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Smoke Pan Everyday!
— The first meme in Drunken Peasants history, first stated on the No Bullshit Podcast.

Mems (Memes if you are a ԀP pleb) is a collective term for inside jokes and slang words relating to Drunken Peasants. The podcast has been around for a few years, though a large collection of different mems have already been made throughout it's history. To truly enjoy the juicy, stoner humor of the podcast, understanding the show's inside jokes is key to an ideal DP experience. Many mems have come and gone, with some occasionally making a return. By far the most iconic and well known mem within the community is Smoke Pan Everyday. The most popular of mems are immortalized onto the peasants' merchandise. A full list of inside jokes in alphabetical order can be found below:

List of Mems


  • Atlantic City - Atlantic City is a popular mem, though unlike any other inside joke, no living human knows the origins of this strange phenomenon.
  • Ban TJ! - A grassroots movement among fans of the show aimed at ousting TJ Kirk from his role as a host of Drunken Peasants. Antagonists of the show have made actual attempts to ban TJ and the other peasants using false DMCAs,[1] though they have always ended up having their ass handed to them, with the peasants eventually having their channel returned.
  • Banana / BananaGate - Initially an internet sex scandal involving TJ putting a banana in his anus during 2011,[2] it has since become a popular meme on the podcast fully embraced by TJ. It was initially sent to a female friend that he trusted, who later leaked it online. Antagonists of the show often bring up the banana in an attempt to dismiss TJ's arguments, often proving when they have run out of anything of substance to say. The banana itself has become a mascot of sorts to the show and TJ's channel.
  • BenPlex - A patent-pending cure-all made by the peasants from a bunch of leftover drugs smuggled in from Mexico. The drug is intended to be a dietary supplement to give you muscles and shit like Ben, although everyone to try the diet plan advertised on the bottle died of overdose on pan and bananas.
  • Bitchboy Slapfight - A virginal phenomenon experienced during a live episode of Random Serfs of the Inebriated Variety. It has since become a Drunken Peasants mem. It involved The UnFunny Comedian getting into a fourteen year old brawl with his co-host over a difference of opinion regarding how to run the show. Too stupid to resolve the conflict off air, UnFunny violently assaulted his co-host by attempting to shove a spiked banana up his ass for revenge.
  • Denver the Last Dinosaur - A mem that emerged from a French-American 80s cartoon show of the same name. TJ would often spout out the theme song of the show at random during early episodes of the podcast, all until Ben managed to distract him by smoking some pan. The actual show itself involves a bunch of tokens finding a dinosaur and taking him on wacky Leave It To Beaver-esque adventures instead of having him studied for the benefit of science.[3]
  • Dinoaur - A mem originating from the mind of Jim Ass shortly after a bad high. It is described only as the result of a canine turning into a non-canine. Dinoaur is by far the most financially successful of all mems in the podcast history, able to push even more shirt sales than most of the hosts combined. Dinoaur is believed to have some form of blood connection to Denver the Last Dinosaur. Legend claims that Dinoaur is currently seeking Drunken Peasants godhood. Dinoaur actually pushes a ton of merchandise.
  • DP Subreddit is Blowing Up! - "The DP Subreddit is Blowing Up!" and other variants, are a phrase coined by Egghead being inflated enough to think that the Drunken Peasants subreddit cares enough to talk about every little topic that has happened on The Egghead Show. It is a real quote by Egghead on several of his livestreams that was quickly noticed and mocked by the peasants, with Paul unable to comprehend that a human could say something like that.
  • Eggs - Scotty's fierce hatred of Eggs and title as The Egg Bitch has become a popular Drunken Peasants mem, originating from a segment of the Amazing Atheist video, EGGS.[4] The clip involves Scotty proclaiming that he must have more eggs, which has since been remixed many times over by fans of the show. The mem gained such traction that fans asked the peasants about a possible sequel to Bricks 2. Eggs 2 itself was an Amazing Atheist video shrouded in mystery for many years.
  • Fuck you, Bill Maher! - A clip originating from the Opie and Anthony Show that was frequently played during the earlier episodes. It was usually played whenever someone was saying "FUCK YOU!" with a particular inflection.


  • Garbage - The adjective most often used by the peasants, usually to refer to TJ.[5] Calling something garbage is saying that the thing is worthless. It can also indicate that something is really cool but you want to hurt it, like a kitty wants to be petted and sodomize your grandparents at the same damn time. An example of this usage is when a ԀP fan first enters the chat, notices Scotty talking, and immediately his TJ training kicks in and he has to say, "Scotty is garbage."
  • Glanderson Booper - The metaphysical love child of Glenn Beck and Anderson Cooper. He came into inception when Cooper stuck his blooper in Glenn's pooper.
  • Hey Scotty, Jesus Man! - A mem that came to fruition simply because of one of the hosts has the same name of the already existing meme based on the 1992 Christian film "Second Glance", the meme soon became popular with DP and resulted in many fans creating their own spins on the classic, such as "Hey Scotty, I'm gonna fuck your ass, and then you're going to be humble!", followed up by the heart warming jingle that starts off the credits in the actual movie. These unfortunately had to come to an end because around the time of the DP Trip to Europe, the peasants received a DMCA by the fucktards that made the movie, and they stopped playing such clips to avoid further legal trouble.
  • Hang 'Em High - A once common inside joke used to mock right-wing fundamentalists on the show. It references the views of extreme Christians desire to execute homosexuals, examples including Pastor Steven L. Anderson. The phrase first originated in episode 30. It is always spoken by the peasants while using a Redneck voice. It was also featured in an episode of Drunken Peasants Animated, which was eventually played on the show.[6]
  • Individual-Situation - This mem originated when Paul observed Brett Keane's notable usage of the words individual and situation, Paul often using the words to mock Keane during his well-received impressions. Often stylized in various ways, including "indivijil sichuashun", it has risen in popularity as one of the most well-known and addicting mems in the community. "Particular" is another word often brought up that is said by Keane. The peasants claim that they go out their way to say the words in everyday speech because it will always result in discussion of Brett Keane's bullshit. In episode 166, Brett Keane repeatedly had to go to the bathroom, and he said he had to go because of a "french vanilla situation", Drunken Peasants slang for having to go take a shit.
  • Kenyanism - Another parody term created by the Drunken Peasants through combining "communism", a term frequently used to refer to Barack Obama's ironically conservative cabinet, with "Kenya". Kenya being the country that many batshit conspitards claim Obama is secretly from, having supposedly faked his own birth certificate in order to run for president. Kenyanism itself has evolved into a pro-Drunken Peasants movement, adapting beliefs that involve the worship of Ben and TJ by sacrificing cannabis.


