, & Egghead II over the course of several episodes. The mem was actually originated by DP Wiki admin Aids Dank during an autism attack, though it was enforced further by Drunken Fancy. Fancy was banned from Matt's server during March 31st of 2017 for changing his username to "Uh, Three Buck Theater",[2] no doubt causing miles of butthurt in the mind of Matt who kicked him without a second thought.

On Drunken Peasants

Debut Appearance

Matt made his debut on the Drunken Peasants during episode 92, where he was initially greeted by Lance Sloane, who eventually got lazy and reverted to acting like his character TJ Kirk. He was introduced as a popular YouTuber and a proponent of GamerGate (i.e. drone of the Patriarchy) and Matt revealed that he is a center for misogyny. Matt briefly eluded to having jerked off to fellow GamerGate advocate Mercedes Carrera sometime in the past.[3] Matt and Ben jerked off for a while about how great of show King of the Hill was. Matt later later introduced to the horror that was Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety, the hosts of which had recently been trolled by Mr. Repzion. He was later introduced to Troll or Not a Troll, where he voted an obvious troll as not being a troll. Matt later joined the peasants in rebuking an argument by Dennis Prager against minimum wage. Being the woman-hating scoundrel that he is, Matt was quick to display his approval of the Drunken Rapists actions in AnitaGate 2015.

A video of Matt's was later played toward the end of episode 136, where the hosts rightfully ripped Matt a new asshole on his faggoty opinions. The hosts then went down Adam Sandler's filmography, expressing their opinions on almost every film he has made, where they eventually realized that they hate almost all of them.

He made a second guest appearance for episode 142, where he was surprisingly mundane and quiet throughout the whole episode. At the beginning of the show, Ben jokingly brought up Matt's Adam Sandler obsession, but TJ quickly changed the subject most likely to avoid any hostility.


We're not seeing that anymore. We're not getting the elderly, angry Jewish to come yell at us that it's not real. We're getting studios that are trying to push these things through to get more money.
— Matt during 'Sony is so desperate for money they push "clean cuts" of films'.[4]


  • Matt recently linked an unlisted video he made on his recent video about Star Wars 7 getting leaked online. This video is an original found footage film made by Matt.[5]
  • On March 16 of 2016, Matt uploaded a video wherein he discussed having just been swatted. Apparently some dick cheese woth no life thought it'd be funny to call the cops on some basement dwelling misogynist piece of human garbage like Matt. In the video, Matt explains how he isn't going to let some rinky dinky swat team stop him for uploading opinion pieces onto YouTube. He demonstrates adamant resolve in that he isn't going to stop. If you look into Matt's eyes, you can see that hes not fucking around at all.
  • He started putting a CG animated skull that lipped synced to his audio in his videos, but quickly replaced it with generic video game footage later on. Before either, his videos were just audio to still images.
  • He is a gun owner, and supports gun rights and the second amendment like the murderous redneck that he is.
  • He has been a major figure and supporter in GamerGate since its insurgence in late 2014.
  • He has a girlfriend, who he takes to shitty Adam Sandler movies whenever possible. Why she hasn't castrated him for this we will never know.
  • He's a self-confessed dirty fucking console peasant.
  • Unlike most YouTubers, he admits when he makes mistakes when covering news stories and rightfully corrects them when possible.
  • He doesn't know how to operate a Discord server properly, obviously.



Talking bout Anita.
Seriously, Matt. What the hell are you smoking?
Matt talks about being swatted.