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"Coming to you live, from the frigid armpit of America. This is The Drunken Peasants Podcast with Ben and TJ, bringing you opinions of the news from an altered perspective!"
—Ben at the start of every episode

The Drunken Peasants, or simply ԀP, is a left oriented YouTube podcast airing from Seattle, Washington. The hosts are Ben, TJ, Scotty, and Paul. They like to pick apart the news in a fun and entertaining way, as well as debate various guests, respond to other videos, mock general stupidity, interact with their community, and ԀP the internet from an altered perspective. The show has lasted for over two years, but has already collected a large following and countless inside jokes.

The peasants have had arguments with many people, including: a Christian walrus and his posse, a black guy with a corduroy fetish, a crying little bitch who "exposes evil", a deplorable piece of shit with a math degree, an attention horse, a gobsmacking overcooked Hitler, a faithful Christian who sucks off guys behind the porn store, a fear-mongering preacher cashing in on stupidity, a doc-dropping kangaroo, a race card-throwing garage enthusiast, and a pro-slavery black person who denies the existence of starving children.

Warning: This wiki may contain some content that is inappropriate for stupid pussies and is highly satirical in nature. Traverse at own risk. #SmokePanEveryday


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The Indivijul Brett Keane Segment Situation is an entire segment of Drunken Peasants dedicated to the roasting of Butt King. Keane has made an insane amount of videos responding to the peasants, just stirring shit on YouTube, or just doing everyday breached manatee activities. As a result, he is ripe for material and the segment is among the most popular in the show's history. Keane's frequent talking points include calling TJ a scammer, calling Ben a Rey Mysterio motherfucker, claiming all DP fans are children, calling Scotty a leech, accusing TJ of attacking his family, and a few more on rotation in the infamous Brett Keane cycle.

Scotty in particular has been described as having a particular hatred of Keane, with his videos often making Scotty visibly angry and turning him mentally ill. PaulsEgo's experience as a self-proclaimed Brett Keane historian are put most to use during this segment. In Keane's mind, the entire segment is devoted to attacking his family.