  • Matinée - An obscure animal confined to the shallow, swampy waters of Missouri that serves as a mascot to the Drunken Peasants. They are considered a delicacy among the Drunken Peasants fanbase and the local populace, leading to them being hunted to near extinction. It is so popular that it has it's own brand of mac n' cheese, which has been further featured on a DP shirt. This beautiful animal is not to be confused with a less desirable creature.
  • Mems - An alternate pronunciation of meme originating from the Canadian Atheist's discussion of Devon Tracey on the podcast. The phrase made it's debut during episode 199, it later became so popular that a shirt was made of it. The term finally gave an umbrella to all of the ridiculous terms and phrases embrace throughout the years by DP's community. Mems are technically a mem within itself.
  • Mid-90's Kevin Nash! - A catchphrase uttered by TJ under the wrestling alias of The Aluminum Sheik during his promos.[7] The mem originated around episode 82, in which it often involved TJ jerking off to a poster of Kevin Nash live on the podcast, leading thousands of fan orgasms simultaneously. It has since become a popular catchphrase in DP culture.
  • One if by Land... - This meme began with episode 293, where Paul's Ego decided to make a shanty about the Matinée himself. During the same episode they got their audience to invade Brett's hangout and resulting in some spamming that in his live chat.
  • Pan - A term simply meaning slang for weed. It was one of the very first Drunken Peasants mems and was also featured on the original T-shirt. The origin of pan comes from the peasants mocking Fox News commentators that kept referring to weed as "pot". An extension of the mem comes from the slogan "Smoke Pan Everyday", which combines the word pan with a line from Dr. Dre's "The Next Episode".[8]
  • Puking Dog - A dog that appears during the intro of DP Action News puking on his sex partner. Puking Dog quickly became popular after his debut and would later run for presidential thanks to a nomination from Jim Ass. However, after figuring out he had no chance to win he did a concession speech and gave the election to Donald Trump when he endorsed Hillary Clinton.


  • Sniff Sniff Cocaine - An alias used by a notorious Afro-Caribbean assassin responsible for the deaths of approximately 200 people. Nobody knows his real name, or his country of origin, he does not speak English, except for the words "Sniff sniff cocaine". A phrase he murmurs under his breath in public areas to lure his marks close enough for him to kill them, masking as a cocaine dealer. He has been spotted numerous times outside of Wrestling venues. The legend of Sniff Sniff Cocaine has been described during both episode 144 and episode 230. The mem originates from the 2015 Europe Trip, in which Scotty tells a tale of a man who approached him in Amsterdam while he was stoned out of his mind. The man simply walked up and said "Sniff sniff cocaine!"[9] During a hangout, the peasants mentioned TJ wasn't alongside Scotty to tell the tale and was probably off somewhere stoned while it happened.[10]
  • Space Race - An inside joke made seemingly out of nowhere by the peasants. They say that it's an idea of something they wouldn't even be able to put on YouTube, most likely for it being too offensive. It involves the "Mestizos" and the "Caucasioids," leading some people to believe that "Space Race" has a double meaning and it involves a sort of intergalactic race war.
  • Three Buck Theater - A webshow hosted by MundaneMatt in which he talks about movies and shit. Because the name is so ridiculous, it became a mem among staffers of Drunken Peasants United where they say it nonstop because they are retarded. It has since become part of the common vernacular of PaulsEgo who literally mentions it all the time. The phrase was actually first said by TommyFromTheBronx during episode 302, at the behest of LanceCplThomas.
  • Stonebwoy and Liwin - Two niggers from Africa. Little is known about Stonebwoy and Liwin, but it is speculated that they are homosexual lovers, trapped in the homophobic country of Yoogandah. Liwin is apparently a football player, looking him up on YouTube reveals that he is also apparently some kind of internet sensation in Africa. Paul speculates they are shoeless children, dancing the street to some horrible music. In February 2016, the Peasants got really high on LSD and started watching Stonebwoy and Liwin after TJ looked up Liwin for some reason.[11] Runny Lump later made a song for them inspired by the high.[12]
  • X-Wing - A type of aircraft from Star Wars that have a distinctive X shape when looked at from the front. Egghead believes that TJ could even levitate an entire X-wing, which has since been rightfully exploited as a joke at his expense.
  • What it do? - Originating from episode 281, where Joshua Feurstein made a video interviewing some retarded redneck who was healed of HIV by God. He greets the audience by saying "What it do, what it do?," and it has become a catchphrase since. Paul now invokes the phrase during the start of his Highdeas.