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The Live Q&A during the Toledo meetup.

Really bright crowd and a lot of fun. If you get a chance to go to a DP meetup you should.

— Dusty Smith on Twitter, regarding the 2016 New Orleans meetup.[1]

The Drunken Peasants' Meetups are events organized by the Drunken Peasants in order to chill out with fans, smoke a ton of pan, get drunk, and other cool shit. The first meetup took place in London, during the 2015 Europe Trip. The peasants have since done a shit ton of meetups all over the United States. If you can go to one, you may ascend to Drunken Peasants godhood.

If the peasants have an upcoming meetup, they will likely shill it at the start of the show. The most recent meetup took place in New Orleans, Lousiana.

Cities the peasants have held meetups in (in order): London, Amsterdam, Los Angles, Columbus, Seattle, Toledo, New Orleans, Albuquerque.

For 2017 there a few meetups planned in Europe.

2015 Europe Trip Meetups


The first ever Drunken Peasants meetup was held in London, United Kingdom. It mainly consisted of TJ preaching his secular gospel to a bunch of sweaty English dudes and chicks for a few hours. The crowd eventually assimilated and began to shout for the permanent banning of TJ.[2] Unable to argue with democracy and deciding to take up the English spirit, Scotty and Ben had TJ beheaded live in the park. Since it was England, it was rainy as fuck outside and you could see TJ's bloodied man-titties through his shirt.


There was a second European meetup held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The peasants were really high, stoned, and drunk for their entire duration, so much so that Ben decided to go sober for a few weeks after this meetup. During the meetup, TJ mentioned a story when he shoved Scotty's toothbrush up his ass. The peasants also ate some nasty looking Dutch food, including when TJ ate some fish filled with Brett Keane's semen, nearly forcing him to puke.[3]

2016 Los Angles Meetup

Perky little titties!

— Paul's Ego

In the year following the Europe Trip on January 19th of 2015, the peasants held their first US fan meetup at the V Lounge in Los Angeles. Not as much media was recovered from this meetup as others, though it included a live Q&A, Storytime with Paul, and the appearance of Pimpmunk. The event was restricted to 21+ because the venue gave Ben a hard time. This meetup also helped bring a ton of attention to Pimp's channel, as his fat ass was officially endorsed by the Drunken Peasants. It was discussed at length during episode 192, during which TJ kindly asked the fans not to shoot Paul.[4]

2016 Columbus Meetup

Fuck you, Joseph Martelli!

— The fans send Joseph back home.

Only a few months after the Los Angeles meetup, the peasants arranged another in Columbus, Ohio during May of 2016. The main feature of the meetup was seeing Paul's Ego suck face with Pimpmunk, as part of a deal for a huge donation to Galen's health.[5] Pimpmunk was afraid to kiss Paul[6], but it ended up being the most erotic experience in their lives, with Paul mentioning it every single podcast.

The meetup was threatened by sissy-boy Joseph Martelli, who posted an incriminating image of a gun next to a Bible, claiming he would be at the meetup. When Joseph Martelli tried to confront a fan at the meetup, he ran away like the cowardly bitch he is when he noticed the legion of fans behind TJ, including TommyFromTheBrox. Even though TJ didn't do much, they praised him for looking on while Tommy scared away Joseph.[7] Joseph spent the rest of his vacation weeping into a pizza box while in some shitty motel.
Drunken Peasants Threatened by Joseph Martelli
PaulsEgo, Pimpmunkx and TommyfromtheBronx
TJ Talks With Fans
Joseph Martelli Attacks Drunken Peasants
Joseph Martelli Runs Like a Sissy Boy
Drunken Peasants Meetup & Joseph Martelli - TommmyfromtheBRONX

2016 Seattle Meetup


— Repzion at the meetup.
The peasants eventually announced another meetup in Seattle, which featured human sex toy, Mr. Repzion. During the meetups, Repzion got into a bitchboy slapfight with Scotty over his allegiance to Hydra or some shit, the fight ended with Repzion being impaled on Tim Black's massive dong. TJ also sang Brett Keane: The Motherfucking Opera by Sye Ten Atheist alongside a fan of the show, making for one of the most erotic nights in DP history. Other guests include MundaneMatt, Pimpmunk and TommyfromtheBronx.
TJ sings! Brett Keane The Motherfucking Cover: Drunken Peasants Seattle Meetup
Scotty Vs MrRepzion: Drunken Peasants Seattle Meetup
Drunken Peasants Meetup Columbus 2016 - PaulsEgo, Pimpmunkx and TommyfromtheBronx

2016 Toledo Meetup

The peasants held another Ohio meetup in Toledo during July of 2016. The meetup was an all-ages and took place at the Ottawa Tavern from 9pm -to- whenever the fuck people felt like dispersing Highlights of the meetup include peasants getting trashed as usual, sampling a ton of different pizza places, a live panel for the fans, alcoholic gummy bears, some dude in a wheelchair, and a brief appearance from Shirt Guy. During the panel, Paul told a story about his LARPing experiences and the audience gushed out their vaginal juices onto him as soon as he mentioned it. Some of the best pictures in DP history occurred here due to one of the fans being skilled with the camera.

2016 New Orleans Meetup

In the same month as the Toledo meetup, the peasants held a meet up in New Orleans. Special guests include Dusty Smith and Egghead. A particular fan was asked by TJ to rape Egghead in exchange for TJ playing him airfare. Egghead ended having a good time and met his favorite YouTubers, but unfortunately he was neither sodomized nor shitfaced drunken the entire time, in fact TJ has commented on his own Twitter that Egghead pussied out and left about an hour into the meetup. Dusty Smith was also present at the meetup and got along well with the peasants' fans, describing them as his kind of people.


  • TJ has sometimes been paranoid at the meetups, as noted in a video of his.[8]