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YouTube Chat

  • YouTube chatroom
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May 29, 2016


A central hub for live discussion of the podcast that has degenerated into a satire of itself.

Ban TJ! Poopballs! I love Hitler! Swastika! Vigilant Christian Mario, WE'RE COMIN' FOR YOU NIGGA!
— The vocal minority of fans that dwell in the chat with nothing to add to the conversation.

The YouTube Chat is a hellhole widely recognized by the Drunken Peasants as the degenerate backwash of their fanbase. Despite being an untamed wilderness with no rules or sense of order and full of attention whores, it is still a great representation of humanity's greatness.

The chat is often spammed by the fans for hours on end while the peasants do their show in hopes that precious Benpai or Cheejay will finally notice their shitposting, though their dreams are rarely fulfilled as the peasants only acknowledge the bullshit in the chat these days when it reaches it's peak. Despite this, the members of the YouTube chat are staunchly loyal to the peasants and have suicidally thrown themselves into other streams to explode as beautiful mems, sometimes Brett Keane's or even Tommy Sotomayor's as displayed on episode 298. Once in a while the owners of the battle scarred chats and streams will come into the peasant's YouTube chat to say something with extreme butthurt or in some particular situations, come onto the show. However, many users posing as YouTubers in the chat will say things to get the peasant's attention.

Scotty serves as the main moderator for the chat and is often regarded by the plebs as a righteous dictator. Legend claims that a fan was once banned for saying that "Scotty's significant other is attached to his wrist".


No philosopher or artist has better encapsulated the human condition than the stream of consciousness that is ԀP Live Chat. Some Philistines bitch about their inability to have petty, cretinous conversations in the Live Chat due to its rapid pace and randomness, but these morons are unable to appreciate true beauty. The chat is notorious for using its cis-white male privilege to victimize the guests.

The chat room had spawned many unfunny hilarious and original mems during its lifespan including the constant spamming of "#Ban X person" or asking the peasants to get someone on the podcast who would likely never be on the show, including JonTron, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-un, and even Obama. Hashtags in general are a big part of the chat room's culture. There has also been annoying ascii art in the chat. During the show's early history, there were also a lot of sock accounts impersonating world leaders or celebrities.[1]

On Drunken Peasants

The following is a list of major examples on the show where the chat was mentioned:

  • Episode 100 - A member of the chat suggested that Jean-François Gariépy duke it out with Barack Obama in an election.[2]
  • Episode 107 - The chat was revived for an episode with Creationist Cat, TJ commanded the chat to spam "Poop Balls" over and over. It has since become a mem and some fans has sent requests for a "Poop Balls" shirt.[3]
  • Episode 140 - Someone in the chat suggested that Ben film himself shaking his bare buttocks at the camera while the song "Laffy Taffy" by D4L plays.[4]
  • Episode 291 - BeyondPhere was called out by the peasants for implying that the drama between DP and Dusty Smith was at least partially manufactured.
  • Episode 310 - The chat was closed for daring to insult the holy Jim Ass.[5]
  • Episode 333 - During this episode, the "SuperChat" feature on YouTube was introduced, allowing fans to tip the peasants money.


Below is a list of people relating to the show (mostly guests or antagonists) that have taken the plunge into interacting with the YouTube chat. Impersonators do not count toward this list, obviously.


  • The chat had moderators for some time during the show's history (around episode 46) that were all eventually driven mad by the anarchy they tried to help contain.
  • The chat calls Kyle Kulinski a cuck during every single one of his appearances, almost as a tradition at this point. This can be most notably seen during episode 299.
    • A similar phenomenon occurred during David Pakman's appearance on the show, where they called him a cuck throughout the entire broadcast. The peasants had to inform him the the chat was full of degenerates.
  • Dornhub was born on the chat.
  • "Mario, We're Comin' For You, Nigga!" was a common mem in the chat, inspired by Scotty saying it whenever a Vigilant Christian video is played on Drunken Peasants. It is a reference to a WWE Wrestling promo where Booker T accidentally called Hulk Hogan a "nigga".
  • #GlandersonBooper was given to the world from the chat. Bless that madman.