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Reich and Tea
Kraut and Tea on The Western Front.
Kraut and Tea on The Western Front.
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Left-wing liberal and social democrat


Bumfuck Nowhere Austria

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Kraut and Tea


Kraut and Tea

I don't care what race you are, as long as you can deepthroat.
— Kraut and Tea
Kraut and Tea is a centre-left skeptic YouTuber hailing from the caliphate of Germany that advocates against political correctness. He is genuinely concerned with the influx of Mudslime immigrants that are moving to Europe, largely refusing to adopt western values, and may well end up threatening their very way of life. He is also a fan of the Drunken Peasants and tunes in to their degenerate podcast from time to time. Despite his constant, entirely justified critique of Social Justice Warriors on his channel, Kraut offers the political spectrum a fair shake by being equally as critical of groups like the Alt-right.[1][2]


Europe needs its own secular movement.
— Kraut telling it like it is.
Kraut and Tea was a relatively small YouTube channel, but then he got a shit ton of attention when he made a video he criticized The God of DP regarding his stances on the topic of Islam. This caused TJ to take umbrage with Kraut, and TJ made his first video response to anyone in a while to Kraut in the video "ISLAM IS AWESOME! :D." This video is controversial among fans of TJ because of the way that TJ addressed Kraut's arguments, but this sparked a conversation between Kraut and TJ and this caused TJ to invite Kraut onto his podcast to discuss their differences live. Since then, Kraut has seen massive success and has reached over 100,000 subscribers. He continues to make videos about Islam, but also has made a couple of videos on the alt right, as Edgy Sphinx, a former friend of his, had tried to dog whistle alt right talking point to his audience and was using Kraut to push a white nationalist agenda.

On Drunken Peasants

Kraut was brought on for episode 244 to discuss his response video to TJ, so they played Kraut's video titled, "Responding to the Amazing Atheist". They had a great discussion on Islam and the problems it poses to the west, with a few hiccups, mostly because of differences of opinion between Kraut and the peasants (notably PaulsEgo). His overall positive experience on the show has furthered his interest in the community, as a result Kraut also occasionally participates in the YouTube Chat, as seen during episode 299.



Despite previously being friends with AiU and appearing on The Flying Monkey Podcast, featuring Devon Tracey and his sycophants, he eventually took up the sword in opposition to the unethical actions the Roo and the flying monkeys as a whole. He made a video on how he and everyone else has the right to remain anonymous and anyone who doesn't respect that can eat a dick. Kraut once clarified that he was unaware of Tracey's doxing habits while they were on good terms and now vehemently opposes him for other unethical and toxic actions.

Online Anonymity is my and your Right!.
it ends here

RageAfterStorm Drama

There was a YouTuber called RageAfterStorm who started making videos about race realism using sources such as the Daily Stormer telling how black people are blood lusty savages who are so retarded that they don't even able to understand abstract concepts such as time. Many YouTubers have criticized her videos including Kraut. During that time, around 2017 Jun 29, Kraut made a Tweet to the UKIP(UK Independence Party) related blog which was linked in RageAfterStorm's public Twitter bio asking them what do they think of RageAfterStorm's views since she contribute to them sometimes.[3] 20 minutes later Kraut apologized an deleted the Tweet and nothing has really happened after. Later RageAfterStorm had a meltdown on Twitter ranting about the Jews then deleted her Twitter and all of her videos.

A month later some Alt-Righters, such as Edgy Sphinx(a.k.a. BravingRuin) and David Cedarwood, have brought up Kraut's UKIP blog tweet to generate drama. This enraged several other Al-Righters, /poltards/ and some other people as well. It's interesting how everyone only got triggered by this a month later and not right after it happened. People, especially Al-Righters, started brigading comments under his videos and his Twitter calling him an anti-White, a cuck, a Jew, an SJW etc. They also threatened to dox him[4][5] and started false flagging his videos and his Patreon.[6] As a result he had to took down most of his videos until the false flagging campaign was over.[7] They also started spreading false rumours and misinformation about what happened. These false rumours include:

  • "Kraut doxed RageAfterStorm" ― We don't even know where did people got this idea from but Kraut hasn't doxed anyone. Also, RageAfterStorm's real name and face were public so it would have been pretty hard to dox her. Although, there are some people who refer to Kraut notifying the UKIP related blog as doxing, but RageAfterStorm were open and public about her views and that UKIP blog was right in RageAfterStorm's public Twitter bio, on the same Twitter account where she was ranting about race realism and the Jews.
  • "Kraut got RageAfterStorm fired from her job" / "Kraut took RageAfterStorm's livelihood away" / "This is the same thing as Laughing Witch's letter writing campaign to Thunderfoot's employer" ― That UKIP related bog weren't RageAfterStorm's employer. She didn't got paid. She was just contributing to them as a hobby sometimes. Also, it wasn't Kraut's Tweet that made the UKIP related the blog part ways with RageAfterStorm. Here is a confirmation email from the UKIP blog. Also, here is the tweet they made when they parted ways with RageAfterStorm.
  • "Kraut got RageAfterStorm off YouTube and Twitter" ― Just like with the previous claims this has no evidence at all. RageAfterStorm left YouTube and Twitter by herself after a meltdown on Twitter unrelated to Kraut.


  • Where he's from, the sausages are made out of Jews.
  • He once went on The Egghead Show during episode 14 just for the keks, though he quickly learned there were zero keks to be found.[8]
  • Kraut advertised TJ's charity in a video titled Sarkeesian - Rewriting History, E-Begging and some German cooking, even stating that he donated twenty euros (or 22.73 dollars) to it. This was before appearing on the podcast.
  • He is registered on this very wiki.
  • He has a podcast with Naked Ape called "The Western Front".



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