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Toaster with Tits
"This clueless bitch's stream has been brought to you by Coke!"
"This clueless bitch's stream has been brought to you by Coke!"
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Paul's Ego on KaceyTron

KaceyTron, is a "professional" girl gamer human/toaster hybrid who has massive tits. Despite being a dumbass moron with no brain, her breasts do a lot to make up for her shortcomings, thus making her a literal stick with tits. In reality, her breasts are actually mind control devices used to trick horny teens to thinking her Twitch streams are actually entertaining. Her popularity could possibly have something to do with her buxom, beautiful, and luscious breasts. Her cleavage is superior to that of even Laci GreenMercedes Carrera, and even GirlDoesRant's ginormous titties. The similarities between her logo and the Brazzers pornsite logo are also suspect. She is also a Rap God and is so great at bustin' rhymes you'd swear she was a nigga and not some buxom bimbo valley girl.

However, Kacey's deception is deeper than you initially believe. Not only is she an excellent rapper that even rivals the skills of G Man, she is also a talented DJ and a comedic genius. Her comedy is so good that some have hailed her as the next George Carlin.

On Drunken Peasants


ԀP covered a video in episode 98 in which she spewed batshit insanity while playing Faggot Strike: Cock Offensive. The fans didn't really care about that and spent the entire segment ogling over her titties in the chatroom. During the actual video, she claimed that Obama was the Anti-Christ, 666 is the mark of the beast, the rapture is actually going to happen, and that Jesus is a secret furry. Though it was not addressed on ԀP, KaceyTron was actually joking as she is notorious for being a troll.

The Return

Kacey's first guest appearance was in episode 158 where she would go on to call the Drunken Peasants "misogynists" after they acted like absolute gentlemen to her to a greater extent than almost any other guest, thus proving she is retarded and she has also stated she believes in a wage gap for both professional careers and in playing video games on Twitch. After her guest appearance; a large amount of gullible morons thought that TJ and his lackeys were disrespectful cuntwads to poor ol' Kacey out of spite. So much so that TJ's been harassed constantly about it.
It took him finally blowing the whistle in his most recent Q&A to confirm the obvious: KaceyTron is a CHARACTER. However, some especially stupid fucks still believe her to be legit and that TJ and his lackeys are misogynist pigs for disrespecting a woman.

Missing in Action

KaceyTron returned in episode 222 where she talked about her dreams to pursue Women's Studies at Trump University and give ԀP insight into the shape of McDonald's chicken nuggets. Unfortunately her time as a guest was cut short as the show was constantly being assaulted with DDoS attacks. These evil scumfucks are clearly agents of the patriarchy determined to shut Kacey up before she had the chance to spread the gospel of feminism.

KaceyTron came back in episode 225 for her third guest appearance (likely to make up for her brief appearance in Episode 222). She discussed Donald Trump with the peasants and also helped Paul out with his severe Pan addiction. She was also sexually objectified by TJ and Paul. Unfortunately Scotty was not present to bear witness to Kacey's humongous jugs of great repute.

Political Analyst

Kacey's fourth guest appearance was in episode 286, as the long awaited political analyst that DP was hyping up for weeks. The sexists of the YouTube Chat were angry that they let a woman on, resulting in a major spike in dislikes. During this episode, Kacey attacked the peasants for being libtards, and they watched the third presidential debate together. She proclaimed herself as an avid Trump Supporter, and held reserved disdain towards Hillary Clinton throughout the episode. TJ eluded to this appearance during episode 282, where he described the mystery guest as someone with two functional eyes and two functional nostrils.[1]


  • KaceyTron is well-hated for understandable reasons.
  • Since she's a woman, she therefore has terrible driving skills.
  • KaceyTron eats McNuggets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, yet still manages to maintain her voluptuous hourglass figure.
  • The only reason she's popular is because of her massive, succulent tits of doom.
  • She sometimes calls herself Kacey Cabinets on her streams.
  • She think Satan's cock is bigger than Jesus's.
  • She is not married to JonTron.
  • Kacey isn't just a League of Legends MLG player. She also plays other shit.
  • KaceyTron holds a MicroPenis awareness month every year.
  • When she sticks bread between her tits, it toasts the bread. Because she's hot.
  • Jenny McDermott thinks Kacey is sincere and that ԀP was bullying her for being a feminist and a Christian. That's because Jenny is fucking retarded. Of course the reasonable portion of her audience explained this to her in the comments section, but Jenny didn't listen because then she'd have to take the video down and not accumulate any more views by wasting people's time. TrueEmpiricism made the assbackwards mistake, except he emphasized the Christian part. Stupid fucks.
  • KaceyTron in her gaming news show, put the presidential nominees' feet to the proverbial fire. Providing a platform for gamers everywhere, who are severely underrepresented as a voting demographic. Kacey exposed Hitlery for unjustly trying to fight for the oppression of gamers through passing bills to prohibit sales of explicit games to minors. Kaceytron has thus decided, as a gamer, a woman, and a mother(?), to vote for the Trumpster.
  • A fan once sent her a picture of his balls in a shot glass.
  • She has calimed to have accidentally masturbated with poison ivy, and she tried to counteract the burn by rubbing a banana peel on her cunt.

Gallery of Tits

— The ԀP chat after seeing KaceyTron.



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