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Kyle Kulinski
Watch out Leonardo Dicaprio.
Watch out Leonardo Dicaprio.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Journalist
  • Political commentator


Birth date

January 31st, 1988

Birth place

New York


New Rochelle, New York


Stalking politicians

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Secular Talk


Secular Talk Radio


Secular Talk Radio


Secular Talk

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


Good googly moogly...
— Kyle's catchphrase
Grab them by their pussies. I don't even wait!
— Kyle Kulinski during episode 299.[1]

Kyle Kulinski, informally dubbed Kyle Cucklinski, is the creator of the YouTube channel Secular Talk. He is the first guest whose appearance the Drunken Peasants have specifically tailored the show for. Kyle, like TJ, has the amazing ability to be a regresive cuck and a racist, misogynist Trump supporter depending on who you ask. In all seriousness, he, aside from Dave Rubin and David Pakman, is the only honest and charming person to come out of The Young Turks network and he is probably the best thing to come out of TYT in general.

You can listen to him live on BlogTalk Radio.


He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Iona College in New York. He is of Italian and Polish ancestry, meaning that he is a scrounging immigrant scumbag who is destroying America, alongside the left-wing middle-class establishment. Kyle had shown large support for Bernie Sanders (aka Evil Liberal Jew of America) in the 2016 Presidential Election, whom he is in cahoots with, in a deep-rooted plot to destroy white America.

He has identified as a Feminist, but is now very critical of third-wave feminism, and often expresses opposition to 'Joke Outrage' against comedians like Bill Maher[2]. He defines the actions of SJW's as "lazy liberalism" and authoritarianism. During episode 299, Kyle explained that a conversation of his with TJ on the Drunken Peasants helped shift his opinion on the Feminism issue.


Kyle's show started April 2008 and was eventually added to The Young Turks Network. The formula on his channel is covering a wide range of news stories - usually by first showing a clip or reading from an article - and then extrapolating a deeper, more philosophical perspective on topics and issues the news story in question raises.

Despite being affiliated with The SJW and Islam Apologist Network Kyle is a rational and intelligent person which seems to go against everything his parent network stands for. Kyle has even called out Cenk Uygur for his many BS claims against New Atheists, like Sam Harris. In January of 2015, Kyle denounced what he calls 'Neo-Feminists' after he was called a misogynist for a bullshit Salon article.[3]

On Drunken Peasants

As mentioned, the episode he appeared in, episode 90, was tailor-made for him. This goes to show the white privilege at the core of DP. The episode played like a really long Secular Talk video with hosts having their roles reversed in many ways.

Kyle made his second guest appearance along with Paul in episode 154. It was pretty good.

In episode 199 the Peasants reviewed a video by Livelife, who claimed Kuklinski was an anti-Semite for having the audacity to talk about specific example of Jewish extremism.

Kyle made his third guest appearance on Episode 299.

On Amazing Atheist

Kyle Kulinski mentions TJ in some of his videos, and had a conversation with TJ on his channel.[4]

In TJ's one million subscriber video, TJ shouted out Kyle, saying Kyle's channel's his favorite on YouTube at the moment.

Peace Treaty

Kyle has recently been at work to make peace between New Atheists and so called "Progressives" with his video New Atheists Vs Progressives | Proposing A Ceasefire. This turned out to be ineffective do to the stubbornness on both sides (but mainly on the SJW's) including people like Sam Sedar.


The Catholic Church is like the McDonald's of diddling young boys.
— Kyle, after learning how much the Catholics spend to cover up molestaions. [5]
You need to civilize yourself, son!
— Kyle before he smacked a bitch.[6]
This is not the liberalism I signed up for
— Kyle on Joke Outrage
...theocracies are authoritarian by their very nature...
— "China Shuts Down Media For 'Independent Reporting' "
I'm Ted Cruz, meehh
— Kyle's impersonation of Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz is comparing healthcare to driving a lamborghini and I'm about to shove a fork in my eye.
— A tweet by Kyle Kulinski [7]
Pointing down to the lake of fire he will soon occupy.


  • He had a debate against Dave Rubin on Israel and Palestine.[8]
  • Kyle did a sorta-collab with TJ in early November, 2015. It was in an interview format.
  • He loves facesitting, as he has told us several times, embarrassed while doing so (indicating another fetish of his which coincides with his evil white male leftist mindset).
  • Kyle's favorite pornstar is Lisa Ann.
  • Kyle became an atheist after reading The God Delusion. #edgy
  • He was once Catholic and was raised Catholic, much like Ben. Unlike Ben, however, he is no longer Catholic. He made a video in 2013 describing his childhood and why he isn't religious.[9]
  • It is a running in-joke among Secular Talk fans that Kyle has no legs, as he's never shown below the waist in his videos. He may or may not wear pants or even underwear while doing his show.
  • Whenever Kyle uploads a faggoty video of himself playing golf, his fans pretend it doesn't exist.
  • Kyle voted for Jill Stein, and also asked her a questoon about drug reform, to which she preferred decriminalization over blanket legalization.