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Mr. Dapperton
Logicked and Casey Jones' love child.
Logicked and Casey Jones' love child.
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Smoking oregano out of a bong.

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Mr. Dapperton


Mr. Dapperton


Mr. Dapperton


Mr. Dapperton

Hello boys, girls and attack helicopters.

— The completely original joke used as his channel slogan.[1]

Go take a fucking 8th grade civics class and you'll be fine.

— TJ's answer to Mr. Dapperton's video.[2]

Mr. Dapperton (formerly operating under the alias of Anarchyball) is a somewhat prominent American Anarcho-Capitalist / Libertarian YouTuber most recognizable for his videos marked by self-indulgence and insistence on living in an imaginary world where everyone either keep to themselves or end up being shot. He has some of the greatest political stances known to human history if you simply ignore reality and are willing to throw the fate of humanity on the roll of some dice. He was featured several times on the Drunken Peasants while under his former handle, most notably in his compilation video of "Questions libertarians have for Statists" where he was surrounded by a bunch of other delusional cunts.[3] He is actually pretty alright on a few issues such as his stance on Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter, and he has also made a video destroying some flat-Earther,[4] though he sometimes comes off as a prentetious cunt in terms of presenting his arguments.

On Drunken Peasants

A video of his was first played on the podcast during episode 249 where he criticized TJ talking about gun control after the Orlando shooting. He pretty much made no attempt at an actual argument against gun control, and the peasants moved on to Feminist Slam Poetry.

He later appeared in episode 263, although none of the peasants recognized him, during which he claims that Obamacare is an example of socialism gone wrong when responding to an older video from TJ's Amazing Atheist channel. Another video of his was featured during episode 267 in which he responded to the peasants' response from the former episode, where they rebuked one of his older and somehow even more shit-quality videos in which he attempts to speak out against the same issues of Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid. The only good part of the entire thing was hearing the peasants during his video, though it got way too fucking confusing so they had to move on. Dapperton also acted intellectually dishonest by mentioning "Socialism for the Rich" when TJ was clearly talking about "Socialism for the People".

During episode 284, the peasants responded to his compilation video posing questions libertarians have for statists, during which Mr. Dapperton consisted of only a fraction of the video but managed to get a sizable discussion going regarding anarchism in an attempt to refute the points of him and his ilk.

He was mentioned by his former alias "Anarchyball" during episode 336, where Paul thought he was in the YouTube Chat, though actually confused him for another user named MinarchyBall. Dapperton himself was not present in the chat at all for the episode.[5]


  • During his debut appearance, his avatar appeared like something out of MS Paint.[6]
  • His current avatar looks more akin to a ripoff of Deathstroke.
  • He is actually a fan of Drunken Peasants and wasn't salty over this article, showing he has a decent sense of humor.[7]
  • He threw a shit-fit when faced with criticism from Uzalu during a video of his about Anarcho-Capitalism.[8]
  • There is another YouTuber that goes under the alias of Anarchyball that had a discussion with Sargon of Akkad, though it's not the same dude.[9]
  • Art of his character depicts him as having a bunch of guns, gold, some milk, and a bong.[10]
  • He is a big fan of Logicked, who inspired him and has helped him out with his channel despite being on opposite sides of the political spectrum. He made a video talking about how awesome Logicked was.[11]
  • He was also inspired a lot by Armoured Skeptic.[12]
  • Every argument he has consists of a false equivalency.
  • He slept through both economics and civics class.
  • He believes that pointing out the faults of Obamacare, a long-ago butchered mandate to buy private insurance, is a good rebuke of socialism.[13]