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L from Death Note
Ugh, beta!
Ugh, beta!
Personal Details





19 (as of 12/11/16)

Birth place


  • Mexican
  • Spanish
  • American (not for long)

Bellevue, WA. The same place as DP.


Penetrating the Drunken Peasants Discord with the 12 inch cock of knowledge.

Social Networking


It's because of people like you that I have to "press one for English".
— Ben greets L from Death Note.[1]
Luis, more commonly known as L from Death Note or The Spic, is an evil, fascist Mexican that devours the souls of innocent children like sushi. He is most notable in the Fan Community for being a recognizable fan of Drunken Peasants and long-standing patron. Despite his many appearances, nearly of his appearances were irrelevant, though he's been a patron for over a year and still remains one. These days, he frequently hangs out in the Discord Server as an admin where he enables authoritarianism and tries to fuck Jayfeather, only failing because Jay is currently trapped in the desolate wasteland of Canada.


He has appeared on many episodes of the show and is known by people in the community for being present during some of the show's finest moments like episode 166 and the reading of Gail's erotic novel, though has notoriety for little else. As far as patron guests go, he's one of the less grating even though he has a voice comparable to a beaver. He is a disgusting Death Note lover who loves jerking off to molesting little Japanese girls like VenomFangX. Currently, he is at dire risk of deportation under Donald Trump's immigration plan.


TJ Kirk: Say something you queer!
Luis: Hi!
— Luis recieves his first strike on episode 260.[2]


  • Luis was present in the studio during the private show for January of 2017.
  • He appeared during a livestream on the channel in February of 2017, where it was announced the show plan was to be cancelled.[3]
  • He's a moral faggot who doesn't see that Light is obviously superior to L.
  • He speaks okay Mexican.
  • He has appeared during many on the Patreon Google Hangouts.
  • Not to be confused with the Latin Pop musician of the same name.
  • Enjoys giving the Discord in-depth history lessons and never stops, while penetrating them with the 12 inch cock of knowledge.
  • Luis plans to learn German at some point.
  • Luis mows Trump's lawn, but is only allowed to do so while he is WRONG!
  • He's 5'5, which is why when you see him on screen with TJ at the same time, it looks as if TJ could eat him whole if he really felt like it.
  • He likes to fuck cats. Cats like to fuck him.
  • On the Discord, he has bestowed with the title of "Literally Franco".