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The Dangerous Faggot
Not your shield.
Not your shield.
Personal Details
  • Journalist
  • Anti-Muslim Extremist

Christianity (Catholicism)


Cultural Libertarianism[1]



Birth date

October 18th, 1984

Birth place

Athens, Greece


Bubba the Black Jesuit




United Kingdom


Getting fucked by Tyrone and Daquan.

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Milo Yiannopoulos




Milo Yiannopoulos


Account Suspended for trolling

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


Feminism is cancer.
— Milo's most accurate statement.

Milo "Λατρεύω τo πέος"Yiannopouloppatamuslookadooka, also known as Prince Charming, is a renowned dangerous faggot and a popular British journalist, public speaker, self-described "provocateur", and former senior editor for Breitbart News. Milo is also founder of The Kernel, an online tabloid magazine about technology. His whole gimmick is that he is a self-repenting gay Christian that god-worships Daddy Trump. Although he has only made a single appearance on Drunken Peasants, the controversy surrounding his appearance (revitalized further over a year later) makes his debut episode one of the most popular in the show's history.


Milo is best described as a charming guy with some jarring viewpoints. While very articulate and well spoken regarding some issues on Feminism among others, many of his flaws emerge from self-admitted hypocrisy. The most generally accepted trait of Milo is that he is always open to speak his mind, which ultimately resulted in him being unverified on Twitter. One of his shadiest viewpoints is his blatant denial of climate change. Just like The Vigilant Christian, he's skeptical of everything else but his own beliefs (and sucks a ton of cocks).

He supports pederasty. Not pedophilia because the boys are a couple years past prepubescence, so it's totes ok, bitches. In his teens he had an ongoing sexual relationship with a local Catholic priest. He considers this to have been a positive experience.

On Drunken Peasants

He made a guest appearance in episode 193 to discuss his interesting views, where he got into quite a spat with PaulsEgo on a number of issues. Milo offered to appear on the show a second time with the oddly feminist-like stipulation that someone of the show (Paul, funnily enough) not be allowed to appear alongside him. The peasants promptly told him to fuck off, being that they don't run shit that way.

Banned from Twitter

The peasants later discussed Milo being banned from Twitter on episode 261 with DarkMatter2525, who gave an in-depth summary of his own thoughts. On July 19, 2016, Milo was censored by Twitter when they banned his account for disagreeing with Leslie Jones, one of the stars shitty new SJW Ghostbusters movie, because a few pictures sent her pictures comparing her to a gorilla. Milo was accused of racism, despite the fact that he loves black cock and has no regrets, as he stated on an interview with the online libertarian news site, Heat Street.

CPAC Controversy

About a year after his guest appearance, Milo increasingly became a very popular figure in mainstream culture, especially following the election of Trump. After a saucy appearance on Bill Maher being invited to CPAC, a cabal of mainstream conservatives uncovered the episode of DP in which Milo debated Paul, with many being appalled when they found the part where he talked about having sex with a priest. In a show of character assassination, The Blaze and The Reagan Battalion decided to edit out the parts in which Milo agreed with the age of consent and made it look like he was completely on board with pedophilia. This eventually spread to mainstream news outlets all over.

On episode 330, the peasants discussed the controversy that they were now partially involved with, ranting about how CNN didn't mention or credit them, despite playing a sound clip of the show. They also played a response video that Milo made and eventually unlisted describing his experience. He was called out by Ben for contradicting himself from the story he told during episode 193. During episode 331, they talked about Milo again somewhat backtracking on his statements made earlier, though seeming to come to at least a PR realization that he was a victim of child abuse, even if he admits doesn't feel that way. However, the peasants make a point that he is being taken out of context by news sources everywhere on his statements, sometimes even attempting to make him appear to be a pedophile himself, which is entirely disingenuous being that he was the one being molested and is probably fucked psychologically over it.

This whole controversy sparked a split in the community as people like Spinosauruskin started autistically screeching about how Milo's a bad person for not revealing the names of those who abused him. Sargon and Uzalu took a different stance on the issue causing them to be at each-others throats.

Other Controversies

Banned by SJWs

Milo was scheduled to debate a feminist named Julie Bindel at The University of Manchester in October, 2015. The student union banned both of them because of Bindel's comments about trannies and Milo's opinions on 'rape culture'. According to them, they were having their safe space violated. Milo then proceeded to fuck a giant fish after this traumatizing incident. Why? Because he's an idiot, that's why.[2]

Dangerous Faggot

Milo Yiannopodopoulus has been touring around America in several universities and each time he goes he causes a giant SJW shitstorm and causes several regressive cucks to attempt to silence his free speech. One of the most famous protesters at his tour is a fat bitch nicknamed Trigglypuff who did nothing but flap her fat ass arms and screamed like an autistic walrus to stop Milo's hate speech. Other people have made guest appearances on some of his tours like Christina Hoff Sommers and Dave Rubin.

On February 1, 2017, Milo was scheduled to make the last stop of his tour at the University of California, Berkley. The event was cancelled when more than 100 ninja-looking motherfuckers rolled up to the event and started fires and shit.[3]


How Twitter made their decision.
  • He doesn't believe in lesbians.[4]
  • He has been called a troll on live television.
  • He believes that gays should "get back in the closet", but he himself failed at it, as he could not resist the cock.
  • Milo made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience in September 2015.
  • Sargon of Akkad has done videos with him.[5]
  • He supported the Brexit and made a video in support.[6]
  • He lost his virginity when he was about 13 years old in an interracial five-way involving drag queens.
  • He nears a striking resemblance to Bronson Pinchot and Prince Charming from Shrek.
  • His name is way too fucking long.
  • The Kernel was sold to Daily Dot Media in 2014.
  • Despite whatever you think about him or his views, it can't be denied that he's sexy as all fuck.
  • He's basically the right-wing version of Anita Sarkeesian, since they're both professional victims.(However unlike Sarkeesian, he actually got carisma).
  • He made an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher in which he pissed off Larry Wilmoore and some CIA loser.
  • He was the lead editor of Breitbart Tech and a regular columnist long before then, until he stepped down over the controversy regarding his appearance on Episode 193


You're asexual? No. Nobody wants to fuck you.
I do recognize that blue lives matter.
How would you even know if you got raped by a Chinese guy?
Most races smell of something.


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